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October 11th 2018
Published: October 11th 2018
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Nepal national park, chitwan, is about a 1000km2. We arrived at 7ish in the morning to collect our second guide (minimum) and let us be paddled downstream. The river was teeming with wildlife. Lots of birds, fish, crocodile and deers, on the side.
After a few km, we disembarked.the guide started his explanation, about what we could encounter, what to do if rhino's get aggressive and about the behavior of the different animals.

Halfway trough the explanation, however, a rhino was heard. We stopped everything and got our cameras out. (see below for photos)

After a while we walked further, only to see that the road ahead is blocked, by probably the same rhino. We had to hide a bit until it passed.

Moving on, there were some interesting edible plants, tracks, flowers, reeds and watering holes. There were birds, like swallows, hornbills, kingfishers, cranes and more. We saw evidence of black bears, sloths, deer and more rhino.
For the bigger animals, however, it was just another rhino (in the water) and monkeys in the distance. All in all a good walk. The only thing making a dent in it, was the heat. I found it quite bearable with the 4ish liters I brought. Mark however, suffered severe overheating and was close to a heat stroke with his five. We took some time in the shade. Simon brought hydratation salts. A French guy that was with us, said, had a bottle of water left and gave it. I also had water (saved about a liter for a situation like this) and carried his backpack, but he had to walk out of the park by himself, for another hour and a half. Visibly struggling, he reached the end safely. We bought lots of fluids, ice and refreshments in celebration 😊


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