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Asia » Nepal » Chitwan March 15th 2008

At breakfast Imanou, the Spanish guy, was sitting at the table nursing a terrific hangover. He had been unceremoniously woken at 6am by Gopal for a dawn birdwatching expedition. Gopal whispered to us that he'd knocked for 20 minutes to get Imanou out of bed, and when they got to the park and started birdwatching in earnest, Imanou could hardly see through bright red, hungover eyes. Gopal would point out a particularly interesting avian individual and Imanou would start as if suddenly woken, aim the binoculars in roughly the right direction and slur an acknowledgement before slumping back into a state of apparent near-death. Without much for us to do, we wished Imanou a safe trip home (he was on the next bus to Kathmandu and from there was on a flight back to Spain) and ... read more
Chain malfunction.... again....
Village women...
Waiting to cross the river...

Asia » Nepal » Chitwan March 14th 2008

We have been promised so many wake up calls in India (none of which ever materialised) that when Gopal, our Nepali guide and resident looker-afterer, says he'll wake us up at 7am, we are sceptical about how successful he'll be. I set the alarm on my mobile and sleep. The next morning my alarm rings out loud, echoed almost immediately by a knock at the door. Gopal is calling us up to breakfast. We shower and oblige, and when we sit down we're presented with omelette and coffee, toast and jam. Paradise. Gopal is a small, slim, wiry Nepali guy, probably in his mid 30s. He is shy but very friendly, and almost immediately we find a common ground in birdwatching. The things I learned on long walks when a boy with my father (who is ... read more
Dense subtropical jungle
Clearing in the forest
Wild rhino...

Asia » Nepal » Chitwan March 8th 2008

Chitwan National Park, Nepal, 6-8 March 2008 So, what do you do after applying for an Indian Visa in Kathmandu and being told to come back in a week's time when the Indian Embassy has finished checking that you're not a criminal? You go on a jungle safari in Chitwan National Park, that's what. Never have we been so mobbed by touts as when our bus pulled up. It seems that the trouble in Nepal over the past few years has hit this place as hard as anywhere. Not only have numbers dropped directly due to the political situation, but this drew military forces away from guarding the animals, allowing poachers an opening for a killing spree and thus reducing the already slight animal numbers. I'm so glad we went, after all. We wanted to do ... read more
Buffalos showing us the way across
One of the centre's new additions

Asia » Nepal » Chitwan March 8th 2008

Dreaming of an adventure like ours? Find out how we did it at Voici un autre roman-photo de nos deux jours dans le parc national de Chitwan. Devenus explorateurs, nous partons sur les traces des tigres, ours, rhinos et autres animaux sauvages qui peuplent cette magnifique partie du Nepal.... read more
Les abords du parc national de Chitwan
Pour découvrir le parc national de Chitwan, il n'y a pas mieux que de partir l'explorer à pied !
C'est l'heure pour les buffles de rentrer sagement à la maison...

Asia » Nepal » Chitwan March 1st 2008

Our last stop in Nepal was the Royal Chitwan National Park, home to the endangered one horned Indian Rhino and the regal and rarely seen Bengal tiger. The National Park is in the Terai district of Nepal and is believed to be Nepal's third most popular tourist attraction. The reserve preserves 932 square kilometres of sal forest, water marshes and rippling grassland. We were supposed to stay at a lodge inside the park, but due to a government strike going on we were forced to stay in the nearby village of Sauraha. On arrival at the almost abandoned hotel (tourism is down due to the Maoist activities that continue to go on in the area though we saw no sign of trouble) we settled in before heading out for a brief visit to the Tharu village ... read more
Roadside Buzz
Elephant Riding
Nepalese School Bus

Asia » Nepal » Chitwan February 22nd 2008

We went for a jungle walk in the Chitwan Nationalpark for two days. First we went with the canoo for about one hour and then hit into the jungle. We had two guides with us. It was great to walk through the park, learn about plants and animals. On the first day we saw quite a lot of animals (rhino, bears, crocodiles, ...) on the second day we were not that lucky again and did not see many animals. ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Chitwan February 20th 2008

Early in the morning I left the guest house and went looking for the bus stop. The city was absolutely dark and when I was walking through the little streets and alleys I was kind of scared. I arrived at the bus stop savely and the trip could get started after sorting out the ticket thing. It took a bit more than five hours to get to Sauraha. It is only 90 kilometers from Kathmandu but the streets are in a bad condition. It is not possible for the busses to drive into Sauraha therefore you get dropped a bit outside of town. There are many Taxi drivers waiting for you....unfortunately if you are not interested in a hotel, they won't drive you anywhere. They get kick back from the hotels and therefore you have to ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Chitwan February 19th 2008

Well, where to start really? We’ve had quite an eventful week! We left for Chitwan National Park on Thursday morning (6.30am start!). The 5 hour bus ride was not the best thing to experience that early in the morning, for Sarah at least! That's where the sickness started. We travelled on a Tourist Bus, which made the journey slightly better - there were no locals crammed inside the bus or on the roof at least! The main highway of Nepal is probably the equivalent of a small pot-holed country road, full of twists and turns, and the bus feels like its about to topple over at any point! The first mishap was when we suddenly stopped behind a queue of traffic, for about 45mins, and we found out there had just been a bus crash (luckily ... read more
Government Elephant
Sunset over the Rapti River
Canoe Trip

Asia » Nepal » Chitwan February 10th 2008

Ola amigos! Onze laatste dagen als toerist hebben we in Chitwan, een prachtig nationaal park doorgebracht. We gingen met de bus naar Chitwan maar aangezien er geen zitplaatsen meer waren, zijn we maar op het dak gaan zitten. In het begin was dat super (zalig uitzicht)maar na een tijdje begon het toch koud te worden en zo’n dak is niet bepaald comfortabel. Je mag ook niet teveel letten op de rijstijl van de chauffeurs en niet naar beneden kijken als je voorbij de rand van een afgrond scheurt... Op weg naar Chitwan zijn we gestopt om te gaan raften. Rond deze tijd van het jaar staat er nog genoeg water om een wilde tocht te maken.Carsten, onze stoere Deen wou een watervalletje afdalen zonder zich aan het touw van onze boot vast te houden. Toen hij ... read more
Gulshan in Chobhar
Our rafting team
Carsten, on the roof of the bus

Asia » Nepal » Chitwan February 3rd 2008

We have just spent the most amazing 3 days in Chitwan National Park. We travelled here with 5 others who we met in a bar in Pokhara and decided to come along with us - Shane, Anne, Simona, Leigh and Ben. We have done loads of activities organized by our guesthouse including a jungle walk, canoeing, an elephant safari, elephant bathing and a cultural dancing show on our second night. By the far the most amazing experience was riding their elephants bareback down the road to the river and bathing with them. They are so gentle and friendly and by the end of it we were all playing around with them, standing on their backs, being thrown off and getting back on again. If you just hold onto their ears and stand on their trunks they ... read more

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