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Asia » Malaysia » Wilayah Persekutuan » Kuala Lumpur February 24th 2015

So, braving it for the 2nd day running on the rail system I made it to the bus station - with a couple of hiccups on the way but otherwise unscathed! For a couple of days ive been thinking about heading north to the Cameron highlands and so here I was. Booked my seat on a bus leaving at 11.30 so it gave me enough time to get a few snacks together. A nice straight forward journey that became that more interesting when we hit the highlands. Twisting and hairpin bend turning our way up the mountains passing waterfalls and rickety shacks selling anything made out of rattan with whole generations of families gathered round. After a good hour we made it to the top and to Jahan Rata which was going to be my home ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Wilayah Persekutuan » Kuala Lumpur February 24th 2015

Before starting this blog about being back in kL I just wanted to mention a few more things about Singapore ( will she ever stop going on about it!!!) The city is exceptionally clean, tidy, modern and well maintained. I did see a few notices regarding the fining such as moving a workman's bollard would set you back 500 dollars - about £250! And sitting, loitering or smoking in certain areas would also cost you about £30! How exactly they would endorse these fines is anyone's guess as I hardly saw any police. Lastly, the city can be a bit ott with health and safety issues such as - no one crosses a clear road until the green man tell them to - and signs telling you to mind a 2 inch high step!! Right, I'm ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Tanah Rata February 24th 2015

We left Melaka before 8 am on Sunday morning because we did not want to get caught in the heavy Chinese New Year traffic again since we had a 360 km drive in front of us. Things went smoothly and we passed KL in no time. The last hour towards Tanah Rata in Cameron Highlands, where we were going to stay for two nights, took us along a small, winding road, surrounded by forest. We slowly climbed up to 1,400 metres of altitude and checked into our Bed and Breakfast at around 2 pm. The owner, Jay, was just fantastic. She advised us to go to a tea plantation on the very afternoon because apparently the tea plantations in the area are closed on Mondays. She recommended a jungle walk and a fantastic Indian restaurant to ... read more
Boh Tea Plantation II
Boh Tea Plantation III
In the jungle I

Asia » Malaysia » Melaka » Melaka City February 23rd 2015

In mid-February my friend Christiane from Germany came to visit me. Of course there was a lot to see and do for her in Singapore, but we decided to go on a one-week road trip in the Southwest of Malaysia. The week after Chinese New Year was the perfect time for this because there would not be a lot going on in the office. However, it also turned out to be very difficult to rent a car for the trip. I wanted to rent a car in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, and not in Singapore. Driving with a rental car from Singapore through Malaysia is not such a good idea, the risk of the car being stolen is too high. However, in JB most cars are available only upon request. I tried various websites, asked my travel ... read more
Jonker Street
House on Jonker Street
Another house on Jonker Street

Asia » Malaysia » Johor » Johor Bahru February 21st 2015

Saturday, 21st February 2015 Good morning Saturday. It was all well and nice as we welcomed our new day at Renaissance. We decided to skip the somewhat pricey breakfast buffet at the hotel and opted for some local fare nearby. It was Day 3 of the Lunar New Year and more eateries had already opened for business. Finally, breakfast was decided at Restoran Big Bowl where we ordered the traditional Mee Hoon Kuay, mine with added fried fish slices. This was a yummy and light choice as we headed back to our hotel for a swim after breakfast. After our check-out at 1pm, we headed to La Strada Coffee which served wholesome breakfast within its somewhat limited menu. The homely interior was nicely decorated and this was a cosy little spot for us to relax before ... read more
Mee Hoon Kuay @ Restoran Big Bowl
Nice menu board

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah February 21st 2015

We arrived in Kota Kinabalu, which is the capital of Sabah ( the Malaysian part of Borneo) and met up with the Sabah footie team (some of them Mike knew - El Hadj Diouf who looked like a typical footballer with diamond earring and LV bag!). We met the group we would be travelling with for the next two weeks, half of them being health care professionals and a token doctor, so we were sorted for drugs for the rest of the trip. Aldrin, our guide, started talking about our trip to Mount Kinabalu whose summit is at 4,095 metres and is apparently one of the worst for getting altitude sickness after Everest. Now - I knew we were walking up a mountain but we had NO idea it was the largest in South East Asia ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Johor » Johor Bahru February 20th 2015

Friday, 20th February 2015 Second day of Lunar New Year. We were on our way to Johor Bahru this morning to spend a short weekend staycation. The traffic at both sides of the Causeway was incredibly smooth as we took minimal efforts to clear the customs. Our bus ride to the url= Hotel at Permas Jaya took a little more than 30 minutes as it made its way across the waterfront along Berjaya Hotel. By 11.15am, we were greeted by the beautiful hotel lobby. Since our room could only be ready after 3pm, we popped over to a nearby coffeeshop for our brunch. Surprisingly, there were quite a number of Chinese eateries opened for business even though today was a very important festival observed by the Chinese. It ... read more
Sleek bedrooms
Nice pool view from the room
The welcoming lobby

Asia » Malaysia » Melaka February 18th 2015

I heard there were quite a few buses to singapore from Melaka so no need to pre book. Made my way to the bus station with a girl from Canada and a man from Germany - both going by bus to Kuala Lumpur - so we shared a taxi to the station. The next bus to Singapore was leaving in half an hr, so I grabbed some munchies and exchanged some ringgit into Singapore dollars. I shared the 5hr journey with only about 10 other people, so loads of room to stretch out - And we were off! As we approached johor bahru - the most southerly point of Malaysia, we pilled off the bus to passport control and 10 minutes later we were off again - passing over a short causeway into Singapore - and ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Melaka » Melaka City February 18th 2015

First full day in Melaka was gonna be a chilled one - as spending most of yesterday getting the lay of the land and realising theres not a lot to do. Melaka was - in the 15th century the hub of Malaysia trading spices to other countries and becoming quite wealthy through it. It was then taken over in 1511 by the British, Portuguese and Dutch all leaving different architectural styles - apparently - to prove. So, the day started with a walk around china town visiting some temples along the way, then off to find the pier - found it hidden behind 5 large shopping malls and a huge Holiday inn complex! Who ever accepted planning permission for Melaka should be shot! The pier was boarded and all shut up for business, which was a ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Wilayah Persekutuan » Kuala Lumpur February 18th 2015

From Bangkok I flew Air Asia to Kuala Lumpur, capital of Malaysia. It was my third time in Kuala Lumpur, a city of about 8 million people. To connect to my next destination I had to come here and decided to spend 3 nights in the country. I always like to be in Kuala Lumpur because it's cheaper, cleaner, better organized and less chaotic compared to Bangkok. Of course Bangkok wins when it comes to parties and going out though. Another thing I like about Kuala Lumpur is that people don’t bother you on the street to buy their goods or services like in Bangkok. So there was no “masaaaat”, no “you want suit sir?”, no “you want boom boom” etc. They just leave you alone most of the time which is great. What makes Malaysia ... read more
Petronas Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur
Petronas Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur
Sultan Abdul Samad Building at Merdeka Square (Independence Square) in Kuala Lumpur

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