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Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu » Everest flight October 13th 2017

On our very next morning the whole group, minus one perhaps fearful couple, woke up very early and bussed to the local airport to fly Buddha Air's "Best Mountain Flight in the World." The morning was slightly overcast, which caused some not so small concern among several of us. But we boarded the two propeller plane, each of us strapped into a window seat, and off we went. Climbing through the clouds, we burst above them into a world of tall mountains, seeing valleys and tiny villages far below, impenetrable rock faces, and snow high on the peaks. It was stunning and absolutely gorgeous, a happy surprise to actually see the mighty Himalayan range so close. Following the maps given us, I tried to identify which summit was which, knowing that Everest couldn't be seen for ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu » Everest flight September 26th 2013

As much as I love to label myself as adventurous, I know that it's almost certainly impossible for me to ever climb over Mount Everest, NIML:). That's why I was really excited about the flight over Mount Everest, thinking that might be the closest I could ever get to the highest peak in the world. Well, the title can be misleading, since we didn't really fly over the summit of Mount Everest, just circled around the Himalaya Range. Nonetheless, it was an unforgettable experience!... read more
The Parking Apron
View from the Pilot Cabin
The Himalaya Range

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu » Everest flight July 2nd 2013

While people at home were still celebrating Canada day into the wee hours of the morning, we woke up to our 4:30 am alarms. There is good reason for this, though. Today was the day we were going to see Mount Everest!!! I'm sure that you're wondering about how we could do the trek from Kathmandu to Everest in a mere day. Well, we flew. Unfortunately it's not as cool as doing the Everest Basecamp trek... But seeing Everest from a plane is almost as cool. A whole group of us staying at the hotel (Elysia, Mike, Nasrin, and the Ottawa guys: Erik, Katie, MJ and Pauline) got a van to the airport at 5:15 am for our 6:30 mountain flight. It cost $150 USD but it was probably the best money I've ever spent! Well ... read more
Did that monkey go through security?
Getting on the plane
On the plane

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu » Everest flight March 16th 2012

**Paragliding in Pokhara and Everest Flight** At Kathmandu Domestic airport we sat on a bus meant to take us down the runway. Ready for the off the vehicle stalled, again and again. Fellow passengers looked at each other uneasily, and made simple, obvious jokes, “Let’s hope the plane takes off better...” It was a last minute decision for us to take a mountain flight, starting in Kathmandu along the Himalayan vista towards, and ending with, Everest. Dad, an aficionado of mountains and the outdoor life, suggested it and, although it is something I would love to do I hadn’t even considered it; as usual, the budget dictates! This one was on Dad, and probably one of the most unique gifts I have ever received. Once the bus had eventually fired up and chugged us down the ... read more
Paragliding; in the clouds
View of Mt Everest from the cockpit
Paragliding; many fliers

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu » Everest flight March 29th 2011

Good news - the skies are clear today - it rained all last night so the clouds have lifted and the planes are flying :) Typing on a wee laptop in a wee alcove (aka "the cyber cafe") in the departure area at the mayhem of the domestic terminal of Kathmandu airport. Within the next hour, I'll be on a flight to the Himalaya. Just typing that made my skin tingle. Land in Lukla and hit the trail straight away, hoping to avoid the queues. Having said that, the chances of that are small as there is a back-log of trekkers from yesterday and the planes have been flying solidly since 6am delivering people to the hills. I can see why Hillary feels bad about having created Lukla airport and it now being used to let ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu » Everest flight December 23rd 2009

We decided to go all out and spend some money. We were to get as close to Mt Everest as we could without the proper training. The flight took about an hour and was one of the most spectacular sites we have ever seen. We flew over ten out of the fourteen highest mountains in the World. The photos do not do it justice. ... read more
Morning Clouds
Mist is clearing
First Views of the Range

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu » Everest flight November 9th 2008

This morning we did a mountain flight to get a look at Mt. Everest from Nepal - fantastic!!!... read more
Mt. Everest from the plane
View of the Kathmandu Valley

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu » Everest flight July 31st 2008

Thursday, August 16, 2007 at 3:53pm Namaste all! I was so pleased to hear from my travelling coz yesterday, although I hear she is having a worse time than me in terms of hygeine probs... Kirst, am thinking of you lots and wishin u safe travels... So this mornin I flew to Mount Everest... wow. The weather was really bad, so could only see 4 of the himilayas above the clouds, but then there is only really one that I wanted to see.. "I may not have climbed Everest, but I have touched it with my heart", as my cheesy certificate says! Was hoping to go to Nawakot today, which apparently has amazing sunrise / sunset views over the mountains, but unfortunately am stranded in the valley for the time being. The political situation here is ... read more
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu » Everest flight July 30th 2008

So we arrived in Kathmandu safe and sound. As we made our descent David looked out the window and said 'are we crashing or landing'! The plane merely skirts over the tree and rice covered peaks surrounding Kathmandu. Lots of steep banking and nose diving sees you touching down all rather quickly but at least safely - perhaps this a landing I wouldn't want to do in a storm!! So we had a quick walk out in the evening and visited the Rum Doodle Bar, home of the yeti inscribed footprint bar. This is one of the many places (but perhaps the most famous) that everyone comes back to post trek or climb. The likes of Hilary, Bonnington and Hall - to name but a few - have added their signatures to the footprints. It oozes ... read more

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