Happy Birthday Penny!

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November 9th 2012
Published: November 9th 2012
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Here we are, the focus of our travel, the birthday! It has been a long journey to make it here, with a short stop in Paris, but we can finally state we have arrived. One might think that this is the focal point or height of the travel, but looking at the details we realize that it's just another of our steps before the eventual goal is realized. What is that goal? Well, it's still a mystery to Penny. When we arrived here yesterday, it was spilled quite quickly that we would only be here for a week. So, once the 14th arrives, we are on the road again. Where to, anyone's guess but mine. So, yesterday, once we changed out of our Paris gear and into something more atune to our climate; then we wandered outside and checked out the digs. It's a small island as expected, easy to walk around in about 20 minutes. The accomadation is very simple, no tv or radio, and just wifi in the bar. We also realized that trying to use the wifi in the evening is impossilbe for us, as everyone these days is connected, and there was a real battle over the signal. There is a spit that stretches from our island toward another island, going about 50 meters into the ocean. The water is clear, very warm, and quite shallow. We have seen some tuna, many little fish, and a few tiny sharks. On land, just geccho's and hermit crab. The grounds are not landscaped, and there are a few areas that look like forgotten construction, but all in all, it's 30C and the sand is powder. Once our exploring was done we hit the bed for some catch up, we were so tired. We woke up long enough for dinner and a try at posting online, then more sleep. Today, things were a little better as far as fatigue goes. We were able to go swimming today, lying around in the water and enjoying the heat of the sun. Penny was able to skype with her parents as today, where we are, its her birthday. Not much to report on in a place like this, it's about eating, sleeping, and lying around in the sun. We are just sitting in the bar with an 80s mix playing, milli vanili at the moment, enjoying the humidity and a quiet sea hitting the shore. Not sure if the breeze is from the fan or the ocean, but its a good feeling. So, you will get a rest from our updates for the moment. Penny will continue to post photo's on her facebook, but the blog will be quiet for a bit as it can all be covered with..we woke up, we ate, we napped, we ate some more, we swam, we napped, we watched a sunset, we surfed on the wifi, then ate, then went to bed. We begin our movement again on the 14th, another day of transit, and another mystery to be solved by Penny. Happy Birthday to Penny, what a fun day we had today!

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9th November 2012

Happy Birthday Penny
It's official ... you are now 40!! Happy Birthday Penny and I hope you are enjoying your holiday's! We sure are ... from here, vicariously ... through you! ; o )
12th November 2012

This view is jaw dropping beautiful! I guess it would be superfulous to tell you to enjoy yourselves when you appear to be in paradise.

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