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September 18th 2007
Published: October 1st 2007
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This is a bulk blog of Mongolia with lots of photos to ogle. Arrived into Ulaanbaatar (or "UB") and had a wander around Sukhbaatar Square, the National Museum of Mongolian History, plus the Monument to the Russian Heroes (wonderful panoramic view of UB). Also attended a Mongolian music and dancing concert - the traditional throat singing (known as "Khoomi") was awesome. The next day we went ... Read Full Entry

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Turtle RockTurtle Rock
Turtle Rock

Check out the mammoth size of this rock compared to the people standing in front of it.
Buddhist MantraBuddhist Mantra
Buddhist Mantra

Carved into the mountainside above the Buddhist Meditation Centre in Terelj NP
Ger camp stafferGer camp staffer
Ger camp staffer

Wearing the traditional coat known as "del"
Eagle dudeEagle dude
Eagle dude

The eagle is being transported to a prime tourist spot for commercial photo op's
You can't stop progressYou can't stop progress
You can't stop progress

Even nomadic herders have satellite TV

Obviously the mares' milk is only available after they give birth. Firstly the foals are tied up so they can't go to the mares when they are herded for milking. To start the milk flowing each foal is led to their mare to suckle. Once the mare's milk starts flowing the foal is taken away so the herders can start to milk them for their own purposes.
Chinggis StatueChinggis Statue
Chinggis Statue

This huge statue is being erected by a tour company as the frontpiece of a new ger campsite. It will house a restaurant, souvenir shop, and a lookout tower (you walk along the horse's mane to the horses's head). Unbelievable!
Nomadic Family ger-site Nomadic Family ger-site
Nomadic Family ger-site

This is a temporary campsite. The family has moved 3 times this year in search of better pastures for their herd.
Round-up timeRound-up time
Round-up time

The wealth ladder for a herder starts with horses (most precious), followed by camels, cattle, sheep and goats.
Open steppeOpen steppe
Open steppe

Beautiful countryside. In the distance is Tomro's family homestead for the winter months. There is a well, which is used by the family and to water the stock.
Matching hairstylesMatching hairstyles
Matching hairstyles

It was quite windy on the open steppe. I was able to ride the horse myself. With Mongolian horses you only hold the reins with one hand, and say "Choo" ("GO" in Chinese) with a little kick. A fantastic experience.

Shamanistic collection of stones or other offerings to the gods - you walk around it 3 times clockwise and each circuit drop a stone on the pile. Located on the hilltop overlooking our Nomadic Family ger-site.
Mongolian hot-potMongolian hot-pot
Mongolian hot-pot

Preparing "kharkhog" (pronounced "harhog") which is a delicious mutton and vegetable stew cooked in a pressure cooker with hot rocks.

Enjoying a scrumptious mutton rib from the kharkhog hot-pot
Milk curd 1Milk curd 1
Milk curd 1

Tomro (our host) heating up the milk to make the curd
Milk curd 2Milk curd 2
Milk curd 2

The end result tasted quite sweet and creamy. It is made this way and left to harden for easy storage in the upcoming winter months.
Visit with GrandmaVisit with Grandma
Visit with Grandma

Grandma (Tomro's mother-in-law) invited Edith and I into her home for some milky tea and curds. Conversed (sort of) with a lot of hand gestures and laughter.
Farewell Farewell

Tomro farewelling the group in the family ger with milky tea and milk curd. He was a lovely and gracious host, and even came in during the night to stoke the ger fires with dried cow-dung pats. Very aromatic.

8th December 2009

this was a very nteresting blog and i know a lot more about mongolia now, bu tou should say something about the mongolian steppes!

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