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August 11th 2016
Published: August 11th 2016
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So I decided to come back again for the June trek! I figured before I got back into study which started in July, I might as well go back for the 4 week program which was the 2 week trek in the Kavre district and then volunteering at Annapurna Neurological Hospital for 2 weeks. The relationships and friendships made on the first trip were the type you keep for your lifetime. I was honestly thinkin... Read Full Entry

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11th August 2016

a little advice from me :)
When you go on treks be prepared but do not over pack. The first time I came over I brought a big pack that had everything medicines clothes (for 2 weeks haha) soap/toiletries snacks extra water it was heavy! the second time I took a pack the size of a school bag much better I packed a couple of sets of clothes, toiletries, toilet paper and a little medicine not a full medical pack like last time haha I found I did not use half the stuff the first time. So taking my queue from the local nurses, guide and porters I bought a small pack and filled it with the bare essentials made my life so much easier!
11th August 2016

Congratulations - What a wonderful Adventure and experience to have
Well done Jacqueline, very proud of you. In Nepal, people often go years suffering from illnesses or discomforts that are easily cured with basic medical care. The problem is, they have no way to get to hospitals or clinics in the larger cities of Nepal. Many villages are a few days’ walk from the nearest road; many villagers have no money to take a bus to a city once they get to that road. Medical Trek Nepal volunteer organization have a way to help... they bring the medical care to them! This is more than just the average site-seeing trek in Nepal. As a Medical Trek Nepal volunteer, you used your skills to help others while having an adventure of a lifetime.

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