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Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu » Swayambhunath August 4th 2013

We went to the Monkey Temple "Swayambhunath." It's the highest point in Kathmandu I believe so you can see over most of the city. It's the only temple with a monkey pool. The monkeys climb up in the tree and dive into the swimming pool. Pretty funny. I am pretty scared of this kind of monkey and they were all around. One guy had his arm on the rail behind him and a monkey stepped right over him and kept walking, he was a bit surprised to see it next to him not realizing it has been so close. The flags and spinning things and a lot of things in these temples are to keep constant prayers in the air and to allow people to pray without knowing sanscrit. The wind blows the prayer flags and ... read more
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Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu » Swayambhunath July 1st 2013

Happy Canada Day! Unfortunately, we're not in Canada to celebrate our nation's birthday. This morning Elysia spent the morning at the hospital and came back to spend the afternoon with Mike. Today our friend Katie was leaving to continue on her travels, so we said goodbye to her at breakfast. Then Elysia spent the rest of the morning at the hospital learning more about medicine in Nepal. There wasn't anything too exciting today. She just stuck around the outpatient clinic and made funny faces to make the children laugh when they cried. The one interesting patient was a little baby in the ICU. This is a sad story though, because the baby a few days earlier had been on a ventilator, which is very bad news in Nepal. Being on a ventilator is expensive for the ... read more
Just another day in monkey heaven
With the Monkeys
Just checking things out.

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu » Swayambhunath June 16th 2013

This morning I awoke early to arguably the loudest thunder I've ever heard in my life. It was so loud, like the sky was ripping apart, and it was almost alarming. This was accompanied by very heavy rain, so I wondered whether this might be the start of the alleged monsoon, which apparently was supposed to come sometime this week. Fortunately, by the time i got out of bed it was much lighter, and rained on and off very lightly all day. Today I was going to get back to work volunteering at the hospital after the Holy Day (Saturday). Once I woke up and got all ready to go, I went to ask the front desk to get me a taxi, and they told me that today the taxis in Kathmandu are on strike. This ... read more
Another of the Many Temples on the Streets of Kathmandu
Katie and I in Front of a Temple
Vegetable Sales

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu » Swayambhunath June 13th 2013

Kathmandu is very far away. It's hard to appreciate just how far it is until you feel it in terms of flying time. I got here on Tuesday night (Nepal time) after 5 hours on the plane to Vancouver, 12.5 hours to Guangzhou and 4.5 hours to Kathmandu. A very long 23 hours of flying (then add in the stopover time to make it over a 30 hour journey). The flights were uneventful for the most part. Within the first hour of the flight to Vancouver, the guy in front of me abruptly reclined his seat, sending my large Tim Hortons Earl Grey tea dumping almost completely into my lap. At least it wasn't hot. I sat next to a nice couple about our age who are going to Vancouver (specifically Gibsons and Kelowna actually) to ... read more
My Room in the Hospital
View from My Room
View from My Room

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu » Swayambhunath April 9th 2013

The story: It was believe that this hill was a lotus lake created by God. That there was actually a lake surrounded by the hills, bright light shone to the sky and Lord Manjusri at that time saw this light from China flew in to see the great lake. For the pilgrims to come to this holy place easy Lord Manjusri struck the ground with his sword, the water began to seep into the ground, leaving a vast land, now known as Kathmandu. I asked my Newari friend, "Where do you get your water supply?" They put a pipe into the ground of 200 feet deep with the help of the water pressure pump (if that is the right word). The Swayambunath Temple was founded by the great grandfather of King Manadeva (464-505CE), King Vsradeva about ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu » Swayambhunath February 26th 2012

PArtenza mattutina , si vedono un po di montagne , ma peccato dalla stazione dei bus. Arriviamo a Katmandu nel pomeriggio e con un po di fortuna troviamo la guest house , bella caruccia 19 dollari a giorno ma con colazione ( ricca ) . Visto che abiamo tempo facciamo una scarpinata fino al templio di swayambhu.( vedere un po di foto ) .Un po manca la tranquillita del lago .Domani tappa al consolato cinese per chiedere carta d'ingresso .Dopo una cenuzza .dove alloggia l'amico che abbiamo incontrato a Pokara , finiamo in stanza sua . dove una sua amica sfoggia mille acquisti ( da milionaria ) e belle foto da una nikkon da un milione di dollari ... li mortacci loro , io non parlo cinese e finisco a bere litri di the . Dopo ... read more
pausa pranzo
katmandu city

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu » Swayambhunath February 15th 2012

Tuesday morning Shiva hailed a taxi and we headed to the Swayambhu Temple. By now the smog had Marie wheezing by the effort of simply getting out of bed. When we arrived at the temple there were a few monkeys playing around, some beggars, souvenier vendors, snack wagons, etc. and wide stairs that went straight up seemingly to heaven, (it turns out that there were 367 steep steps to the top). Marie saw the steps and said "I think I stay down here and watch the monkeys and locals." Shiva and I began our trek up to the temple. We stopped every so often to catch our breath ... even Shiva whose village was high in the Himalays had to take breathers. After 200 steps or so we could finally see the main stupah at the ... read more
Painted Stone Carvings Along Stairs
Main Stupah at the Top
Monastery Grounds

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu » Swayambhunath December 18th 2011

After we said our goodbyes to Dida, the fruit store boy whom I always bought fruit and banana milk shakes from in the morning, we headed to the airport. The flight was delayed as usual due to fog. We visted Pashupatinath temple with the burning ghats and Anna was blessed by a Sadhu. Bodnath temple was a real highlight with the huge central Stupa and Buddha's all seeing eyes always watching. The next day we walked across Kathmandu to "Monkey Temple" Swayambhunath (which was made possible by more strikes so there was no cars on the road.) We also did some shopping for gifts for family back home. We went to Durbar Square to see more temples and also took a stroll down "Freak Street" which was famous for its hippy freaks back in the day. ... read more
Asian Tea House
Dida the fruit boy

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu » Swayambhunath August 22nd 2011

I looked out of the airplane window excitedly. This was my dream destination and I was actually almost there. We were flying high above the clouds with nothing but the odd Himalayan peak breaking through their fluffy looking mass. It was one of the most inexplicably beautiful sights I had ever seen in my life. I spent the first couple of days trying to get my head around the craziness that is Kathmandu. I don't think road rules exist but if they do, they're certainly not followed or enforced. Every taxi and bus trip is a white knuckled ride and I was not always confident that we would arrive alive. The one thing all drivers do without fail is honk, when they're passing another car, when there are people on the road, when another car isn't ... read more
Gai Jatra Festival

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu » Swayambhunath November 10th 2010

I arrived in Kathmandu after a longish flight at about midday as I planned to spend a few days sightseeing here before heading off for some serious trekking. My friend would be meeting me in 2 days time to trek. My nepalese trekking company had kindly arranged a guide for us for Kathmandu so I had him all to myself which was great as we could do whatever I felt like. We visited the beautiful Swayambunath on a high hill in Kathmandu which was my first experience of a Buddhist stupa. We approached the main stupa from the steep stone stairs in gorgeous sunshine. Several monkey families bounded about the stairway and I kept a hand on my water as I could see them eyeing it up! The stairs were flanked with religious statues of peacocks ... read more
Transport in Thamel
Tibetan Restaurant, North Thamel

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