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Asia » Nepal » Annapurna » Annapurna Circuit May 19th 2018

We were up at our earliest yet - 3:30am! We wanted to get a head start on the other trekkers and also Jaap was keen to get his head torch on as proper mountaineers do! We set off in darkness and it was freezing! We had pretty much all of our layers on whilst walking and could still feel the nip in the air. The climb was pretty steady all the way and after a couple of hours the sunlight was appearing over the mountains. It revealed quite a desolate landscape with dry rock covered in spatters of snow along the trail and mountain peaks that seemed so far away on day 1 were suddenly upon us. We continued on up the steep slopes in slow motion where just a swallow or cough could mess up ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Annapurna » Annapurna Circuit May 18th 2018

Once again our alarms were set early for our destination before a final ascent to Thorong La Pass (highest mountain pass in the world). This will have been the highest altitude that we would sleep at and after a few of the crew had headaches at Tilicho Lake there were some nerves jangling around. The hike was a steady one. We walked into the valley following the river and saw the 2 Dutch girls again. We had to negotiate more falling rocks in another landslide area. Thankfully we were pros at this by now and then had a steady climb all the way to Thorong Phedi low camp, another camp spot 300 or so metres below high camp. We gathered some energy together over a cup of hot lemon tea and ploughed up the slope all ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Annapurna » Annapurna Circuit May 17th 2018

We were all feeling much fresher in the morning but still anxious about crossing the dangerous mountain path back onto the main Annapurna Circuit. However, we were in safe hands as both Stefano and Jose’ were experienced mountaineers and extra people in our group meant more eyes to spot the rocks coming down. Luckily by leaving early the mountains were still mostly frozen and there was little wind so the crossing was not as dangerous on this occasion. The mountain men were soon striding out in front and Tommy wanted to walk a steadier pace so we split up and walked on with Jaap in search of Pilu and Alberto who we were due to meet in Yak Kharka. We had done some pretty shoddy map study the night before and all thought today’s walk would ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Annapurna » Annapurna Circuit May 16th 2018

The next morning we got up in the dark and set off on the trail at first light (about 4:45am) whilst the clouds and morning fog were still hanging in the valley around base camp. The climb was really steep and the first few hundred meters made us all quickly realise that we would have to take this path much slower than before. The altitude was really showing in all of our breathing so we all tried to find a rhythm where we could walk, climb and still breathe! Within an hour we had moved high above base camp and through the morning cloud and all around us were ginormous mountains caked in snow. The clouds were acting as a carpet below and we felt like we had walked through the roof of the planet. As ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Annapurna » Annapurna Circuit May 15th 2018

We woke early to set off on the trail but Pilu and Alberto were injured and Kerry felt she needed another rest day before attempting the difficult trek. In Manang the sky was grey and drizzly but their were patches of light blue appearing and so we set off. The trek followed the river up towards the mountains. We started at the same level as the river but were soon climbing way higher up the steep mountainside. Due to the previous days bad weather we weren’t sure if the path would be safe all the way to base camp but locals in the first village encouraged us on. We were all really starting to notice the altitude and becoming short of breath. Char felt a headache coming on as we approached the village of Sri Kaka ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Annapurna » Annapurna Circuit May 14th 2018

We woke up to what felt like Christmas morning in our little tea house. The whole village and surrounding mountains were covered in snow and the snow was still coming down. We all rushed out to see a whole new landscape and then wondered why Tommy hadn’t followed... As it turned out the house cat had given birth to kittens in Tommy’s bed that night!! They still had their eyes closed and were cuddled up in Tommy’s bed feeding and snuggling with their mum, super cute! Our host sparked up the log burner and we sat and chilled with him listening to music, drinking tea and eating apple pancakes waiting for the weather to pick up. Once the sky had started to clear the sun soon started to melt on the roads and we made our ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Annapurna » Annapurna Circuit May 13th 2018

We got up bright and early again at 05:30 to be on the trail for 06:00. Well at least some of us were. Tommy was suffering the most out of all of us. I think he spent a good hour on the toilet trying to feel better! As we set off beside the river 100s of metres below us we heard a sound - it was an avalanche on Annapurna 4! It was over ten kilometres away from us and we could see the puff of snow cascading down the side of the mountain. It was a real sight and a show of the mountains power. The amazing thing was that from our perspective it looked like slow motion even though we knew it would be moving hundreds of miles an hour. After watching the avalanche ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Annapurna » Annapurna Circuit May 12th 2018

We were up earlier than the other group (we shall call them Team B) and set off to a higher altitude. A few of us were nervous as to how our bodies would react as most of the group hadn’t been above 3000m before. Most of the day we spent walking along the jeep track so it wasn’t the most interesting of hikes but the views of the Annapurna’s were still a sight to behold. Once we did get onto the trekking trail we passed more small villages and also an apple orchard. We weren’t expecting to be reminiscing about our NZ jobs in Nepal but that just demonstrates the change in climate on the way up into the mountains. We walked up and up through some beautiful pine forests decorated in the multicolour prayer flags ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Annapurna » Annapurna Circuit May 11th 2018

The 13 of us were all up early having breakfast and getting ready for the day and we left in our two smaller groups in quick succession. Today was supposed to be a cruisey day of only 4 hours walking. We climbed 400 meters through the valley and up further into the mountains following woodland trails. The pine forest smelt amazing, there were waterfalls and rivers all around and we were all feeling fresh. We stopped for tea in a roof top guesthouse in a beautiful village surrounded by snowy capped mountains. We all sat back and sipped our tea doing 360 degrees of the most beautiful landscape we have ever seen. We walked on and up through more stunning landscapes looking forward to jumping in the hot springs when we arrive. At one moment we ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Annapurna » Annapurna Circuit May 10th 2018

We had plans for an early start but the rains hadn’t quite cleared so we started trekking from Tal at 7:30 bellies full of apple pancakes. We headed out of Tal into a fresh morning watching the skies clear and the snowy peaks glistening. We were all feeling full of energy and arrived in Dharapani to refuel and replenish our supply. On the way into the village we had spotted a mega high suspension bridge across a huge canyon with a river at the bottom and on speaking to the shop owner found out we could do the bridge loop in 1hr 30. Jaap and us were immediately keen and feeling fresh enough to add the extra onto our day and the others were also quick to agree. Jaap and us went at a continuous steady ... read more

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