Photos from Kathmandu, Nepal, Asia - page 5

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I ran into these two youngsters along the hillside herding a few goats.
A Shy Child.
Me with some of the kids who were always gently demanding, "Sir, please, photo."
Duck, Duck, Goose! The kids favorite.
Teaching the locals my laundry dance.
Outstanding In Her Field.
 My Fellow Students.
 Inside the busy library.
Frontal view from the roof of the bus.
The Seat with the Million Dollar View.
The 12 Hour Bus Ride.
Drawing attention to our presence on day one.
Singi and Jenma.
The humble village of Goljung.
Lesson Plan - "At the Doctor's Office."
Swastika - knowing this symbol for the wrong reasons.
Class Photo.
The Tibetan Teacher, aka - the Enforcer
Monks and a Yellow Balloon.
A Souvenir for Home.
Hanging Out.
The youngest (age 5) looking in on his big brothers.
Little Buddha.
How many monks can you fit into a 10x12 room?
Tour Guides.
Human Wheel Barrel.
Hey Goat!
Before the Sun
How Small We Really Are.
A Morning Above the Clouds.
Working the Land by Hand.
Many Have Come This Way... Not All Have Returned.
"It's a treacherous road. With a desolated view."
Exceeding the Weight Limit.
"Om Mani Padme Hum."
Morning Traffic.
Himalayan Architecture
Shadows and Stones.
Typical Village Scene.
Rice and Grain
Stone by Carried Stone.
Handmade Fence.
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