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Asia » Nepal » Chitwan January 28th 2014

Namaste! And now to the jungle!!!! Yes that is right, Nepal has jungles. It’s not just mountains and altitude sickness, almost half the country is a relatively low lying, dry, plains like landscape, which has two huge national parks, which are wildlife refuges from some pretty kickass animals. I went to Chitwan, which is the National Park within 8 hours of Kathmandu, as opposed to Bardia, the National Park that is about 17 hours from Kathmandu. Yes, that’s a big difference when you’re sitting on a bus. Chitwan National Park is mainly touted as home to the endangered Great One Horned Rhino, there are about 560 of them in the park, and also tigers, which currently number about 52. The park is also home to monkeys (ugh), spotted deer, sloth bears, crocodiles, elephants, leopards, and hundreds ... read more
Sunset over the jungle
How is that NOT a dinosaur?
Heading for bathtime, I’m sure she’ll get her makeup done again after

Asia » Nepal » Chitwan November 16th 2013

Last Saturday was free as our planned trip to Devghat was deferred to Sunday because of the strikes and road blocks. Toni, Dave and I found abig hotel with a swimming pool and for 400 rupees (2-60) were able to spend the day there. Sunday we wet tto Devghat, a sacred place at the confluence of two rivers where elderly people go to die - like the exotic Marigold Hotel but without Bill Nighy, just as well as Toni and I may have fallen out over him. A long tortuous journey through unmade roads followed to Kankuli, a reputed picnic place near fforests. It was full of teenagers who enticed Toni, me and 79 year-old Myra onto the dance floor. They all wanted to havve their photos taken with us and made us feel young again ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Chitwan November 13th 2013

Nepal is one of the ten poorest countries in the world, but has the greatest income disparity in Asia. The literacy rate is 49%, but as so often happens in poor rural communities, the rate for women is 35%, as girls are kept home to look after younger siblings. There is a fair amount of political unrest at the moment as an election is looming and one of the communist parties is holding a national strike to protest about the validity of the electoral process. There are road blocks on the main roads, stopping all the vans, buses cars and lorries (which makes the air quality much better and may be why we can see the Himalayas 130 kms away, which are usually shrouded in mist). We avoid thee roadblocks by going cross country to the ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Chitwan November 9th 2013

Wed 6th to Friday 8th We started working in the school a day late because of Diwali - a national holiday, so we worked hard and fast to catch up. There are three classrooms built (Thank you to all those who helped raise the money for this) and we have to lay the floors. The first job was to clear the piles of bricks from the front of the classrooms, sorting out whole and half bricks and rubble, while Roger the co-ordinator conferred with the builders about a plan of action. We levelled the floor of the first room, adding to the rubble pile, and putting earth outside to form a mound sloping from the ground outside up to the classroom level. Then we made a chain gang to pass along the rounded stones collected frm ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Chitwan November 6th 2013

Leaving Gatwick at 9pm Friday evening, we flew via Dubai to Katmandu, arriving 6pm Saturday (1pm English time). Exhaustion was exacerbated by an interminable wait for visas by an allegedly work-to-rule team o bureaucrats pushing cash, passports and paper slips back and forth. They mostly drive on the left in Nepal, with a free-for-all at junctions:vans, pushbikes, motorbikes and rickshaws criss-cross each other via the shortest route. I felt as if we were in a Keystone Cops movie and crossing the road is unnerving. Bikes carry panniers of bananas, yams and other exotic fruits, and overtaking is done blaring the horn and going for it. You are safe if you can leap the gutter and up the steps to the pavement where the sleeping dogs lie (in Katmandu, elsewhere they lie in the roads, and traffic ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Chitwan October 27th 2013

Chitwan national park was awesome!! We stayed in paradise, in a place called Sapana Village Lodge. The staff could not have been nicer, the food was fantastic (I had steak both nights, and pancakes for breakfast, I couldn't resist, so any good I did from trekking has long gone lol) and the activities at Sapana were really good. When we arrived at the lodge, we freshened up, had lunch, and then the manager came and worked out an individual itinerary for us, so that we could do all the activities we wanted to do while we were there. He was so accommodating. Our first activity started that afternoon with a village walk around Sapana, we had a guide who went with us and talked us through the things we saw, it was really interesting and I ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Chitwan August 13th 2013

A couple guys from the church took Mollika and me to see the waterfall. So we rode on motorbikes back on the road where people fall off. I am not a toucher as you may I spent the ride trying really hard not to touch the guy-also it was crazy hot. The road is bumpy and we would quickly speed up and slow down as we encountered cars. We got stuck in the mud once but I never fell off even though I held onto the back of the bike instead of the guy. yessss. It was a hot ride and walk but the waterfall was beautiful. The others had to return but my driver friend took me to see the temple where all the orange people go. I think. I should have taken more ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Chitwan August 12th 2013

This is what it looked like where I stayed in the home in Chitwan. Rice fields everywhere, bright green. The weather would turn from "I am going to die today" to "oh this is nice" in an instant. Back and forth. The afternoons the fan usually cut out so I usually sat on the upstairs balcony on a corner just trying to get some airflow. I miss this place.... read more

Asia » Nepal » Chitwan August 10th 2013

Over the weekend the other volunteer and I went to Chitwan National Park. We stayed at Wildlife Adventure Resort which I fully recommend. The staff there are wonderful and they do everything. They take you to the tours, drive you to the places, everything. The rooms are also really great. Very clean. The power never went out for more than a few minutes. We had a tour of a Tharu Village-a minority group still residing in the area. We went to a show put on by the Tharu people-amazing dances which represent their war training and harvesting. We rode an elephant which I felt a little bad about until I saw we go like 10 minutes and then we stop somewhere where the elephants chow down on grass and trees. Then do it again. It was ... read more
IMG_4557 1
IMG_4560 1

Asia » Nepal » Chitwan August 9th 2013

More lovely kids and maybe a sugar sugar sugar tea and the fancy meat meal Each day we would wake up around 6 or 6:30. I think I would wake up from hearing the water pump squeeking outside the window. fAround 7 the power always cut and the ceiling fan would turn off (we were truly blessed to have a ceiling fan). Take a cold shower (I don't think any place in Nepal has a water heater). 7:30 they always gave us sugar sugar tea which I love! Then I go out and play play play. We would have breakfast around 9:30. Breakfast and dinner are the same every day. Daal Bhaat (give or take some "a"'s. It's rice with lentil soup. Then some cooked up curry type vegetables. This house has a garden so the ... read more

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