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Asia » Malaysia February 7th 2015

Hi Fellow bloggers and followers and random readers, We woke up after a very good sleep in the Father’s Guesthouse. We went down for breakfast in the hostel, because it’s cheap and so good; we both had beans on toast. We had booked on a tour today through the guesthouse as they look good in their leaflets and because they are also recommended in lonely planet. We set off to the Mossy Forest of Gunung Brinchang in the morning it is 230 million years old and claimed to be the oldest rainforest in the world. On the way we had a stop off on the highest point in the Cameron Highlands, it was 2030 feet above sea level, our view was poor due to the low clouds ;(. The mossy forest was amazing, if non of ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Kota Kinabalu February 6th 2015

VIDA'S BORNEO BLOG - February to April 2015 I have now reviewed Blog 1 and added photos from the trip which highlight the wonderfully varied nature of my experiences in Borneo! Our adventure took us from the far northern tip of Borneo in Sabah, south through Brunei to Kuching in the far west of Sarawak. After wonderful long term travelling trips through India, Kenya, Central America, South America, Morocco, Thailand and SW USA I am excited to be off again to explore Borneo, the third largest island after Australia and Greenland. It doesn't look that big on the map as it sits on the equator and is not stretched out as is land nearer to the poles when we view it on the usual Mercator projection. This trip has come about because my long term ... read more
New friends
Local coffee with condensed milk at the bottom.
Rainforest canopies

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Cameron Highlands February 6th 2015

Hi People, So today we have arrived in Malaysia, it was the easiest border crossing so far which was amazing. Our bus from Singapore to Malaysia was really comfy as there were only 9 people on a 32 person coach it meant everyone had loads of room and your could recline without guilt!!! I could not sleep thanks to the coach being freezing and I was only wearing shorts and T-shirt, some how I awoke to find Vick snuggled up in a sleeping bag so she was ok and kept warm. We arrived in the Cameron Highlands about 8am however after dropping people off and winding through the jungle roads we finally got to our hostel 'Father house Inn'. It was a large house building and was busy inside and out on arrival. As we got ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Wilayah Persekutuan » Kuala Lumpur February 3rd 2015

Faizzal, den ich in Langkawi kennengelernt hatte, und ich machen einen kleinen Ausflug zu den Batu-Höhlen, wo heute ein paar tausend Inder (hauptsächlich Tamilen) ein religiöses Volksfest feiern. Sie alle pilgern in eine Höhle, um dort Milch zu opfern und zu ihrem Gott zu beten. Auf unserer Anfahrt reißt in der Richtung, in der die Batu-Höhlen liegen, kreisförmig der triste graue Himmel auf - ein göttliches Zeichen, um uns den Weg zu weisen!? Wir sind recht früh dran, vor dem hochaufragenden, grün überwucherten Kalkfelsen mit der Höhle hat jemand neben eine Treppe in die Höhle eine riesige goldfarbene Statue mit einem Speer in der Hand gestellt. Am Eingang zum Vorplatz warten die Menschen auf einen großen LKW mit einer lustigen grünen Figur darauf, die ich in der Ferne nicht so richtig erkennen kann. Auf jeden Fall ... read more
kunterbunte Süßigkeiten auf dem Festplatz zum Frühstück
Faizal und ich in der noch lockeren Menge
goldene Statue und Menschenmassen

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » George Town February 1st 2015

1/2-15: Got up early and took the ferry to Penang, 3 hours very bumpy ride with saltwater sprayed all over if you sat outside (which we of course did to avoid aircon hell). Arrived and walked to our guesthouse Cintra Siam which is in a very old colonial building that looks really cool inside and filled with old antique furniture. 60 RM per night (shared bathroom) Went out for lunch, ended at subway. Went for a walk around the city, loads of cool houses and areas! Found an upstarting guesthouse where we could get rooms for 35 RM because it wasnt completely ready yet so we will be moving tomorrow! After that we went to a cat cafe but it wasnt that good, almost ended paying twice because the cashier was confused and the cats didnt ... read more
Malaysia 359
Malaysia 366
Malaysia 368

