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October 9th 2018
Published: October 9th 2018
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Left the hostel at six'ish and walked to the bus pickup point. There was a bus stop for three or so busses and every 10 seconds a new bus came and another took off. All with just Sanskrit texts on the front and a guy at the entrance that has a lot of money in his hands. He shouts the name of some places, people get in, pay him and the bus gets off.

Yesterday, we found that the bus is about 700 roepies pp, but you have to call to make arrangements. In Nepalese. 'your hotel can do that', the site says. They did, but took almost 30% commission on it, without saying. Still, just a few euros :/

We had some time before 6:30, but couldn't see how we would recognize our bus. Asked for Chitwan, at a couple, but only got 'no' s. It's a bit weird. The bus was supposed to be there at 6:30 and leave at 6:45. We know the bus number, 1130, but there was no number on any of the busses..

A friendly bystander asked us where we needed to be and told us it's on the side street. We went there was positively at least 500m of busses standing by. After a bit of investigation, our ticket turned out to be for a 'baba tours' bus. 'that way!, the next bus clerk said .'Baba tours?' 'yes, may I have your ticket?'
Woohoo! Found it, in time :D

The next part was the ride. Trough dusty, smoggy, gridlocked Kathmandu, to the west. Anything passes for a road around here, so even most of the major traffic arteries are just 2-lane roads that may or may not have some asphalt. Very bumpy ride!
For the record: there is only one highway. It's built by the chinese and just 11km long. And you won't be driving anything over 40 on it.

I was able to write 4 or so blog posts, including this one, mostly on my phone, doing bumps, hairpin turns and life-threatening passing manoeuvres during the journey. But the bua has airconditioning and the driver is doing a good job on the bad road.

Outside the city, the roads actually improved to asphalt all the time and not *that* many potholes. At the moment of writing, it's 12:10, and we're about halfway on the supposedly six-hour journey, including some stops. When we're done we will have traveled about 90km. Now to add some photos.. Internet is gone :/

Which somehow reminds me of the fact that we planned to watch a movie in this.. Hobbling, churning, exhausting experience. Doesn't work so well.

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