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Asia » Maldives » Lhaviyani Atoll April 28th 2013

March 24… I left Kochi today, headed for the Maldives. The drive to the airport was very uneventful, probably because it was only 5:30 am on a Sunday morning, so it was too early for traffic chaos. I flew to Male via Colombo, arriving mid-afternoon. My dive buddy Shelley had arrived shortly before I did – it was nice to see a friendly face from home after 3 months away. She hauled my dive gear and underwater camera to the Maldives for me. We had originally planned to stay in Male overnight, but because we cleared immigration more quickly than anticipated, we decided to see if heading to Kuredu Resort (on Lhaviyani Atoll) was feasible. After confirming with the resort that they had a room, off we headed to TransMaldivian Airways to catch the last seaplane ... read more
Moray Eel
Mantas - off the dive boat 3

Asia » Maldives » Lhaviyani Atoll June 30th 2008

It was a sad dawning to this day - our last full day in paradise! Do we have to go back to real life? Can’t we just stay here? At least for another week? Once again Gail headed off for her last snorkelling trip, this time to an impressive wreck site about an hour away by boat. This ship grounded on a bank years before and has now become a fantastic dive and snorkelling site. Plenty of beautiful coral and fishes. Unfortunately no Manta Rays were seen, but at least we had seen those in Bora Bora. Ali was the keen photographer, capturing little Nemo’s everywhere! After a delicious lunch we went home to sit in the sun for a short time before getting ready for our last massage at the Coconut Spa. We nearly skipped ... read more
Off to the Wreck
The wreck
What a wreck!

Asia » Maldives » Lhaviyani Atoll June 30th 2008

The heavens reflected our sadness this morning. The rain was pouring torrentially and apparently was set to stay like that for a week! Good job our time there was spent under the sunny rays instead of rain clouds. We were very fortunate. The alarm woke us up and we had to shower in the cool rain, before finishing our packing. A chap arrived to pick up our bags and drop us off at the breakfast hall, all-be-it in a very sodden state as the cart seats were sopping wet and the rain was lashing in on us. We enjoyed our last breakfast and our Sri Lankan chef whipped up a delicious omelet for our last meal there. We ate with the sounds of the rain pouring down and were wondering whether our little air taxi would ... read more
Heavy rains
Sodden girls not wanting to leave

Asia » Maldives » Lhaviyani Atoll June 29th 2008

Once again, another early morning. Walked out onto the beach to see the moon still high in the sky and the clouds rolling in for a glorious dawning of a new day before heading back to bed until a more decent hour! The morning brought rain, hard tropical downpours which ruled out a mornings snorkelling and tanning. Instead we caught up on blogging and just hung around chatting. At lunch we hailed our normal cart, but the seats were wet and so we were rather damp by the time we arrived for lunch. After we then took a walk along the beach back to our bungalow via the jetty. We discovered under the jetty lived plenty of hermit crabs languishing in the shade. We picked them up, examined them and then watched them race off. The ... read more
Gail in the dawn light
Morning clouds
Liisa in the early dawn with the moon behind her

Asia » Maldives » Lhaviyani Atoll June 24th 2008

Exploration day! Today we played Robinson Crusoe and explored our atoll from top to bottom and in all the nooks and crannies too. We figured we had better given that our time here was nearly over and so far hadn’t seen too much of the rest of place as we’re quite content on our section where we aren’t disturbed by anyone else. Just a point to add, this blog is being written out on the porch while the rain pours down heavily on the roof, sand and big waxy leaves of the shrubs. It sounds beautiful and is conducive to the writing of a novel! Before our exploration began we headed to the breakfast bar for some sustenance to see us through our arduous day ahead, trekking through the wilds of the land, encountering beasts and ... read more
Low tide
Can you see a face?

Asia » Maldives » Lhaviyani Atoll June 22nd 2008

Today was more of the same; sun, eat, swim, snorkel, eat again and this time with some added rain! In the morning Gail was going to head out snorkelling on her own while I stayed back to lie in the sun, but the weather was changing with big black ominous clouds coming towards us in the sky. The snorkelling trip was cancelled due to the weather in the morning and so we just lazed around until the sheets of rain stopped falling and then we sat in the sun. I felt a bit brazen and so sprayed tanning oil on and then sat out and fried like a sausage in a frying pan! A bad move as it made me feel ill. In the afternoon the 4pm trip was on, so Gail headed off as I ... read more
Gail off on her morning snorkel trip which was then cancelled
Finally able to go on the afternoon trip!
Italian rep, Stefano and the other dive master

Asia » Maldives » Lhaviyani Atoll June 18th 2008

Another day in paradise dawns and today we decided against going for a 10am snorkel. We still felt like we were on the boat being tossed about which was a little disconcerting particularly since the nausea was still present in both of us. Needless to say we skipped breakfast and just had an apple before wandering outside to sit in the sun for a while. Today it was hot! We were horrified to note that our usually empty beach had now become gridlocked with new guests! After a head count we had twelve persons on the beach. This is such bad news considering we’re used to having it all to ourselves. Doesn’t matter that the beach is over a mile long, with twelve persons on it, it’s crowded! Thankfully though no one really ever sits in ... read more
Got my eye on you
Ali - dive master

Asia » Maldives » Lhaviyani Atoll June 17th 2008

Turtle dive! Last night before we headed to bed, we asked our rep when she thought we would be heading out to turtle point to see the turtles and mantas. She thought today, and so told us to meet at 10am at the panorama jetty. Dutifully we were there, after a quick healthy breakfast of papaya and pineapple. We did grab a pasty as we left though, but really you need one those fatty things to give you good buoyancy in the water! That’s my excuse anyway. At the pier we discovered there were 14 others coming with us. What a shame! Particularly as there were a couple of yobs joining us. The boat ride would take an hour, passing several deserted atolls and sandbars along the way but this time we didn’t have any dolphins ... read more
What delights await?
Snorkel site

Asia » Maldives » Lhaviyani Atoll June 17th 2008

The day started with a very nutritious breakfast to sustain us through our morning’s snorkelling trip organised by the resort, which consisted of two pastries and some pineapple! The resort puts on two snorkelling trips a day, one at 10am and the other at 4pm, but apparently the best viewings are in the morning when conditions are better. The morning trips are further away and tend to be about an hours boat ride by dhoni, and today we had eight Italians and the British couple, who in fact are the only other British people on the island! They fly home tomorrow so it’ll just be us flying the Union Jack from now on. Well, the sea decided to be at it’s roughest we were told by the Brits since they have been going, so we were ... read more
Waiting in anticipation
Excitement building
An Atoll

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