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Asia » Nepal » Chitwan February 1st 2008

Sorry for the delay in the blogs! Im back tracking now! Chitwan National Park So after paragliding in Sarangot, Nepal, we headed on a 7 hour bus journey to the Royal Chitwan National Park. The park is a huge and beautiful nature reserve with all sorts of animals ranging from rhinos to tigers. We got a package from Pokhara which included 2 nights stay in beautiful lodge in the middle of the park and included most of our activities. On the bus we met a whole load of irish people that were on our package - they awere a right laugh!!! However rather than socialisising on the bus I was too preoccupied with the rash I was developing al over my forehead neck and ears - god knows what the hell I did in my sleep ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Chitwan February 1st 2008

Chitwan & Rafting - November 19th - 26th After returning from the Base Camp trek early, we had a few extra days to play with. We decided to first go tro the Royal Chitwan National Park to do a 3 day 2 night elephant safari. During the 5 hour coach journey to Chitwan from Katmandu we met some really nice people, 2 girls from South Africa and a Canadian fella. They were good company for the 3 day trip. Our bus journwy took us to the edge of the park, from there we got on a small boat to cross the river as our lodges were actually in the jungle. The logdes were basic but nice and the resort had a nice bar. On our first morning we went on an Elephant to try and spot ... read more
Rhino spotting on elephants
Moody Rhino
bit of lunch for the big fella

Asia » Nepal » Chitwan January 27th 2008

Why oh why did I choose to visit Nepal at the coldest time of year? Was it an unconscious effort to start acclimatising, ready for my return to chilly England? Or did my English genes simply need a dose of bone-chilling, nipple-freezing cold? Whatever the reason, once again I was cursing the weather and wearing thermals, fleece and hat. My hopes of going home tanned were now dashed. But I don’t regret this choice really, because Nepal has been fantastic. My next adventure was a rafting expedition towards the Indian border. Our group had two main rafts, which each held eight people. Our luggage was sealed in enormous “dry-bags” and strapped securely in the centre of the rafts. There was also a support raft, which was laden with gas bottles, stoves and tents. We were told ... read more
Fully Loaded
Light My Fire
Bloody Freezing!

Asia » Nepal » Chitwan January 1st 2008

Op dit moment ben ik weer terug in Kathmandu. Het is wel weer even wennen de drukte als je vanuit de rust komt van de natuur in Sauraha. Daar ben ik in het nationaal park Chitwan geweest. Ik heb daar vooral genoten van de rust en er waren veel activiteiten zoals olifantenraces en een voedselfestival. Als je daar rondloopt dan merk je dat de lokale bevolking zo ontzettend vriendelijk is. In Pokhara en Kathmandu spreken mensen je vooral aan omdat ze iets van je willen, maar in Sauraha en de dorpjes eromheen is dat heel anders. Nu ik dit typ heb ik al weer een beetje heimwee naar de mensen daar. Ik kwam op 1e kerstdag aan en kwam engelsen tegen waar ik een tijdje mee heb gekaart en daarna met een paar mensen gegeten. Een ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Chitwan December 30th 2007

In the south of Nepal is an amazing national park called Chitwan. This place is packed with wildlife and very protected. We stayed here for three days at a small camp called Island Jungle Resort. It was on an island in the middle of a river. It's all about the wildlife here. Rhino, leapord, deer, monkey, tons of birds, and of course the elusive tiger. After a long leg numbing bus ride from Kathmandu we arrived and checked into our hut, which were all named after birds. Just like summer camp right? Then without wasting any time, we were whisked off for the first of many nature walks. There were about seven of us and one guide with bamboo pole. Before we started the walk, he rattled off the list of rules. "I we are attacked ... read more
elephant bathtime
elephant ride

Asia » Nepal » Chitwan December 12th 2007

Modern lifestyle and its pressures often create a desire amongst individuals to explore new vistas, to tread new roads and to climb new mountains. It was the same desire which inspired me to choose and explore a new destination for myself, like I do every year. Well this time it was to experience life in a jungle. Situated in the landlocked country of Nepal, Chitwan National Park is one of the most popular forest reserves in Asia. It is extremely rich in its flora and fauna and is home to the last populations of the single-horned Asiatic rhinoceros and the royal Bengal tiger. I arranged my 3 days and 2 nights’ stay at the Machan Wildlife Resort. It was a four hour scenic drive by car from Pokran in Nepal to the resort. The people at ... read more
Entrance of the Lodge...
Elephant safari
canoe ride

Asia » Nepal » Chitwan November 13th 2007

Arriving at our lodge in Chitwan involved an incredible drive through the Chitwan National Park where we saw elephants wandering past and herds of water buffalo bathing in the river. The lodge only opened in September and 50% of profits go to innovative development projects in the local Tharu communities. It also offers some top class excursions of which we treated ourselves to three: a visit to the Tharu village, a canoe ride in the Buddi Rapti river and an elephant trek at dawn. The wildlife was amazing: rhinos, deer, peacocks, kingfishers, parrots, wild boar… and we saw it all from the back of an elephant! Gliding silently past the sleeping crocodiles during the canoe ride was a little disconcerting. We also went to an elephant breeding centre, but this involved quite a scary walk through ... read more
Crocodile hole :s
Tharu village house decorated for Tihar (Nepalese Festival of Lights)
Canoe ride in the Rapti river

Asia » Nepal » Chitwan November 6th 2007

Namaste! I'm finally getting a chance to update the old blog again. I do think about it, about how much you guys are pacing around back home barely being able to go on with your days, but I’m a busy girl, what can I say? My days in Chitwan have officially come to an end. Tomorrow morning I am on the 5+ hour bus journey (provided there are no Maoist road checks or attacks or anything) to Pokhara to start my trek in the Annapurna mountain range. I’m sad to be leaving everyone I have met here. I’ve become so attached to all the kids I teach, the locals in our surrounding villages and of course the kids at the orphanage. Tonight is my last night with the kids and then it’s goodbye. It’s very surreal ... read more
Dashain Festival Celebration With the Kids
Eating Dal Baht - Nepali Style
Canoe Trip Down the Rapti River

Asia » Nepal » Chitwan October 31st 2007

Chitwan National Park was created in 1973 but has been protected since 19th century by becoming a hunting reserve of Nepali. Strangely the fact it was actually a hunting reserve may acted to protect it from habitant loss. In 1950s when King Mahendra heard only 100 rhinos and 20 tigers remained in the area and removed the peasants. The Park consists of Forest, Marshes and grassland and is home many wildlife species including the horned Indian Rhino, tigers and leopards. But sadly much has been lost under Maoist struggles as conflicts have prevented the protection of this valuable region. With the opportunity to see tigers and elephants I was very much looking forwarding to getting to Chitwan but the trip there was not without a few embarassments. Chandra miss understood the location of a toilet at ... read more
River Crossing
One for me and ok many for you
Me at Royal Chitwan National Park

Asia » Nepal » Chitwan October 28th 2007

Following our amazing trip down the Sun Kosi, we were back on a Nepali bus again, preparing for an eight-hour ride to Chitwan National Park. Once again, our bus ride turned into quite an adventure of its own. Less than one hour in, we had to pull over for a flat tire. Two hours after that, there were riots in the streets of a small village we were going through so we had to find an alternate route. Lastly, about 8:00 in the evening, the bus broke down and we were stranded in the dark in a small and strange village, somewhere very near the border of India. After three hours in a hot & steamy, mosquito-filled bus and the removal and repair of the rear differential (or so we were told), (did we really want ... read more
Royal Chitwan National Park
Elephant Tika

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