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July 24th 2009
Published: July 26th 2009
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Nagarkot was wonderful! We drove about 2 hours up and up and up into the mountains to a beautiful mountain town. Our hotel, The Hotel Country Villa, was perfect. It is perched up on a cliff overlooking the Himalayas and the stunning view was visible from our beds!! The clouds would roll in and out and we were literally in them when we stood on our room balconies. When the clouds cleared again, it was breathtaking.

We were able to watch the eclipse from our balcony! When it was happening it got really dark and the temperature dropped 15-20 degrees very quickly. It was eerie, but very cool. We could see the sun through the clouds, but couldn't see the actual blackness of the moon covering the sun, so Blaine took a picture of the TV where it was being broadcasted 😊 We spent less than 24 hours in Nagarkot, but loved every minute of it (except for the massage I got that felt like sandpaper and indian burns...good thing it was only $20)!

Back in Kathmandu I was talking to Zahida (our Tibetan team member who grew up in Nepal and has been living in California for 13 years) and she was telling me about her aunt Fatima who is a world renowned acupuncturist/herbalist. I decided to go see her with hopes that she can help make the ringing in my ears stop. For some reason I wasn't making the connection that accupuncture=needles. I optimistically headed to her center and aunt Fatima evaluated me right away. She is very kind and wise. After our initial discussion she had me go into the needle room. I saw 4 women laying there with needles sticking out of all different body parts (privacy is different here) and I turned around and walked right back out. Zahida and aunt Fatima assured me that it wouldn't hurt that bad, so I skeptically went back into the room. The next thing I knew I had needles sticking out of my ankles and face. It wasn't too bad pain wise, but it was weird. There is something really creepy about being able to look from side to side and see needles coming out of your cheeks. After that aunt Fatima gave me herbs and some jaw exercises to do and said she thinks the combination of everything will lessen the ringing. We'll see what happens!

I'm working on the last Knowledge for People + Autism Care Nepal blog entry. There is so much to think about and process because it has been the most amazing and rewarding experience!!

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26th July 2009

Nikki, your pictures are absolutely amazing. Wish I was there to take it all in with you. You are such an adventures young spirit! I'm proud of you for going to see the accupunctureist... hopefully it helps. Have fun and take lots of pictures... I want to see them when I get out to see you... one more week!!!!
26th July 2009

I can't stop smiling! If actupuncture works for you, let me know. I still need help with my arm. Am really happy you have been able to communicate with us. You surely packed alot into the trip. Have saved your bloh (just in case you lose it) ... will cut n paste it onto a word document along with the pictures. Love you so much!!!
26th July 2009

Nik, looks incredible! Looking forward to hearing the adventures first hand back in the center of the universe ;) Safe travels.
26th July 2009

Continued to be amazed!
Nikki, The clouds rolling in...bathing elephants...eclipse...double rainbow...amazing things you're able to see first hand! How is the ringing in your ears? I just went to an acupuncturist Thursday. I loved it! Enjoy the rest of your trip!
5th August 2009

did it work?
Dying to know if the acupuncture helped!?!?
20th April 2010

What a coincidence. I am thinking of going to Fatima for tinnitus next week, and was doing a search on her. Please tell me if it worked for you. Thanks

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