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October 16th 2009
Published: October 16th 2009
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Ok we just came back from the Mongolian countryside where weve traveled 6 days from Ger to Ger (round tent which the local nomads still use as houses) with camels and horses. All pretty cool, but it depends heavily on the saddles... Authentic Mongolian saddles (read: 100%!w(MISSING)ood, no cushion) are NOT recommended. But the whole experience was great. Horserinding through the plains in the snow. Catching some sun and throwing goat shit at eachother with the local kids (no they were not chasing us away, we were just having fun). But I gues that the weirdest thing was actually when we went with camels to a local holy place on Sunday, where we were spontanously invited to join a Mongolian Sunday lunch: sheep. All ok, but at the moment we arrive they were just charring in dried cowshit the guts of the sheep, which was stuffed with blood. Not accepting food is not an option in Mongolia, so we both were munching on this local delicasy. The scary part is that Agi actually took a second portion... This really makes me wonder what went on in her head...

Service Update: China & North Korea
Tomorrow we
e off to China & North Korea. We
e estimating that well be there for approx 1.5 months including Tibet. But rumors have it that items like Facebook and Blogs are being blocked by the Chinese authorities. I did not even start considdering whether the North Korean authorities would allow this... So next time will be once we
e out of this region: Nepal or India.... Or earlier in case the rumors are false.



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