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September 22nd 2014
Published: September 22nd 2014
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Phakding 20/9

We awoke at 4:30 to leave for 5:30. We went to this mad little airport dribhuvan, that was under construction. Our bags got checked twice, and we got body checked. Ladies had to go through separate ways to the men, this was odd.
Our plane to Lukla was tiny and somehow I ended up in the middle front seat behind the pilots, overlooking the control instruments. Eeek doesn't even come close!
The plane was so small I was scared but the flight was fine. I was in between Karen and Mike, coincidence......?
I've seen Mt Everest for the first time today thanks to my seat position. It's beautiful.
The landing was perfect but I was literally looking straight at it and from up high it looks about 10m long so was pretty scary!
Through the entire flight there were warnings flashing up on one of the screens saying 'TERRAIN AHEAD' the plane nose was up at this point however, so I couldn't actually see! This was worrying.
We had breakfast at Lukla and then walked for approximately 7km to get here in Phakding!
I have conquered my first suspension bridge!!!!!! 😊 and my second :D! I nearly cried though and when other people are walking it makes the floor uneven More so as it's not great going it alone.
The views are spectacular just like back home but on a higher scale. Lush green valleys surround us.
We finished walking today at 12 so not a long walk in terms of time but we started at 2890m and descended to about 2600m. This is the highest I've ever been. I feel ok. I can't walk fast but there is so much to see you wouldn't anyway.
We went for a short walk after lunch just along the track we walk tomorrow. This is when I did my second suspension bridge (over and back) I'll have to go back over it tomorrow. I think I've cracked it though!
Jess and I are ok although I never realised how much she talked (I know, coming from me right?) LOL she's funny though I have no idea where she gets her questions froms.
At 4:30 we all met up again and just got to know each other and had 'random' conversation. We then played a few games and just has a good laugh. So our tour group is Jess and I, Jess, Tracey, Bless (pronounced Blaze), Karen, Michael (all Aussies)Mike ( Canadian) Paula (Irish), Fu (Michael), Mai (both English) Dan, Klara (both Swedish) and Glenn (Dutch).
Tomorrow will be our hardest day as we ascend 800m to 3600m. So it will be TOUGH!
It's Sonny's Birthday tomorrow and I can't get in touch which is sad. I hope Mam is doing ok. I've thought about Dad a lot today. There are two Michaels and a Mike on the trip so I do think of him every time I say his name. I was telling Aussie Michael how nan used to say 'Michael' in a sing-song way and this choked me a little afterwards. I really miss Dad.


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