Asia » Malaysia » Wilayah Persekutuan » Kuala Lumpur January 30th 2015

This morning we took the bus to central market and China town. I wish we had smelly video because the sights, sounds and smells were amazing. We stayed around there until lunchtime then bought a single journey ticket for about a pound and travelled by train to connect to the mono rail and get back to the centre of city. The trains were extremely clean .., no litter, no food or drink is allowed and it shows. They were very busy and quite crowded but good journeys. We then went to a shopping mall food hall,,,2 storeys below ground of food outlets and restaurants...again packed out. We've had a problem with getting tea with cold milk as their white tea is a tea version of capaccinno with frothy condensed milk! So we have been drinking black ... read more
Lucky cat
Maneki's message
Clothes on sale in Central Market KL

Asia » Malaysia » Wilayah Persekutuan » Kuala Lumpur January 29th 2015

Having made our early start we arrived at 08.05 I like KL ..Our cases were first off the carousel and our driver was waiting. It took an hour to drive to the city ... at one point we were in an 11 lane highway...full of glad I wasn't driving! The city is vast, but our first impressions from the plane was of miles of palm forests, very green with lots of rivers. We spent most of the day on the hop on, hop off bus learning about Malaysia, its growth and independence . Its a real melting pot of ethnicity and cultures with Mosques, Hindu Temples and Christian Churches. The whole place seems to be being rebuilt. They are demolishing huge high rise buildings at the same time as building the new one next to ... read more
Twin Petronas Towers
Changing the Guards at Malaysian  Royal Palace

Asia » Malaysia » Wilayah Persekutuan » Kuala Lumpur January 28th 2015

Our bus to KL had air con and took about 4 hours. There were a lot of twisty turny mountain roads, which made Fred feel a bit travel sick. KL is an ultra modern city. There are lots of tall tower blocks. Our airbnb is in one of these condominiums. It is a flat on 32nd floor....very nice. We took a taxi from the bus station, which dropped us in the lobby, where there are uniformed guards and fountains! The condominium is luxury itself, (and we are wallowing in it!).....with an infinity swimming pool on the roof, complete with a view over the Petronas Towers and KL Tower. The skyline looks especially pretty when lit up at night, but the pool is lovely at any time. KL has a lot of big busy motorways running through ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Langkawi January 28th 2015

Zehn Tage auf Langkawi, zehn Tage Müßiggang und in den Tag hineinleben, zehn Tage Paradies, zehn Tage wunderschöne Sonnenauf- und –untergänge, zehn Tage relaxte Reggae-Musik am Strand nach dem Dunkelwerden, zehn Tage vom palmengesäumten Schatten aus durch den Sand laufen, welcher sich anfühlt, als würde man zu Weihnachten für das Plätzchenausrollen zwei Kilo Mehl zu viel auf die Arbeitsfläche streuen und es mit den Füßen verteilen, zehn Tage neue liebe Menschen kennenlernen, zehn Tage leckeres Essen, zehn Tage der Versuch, mal richtig braun zu werden, zehn Tage Sonne und trotzdem noch weiß…fast…nach einem Nickerchen in der Sonne wache ich auf und boah…ich bin braun. Mein Blick wandert ungläubig an mir herunter, über meinen Bauch, die Beine, die Füße, zum Wasser und dort sehe ich die im Meer versinkende Sonne, die mit ihren Strahlen alle... read more
Cenang Beach
Kasbah - Restaurant

Asia » Malaysia » Wilayah Persekutuan » Kuala Lumpur January 27th 2015

During the last few months I have been spending quite a lot of time in Kuala Lumpur – so much time that sometimes I said it would make sense for me to rent a second flat in KL. However, most of the time I flew there in the early morning and back in the evening or at most I arrived the evening before the meeting or training. But end of January I had one training in KL scheduled for a Friday and another one for the subsequent Monday, so I decided that I might as well stay over the weekend and do some more sightseeing. I arrived in KL on Thursday afternoon and, as things go here, after catching the airport express to KL Sentral I needed to participate in a telephone conference with Hong Kong. ... read more
Merdeka Square I
Merdeka Square II
Entering Chinatown

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