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September 24th 2008
Published: September 24th 2008
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Sayn bayn oo!! Due to the length of this blog entry we feel that we should issue a health warning as it may involve you sitting for a lengthy period; be sure to wiggle your toes at regular intervals to prevent long term health problems and prepare a pot of tea and a round or two of sandwiches for sustenance! Where to start? the beginning! We arrived at UlaanBaata... Read Full Entry

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Not as young as you used to beNot as young as you used to be
Not as young as you used to be

Rob shows his athletic prowess after arriving at the top of the sand dune!
A puff and a halfA puff and a half
A puff and a half

at this point I could hear my heart pumping in my head
Green pasturesGreen pastures
Green pastures

not lush grass but patches of tufty herbs and grasses
A friendly strangerA friendly stranger
A friendly stranger

who pulled up on his motorbike and joined us for lunch
Yes I do have the humpYes I do have the hump
Yes I do have the hump

or 2 if you want to be picky
Pumpy pumpyPumpy pumpy
Pumpy pumpy

Fixing yet another puncture

24th September 2008

What the bejeezez is happening there...
Oh My God, serious questions need to be asked. What the frick happened with you and that dog before that pic was taken? The dogs tongue is lolling around, and closer inspection shows he's got his lipstick out! And I'm sure he's grinning. And then I scroll down and there you are again inappropriately fondling a yak. Mate, you learn something new about people every day, I had no idea. Sean, Shocked, Surrey.
30th September 2008

Hi Kirstin and Rob, just been reading your Mongolian blog, it looks amazing and sounds like you are having a great time. I feel so envious of you both. Take care, Charlotte
1st October 2008

Hi Darlings
So enjoying the photos and the comments - Mongolia looks and sounds incredible it must be such an amazing adventure for you both to experience places and people that are so alien to anything you have known - Trust Robert to kick up about the muesli. Will you tell him to leave the animals alone he might pick up something. Love you lots Mum
6th October 2008

Milking yaks - you cannot be serious
Hi guys, Keeping up with your travel blog is great and the pics are interesting, although not sure about the milking part. I expect after the sheep 'incident' your now both vegeterian? Love the hot springs - does this pass for the bathroom if so whats the toilet like dig your own? Seriously thou' sounds like your having great experiences (some i could live without). Keep safe and well Lots of love Jeanna xx
15th November 2008

Thank you very much
I am Mongolian who lives in Portugal. Just by looking at your great photos I cried but it was happy cry. Thank you very much putting all these wonderful photos. My country is meant a lot to me. Thank you both
15th November 2008

Us too!
Thank you for the kind words about our Mongolia blog, we looked at the photos recently and they made us happy cry too! Mongolia holds a very special place in our hearts, we feel very privileged to have visited such a beautiful country.
11th December 2008

loved it!
I'm sitting in a cubical in Oklahoma.......can't wait to go myself! Thank you so much for writing and sharing your pictures! It's so encouraging and inspiring....keeps me going, you know.

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