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Asia » Nepal » Bhaktapur » Durbar Square May 25th 2014

How can you tell when a Nepali travel agent is lying to you? His lips are moving. Try as I might; I could not get a clear idea of what the situation was like up in Lukla, the airstrip closest to Everest. I talked to my hotel's travel agent in Kathmandu. He reported that everything in Lukla was fine and that I should buy my ticket as quickly as possible before they sold out. I held off. I went out to the airport the next morning when the Lukla flights were scheduled to arrive in Kathmandu. It was a hot mess. Passengers from Lukla reported two to five day waits for flights, sudden cancellations, Lukla hotels gouging trapped tourists with doubled rates and food shortages. So much for Everest. You do what you can do and ... read more
Clay Pots Drying In Courtyard
Old City

Asia » Nepal » Bhaktapur » Durbar Square October 8th 2013

After our visit to Nargarkot, we decided to head to Bhaktapur. We had read a lot of good things about this place and had been recommended to come here from one of the guys on our Yoga course, so it seemed an easy decision to make. Just an hour away from Nargarkot via public bus, we squeezed in alongside the locals and their baggage, rice etc and thanked our lucky stars we had a seat. Alternatives were standing in the isle with less room than London’s Northern line in the morning rush hour or even more unsettling, up on the roof. I mean, we do like fresh air and a nice view while we travel, but on this winding, mountain descending trip, it didn’t seem like a great option. Arriving in Bhaktapur, we made our way ... read more
Durbar sq
Festival time (2)
Getting involved

Asia » Nepal » Bhaktapur » Durbar Square June 29th 2013

Following our trip to Chitwan, we ended up back in Kathmandu. The next morning we caught a bus to Bhaktapur, once the capital of Nepal, on the outskirts of Kathmandu. The Durbar Square includes many ancient temples running along cobblestone streets, which are free of traffic, surrounding the beautiful Palace of 55 Windows, built in the early 15th century and home of the king until the late 18th century. It now houses the National Gallery. Not far from the palace, and perhaps sharing the status of the chief site of Bhaktapur, is the Golden Gate, which acts as the entrance to the Hindu-restricted Taleju Temple, dedicated to the goddess Taleju Bhawani. We headed to Pokhara the next day. There isn’t much to do in the town except fatten oneself up before and after the Annapurna Circuit. ... read more
bhaktapur durbar square
bhaktapur durbar square
bhaktapur durbar square

Asia » Nepal » Bhaktapur » Durbar Square June 23rd 2013

Today we ventured out into Kathmandu together! Elysia has been travelling around on her own up to this point, but today was the first chance to do some exploring with Mike. We hired a taxi for the day for $25. It turns out that we got majorly ripped off, because the hotel was hiring them for $15, but at the end of the day we felt that we got our money worth and the extra $10 we paid will definitely make a big difference to him. We asked our driver to first take us to Bodanath, but he didn't understand us and took us to Patan instead. So, we explored Patan. Patan is one of the three ancient kingdoms of the Kathmandu Valley. Patan is known as the City of Fine Art. Everywhere you go are ... read more
Durbar Square in Patan
Durbar Square in Patan
Fancy Door in Durbar Square in Patan

Asia » Nepal » Bhaktapur » Durbar Square April 30th 2013

Having heard so many good things about Bhaktapur, I just knew I had to make it there one day, only had to fit it in my busy schedule somehow... ;) But finally a wonderful opportunity came up to share this experience with my dear friend (that would be you Grant! :)). We thought about taking a local bus there first, which could’ve been an interesting experience on its own, but since it was well over 30C degrees outside, we just decided to spoil ourselves a bit and took a driver instead – and what a treat it was, a sports car with airco! It just doesn’t happen in Nepal… Once we got to Bhaktapur we were offered guide services straight away, the guy seemed very nice and his price was very good also, but having him ... read more
Bel marriage ceremony in Bhaktapur
Durbar square in Bhaktapur
in Bhaktapur :)

Asia » Nepal » Bhaktapur » Durbar Square March 25th 2013

After a fairly interesting bus ride to Bhaktapur (1100 NRs), we got off the bus less than a block from one of the entrances to the old city. Dru walked with me around the old city, pointing out the significant sights, temples, landmarks and telling me about each one, but not in too much detail. I really appreciated that. I had been here last year, but didn't get an actual tour, so it was great to come back and get more information. There are over 1000 temples in Bhaktapur. This time it was much more lively than it was before. Lots of shops were open, several tourists were roaming around but nothing was crowded. I'd like to say I remember all of what Dru told me about Bhaktapur, but I don't. It is a great place ... read more
In the temple

Asia » Nepal » Bhaktapur » Durbar Square March 11th 2013

After 2 days both spent in bed due to food poisoning, we had to alter our plans to go hiking for 2 days in the outskirt of the Kathmandu Valley and make our way to Nagarkot then Bhaktapur by Taxi. A heafty taxi fare in local terms but the thought of being able to lure Mt Everest in the distance at Sunrise was too tempting. Although we were able to see part of the Himalayas we were not quite fortunate to see the big one this time round. On our way back from Ngarkot we visited the beatiful city of Bhaktapur; hopefully the city can remained preserved as it has been so far, both me and Carmen very much enjoyed walking down the streets and squares that still remain intact with time. This was our final ... read more
Bhaktapur city entrance
Bhaktapur Durbar Square
Bhaktapur Durbar Square

Asia » Nepal » Bhaktapur » Durbar Square March 31st 2012

Last summer a friend asked me if I'd be interested in going to Nepal. 'Of course,' I said. Who wouldn't be interested in going to Nepal? So we planned this trip for April and I have finally arrived! I arrived last night after an uneventful flight. I waited in line for almost an hour to get my visa (25USD). Ravi, my tour organizer, met me at the airport with quite an entourage - himself, a driver, and my guide, Nabin. ( Only I didn't know Nabin was going to be my guide. I was taken directly to my hotel which was in the tourist area of Kathmandu called Thamel. I saw a lot of stuff I'd like have while looking through the window of that car. I think my hotel was called Hotel Buddha. It was ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5

Asia » Nepal » Bhaktapur » Durbar Square November 16th 2010

As we promised last time, we will tell you more about Tihar, the festival that took place from 4th to 7th of november. On fifth, there was Laxmi-puja. Everybody burns lots of oil-candles (and nowadays also more and more colorful electric lights, like we use in Christmas-time) around the house. This happens when sun is going down so it creates a very nice atmosphere in the city. In the same time, girls are dressed up and go dancing and singing in front of shops, so they will receive some money and sweets. We also made a nice colorful flower in front of the house, and a line going inside the house. This because Laxmi (the goddess) can find the way to our moneybag (people believe that she will come either to take money, or to bring ... read more
Girls singing and dancing in the streets
Tihar preparation 1
Tihar preparation 2

Asia » Nepal » Bhaktapur » Durbar Square November 4th 2010

The last stories and pictures we sent you, were about our wedding. It’s already about weeks ago and since then, we kept on enjoying our stay in Nepal. We went to Eline and Chiniya’s wedding party, which we enjoyed a lot. The day after, we woke up early to make a hiking trip to Namobuddha, a nice Buddhist-monastery in the hills. Gyanendra burnt a candle for good luck, we hope it will work! One of the next days, we went to the swimming pool in Bhaktapur with all the kids of the close family. Since the entrance fee is quite high, there are only a very few swimmers and it’s a real adventure for the kids who cannot go often. They enjoyed it, and of course also the drinks and food afterwards. More happiness those days, ... read more
Namobuddha candle

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