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September 4th 2008
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Next morning I woke up feeling fresh and awaken. The whole area was dead quiet but the smoke from the tea shop has begun to beat the chilly morning. I slowly walked towards the tea shop and found a lot of old men were sitting on the wooden benches with their scarf wrapped on their heads. I did not realise that it would be this cold here in Nepal. I only had a three quarter length trousers and a short t-shirt on. I ordered a couple of tea and some sticky bread rolls for my breakfast. Today my main activity is to cycle everywhere in Lumbini Heritage Site.

As the birth place of Gautama Buddha, Lumbini is full of Buddhist temples including the Maya Devi temple where Maya Devi gave birth to the Lord Buddha. The recent excavations have proved the exact location of the birth place where a stone bearing a "foot imprint" has been found. Other temples at Lumbini are International Gautama Nuns temple, Myanmar Temple, China Temple, Dharma Swami Maharaja Buddha Vihara, Nepal Buddha Temple. However, the modern Buddhist temples at Lumbini contain a medieval architecture with large image of Buddha.

I slowly cycled from one temple to another. I spent some pleasant time with a group of school boys and girls who came to visit Lumbini from far. They were all happy to hear all my stories related to my home county, the country of my residence, and the country from where I came to Nepal.

I visited so many temples including those temples which were under construction. I came back to the guest house around 7pm in the evening. It was already dark and chilly. I ordered a dish of fried noodles and went with it to my room. The baby's crying from the next door kept me awake whole night. I decided to leave further inland from Lumbini. My next visit is Tanseng!

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21st September 2009

Proud of being Nepali
I'm so proud of being Nepali that Buddha born in Nepal and famous the all over the world. If we follow his words in our daily life, our life will be free of trouble and happy. Thank you, Mystic Sharma Nepal
23rd September 2009

Yes you right, your country is one of the beautiful places in the world. I hope that things will imporve and people's lives will be much easier. Thanks for your good comment!
28th July 2010

thanks a lottt
i am so much thankful that u wrote about lumbini and its temple with ur alll events.i feel like that i am there in lumbini where u were by reading ur writing.hope to read more writing about ur placess too so that i can reach ur beautiful places

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