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May 15th 2018
Published: May 15th 2018
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Current status? Very busy sitting on our balcony overlooking the river as flowers slowly drift past in the current, sun shining, birds chirping. As the taxi driver told us proudly, multiple times on the way - it is quite pretty here.

We arrived yesterday after an 18 minute flight from Kathmandu, yes officially announced as 18 mimutes and arranged a canoe ride with a short walk for the afternoon... after lunch of course. This area offers elephant rides and so as we lunched elephants, mingled with cars and horse carts sauntered up and down the streets.

Quite lovely afternoon drifting along the river as the guide worked hard to earn his money frequently pointing out fish and birds, yet barely reacting when we saw a crocodile or elephant. We spent about ten minutes watching some birds as he insisted i use the binoculars, and then causally, almost as an afterthought pointed to a croc. Our croc questions were answered, as long as they didnt interfere with valuable bird time. He also with great enthusiasm showed us an old hotel site that the government had closed down as it was in the national park. As it was only 7 years prior it just looked like most other hotels in town, however our guide was most enthused.

On our way back to town we saw some rhinos, including one on the path we just casually walked around. It seemed about as fussed by us as i had been by the hotel moments before.

Our guide suggested we wait by the river for sunset, clearly i have been travelling too long as i asked "what happens at sunset??". Sunset happens Emma, sunset.


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