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June 6th 2016
Published: June 6th 2016
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Up and out again for 7.00. The Marmite that Tom brought out was finished off today and the Heinz ketchup bottle has less than one squeeze left...Ed is very much looking forward to home cooked food and Cas is going to introduce new dishes to expand the repertoire.
We took a five minute walk with our guide Bishnu to take a a canoe down river. The canoe was cut from a single, long tree and hollowed out. It was a great piece of carving and it's flat bottom meant that it could float in very little water.
It was a bit scary coming face to face with Marsh Mugger crocodiles who hide expertly amongst the lilies and mid-stream weed clumps, eyes ever watchful for a tasty morsel... Bright blue kingfishers whizzed up and down the river and huge silver fish rolled out of the water. These are the main food of the long nosed Gharial crocodiles. Once we got over the initial trepidation, we all relaxed and it was very peaceful as our boatman punted the canoe gently down river.
After an hour we reached the Elephant Breeding Camp, the only one in Asia. A dozen female Elephants were housed under red tiled canopies, most with a baby elephant. The youngest was only 15 days old and he ran over to us, got his head scratched and then ran back to his mum, his wrinkly skin on his back legs looking like he hadn't pulled up his baggy grey trousers properly. This happened several times before he was simply overcome with tiredness and collapsed for a kip. Very sweet to watch.
We climbed into a small wagon and two Ox were hitched up. They walked quite swiftly and our 40 minute journey took us through a local Nepalese village. It was the first place we've been too where many of the houses were made from reed and mud and the roof of grass. Most houses were just one open space ie no privacy. We saw the school kids in pale blue shirts leaving home, school here is 10.00-4.00.

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