Photos from Kathmandu, Nepal, Asia - page 4

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Tibetian monks at Boudhanath
Wedding at Changi Narayan
We ate on the top floor.
The cow doesn't move for you,
Pashupatinath Temple - Rising Smoke of the Deceased
Under Construction or Destruction.
More Colorful Ladies.
More Swamis.
Lady in Red and Monkeys.
Reading the Morning Paper.
Swayambhunath -- Monkey Temple.
An Early Morning Stroll.
Laundry Service.
I'm glad they used English.
Camouflage Transport.
Durbar Square.
Moving Service.
Curious Eyes.
Shower by Candlelight.
Typical Street Scene.
A City Dweller.
Monkey on a Wall.
Trying To Blend In.
Preparing Dinner.
The terraced hills surrounding Goljung.
As good a place as any... to take a nap.
A cover from Rolling Stone Magazine???
Joyful Expressions.
Forlorn Faces.
Raggedy Ann and Friend.
An Unimpressed Crowd.
An old lady and her walking stick.
Grade 5.
A Tired Woman.
Mother and Child.
The Colorful Tamang.
An Unwanted Bunk Mate.
Raggedy Ann and Her Clan.
Extracting Musuru
"Hey, I've got nothing to do today but smile."
Hey! Who's the obnoxious American?!?
Youngins who made me nervous.
Proud Men and An Insecure Lad.
"I hope it's right when you die, old and bony."
A World Mended By Hand.
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