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Asia » Malaysia » Wilayah Persekutuan » Kuala Lumpur February 4th 2016

Tina Writes It was time to move on. We had only planned on quick stops in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur but decided to see a wee bit more of Malaysia as we went. We headed to Malacca, a wee town in between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur for one night to break up the journey. We booked a bus online for £15 each and headed out of Singapore. We had to go through border control and without a hitch we had another stamp in our passports. We arrived in Malacca and walked for a few minutes to our hotel. I believe Rob has illustrated my dislike of being too hot. A few minutes walking with my pack on is not my idea of fun so I was relieved to get to the hotel. I had forgotten I ... read more
Rob eating on Observation Tower

Asia » Malaysia » Langkawi February 4th 2016

This is my first ever blog, I am a technical person but will try my best to put some text together in case you visit my first blog. I traveled to Malaysia on a 1 week job training in Kuala Lumpur, I did not have much time to go around the city but managed to take a quick bus tour and one of the main attraction that I enjoyed most was the Twin Towers. I had a one week vacation after my training where I decided to visit Langkawi which was way better than Kuala Lumpur in my opinion as the capital was so crowded. As soon as I landed I hired a car and then drove to the Sheraton hotel which was not bad but not the best. I spent a quality time in Langkawai ... read more
Twin Tower
Kuala Lumpur from top

Asia » Malaysia » Langkawi February 1st 2016

Sunday 31 January Up early and driving across the Island to visit the GeoForest at Kilim. The park is mainly Mangrove Forest covering part of the coastline, where several spectacular green cladded and limestone Islands rise sharply from the Sea. We decide to take a tour by fast motorboat, firstly to visit the large Bat nesting caves, these are literally full of hundreds and hundreds of Bats, two different species, one insect-eating, the other preferring a diet of fruit. We were given torches as the caves are not lit and we guess the bats get used to the torch beams as despite everyone shining them directly at the Creatures, very few seemed bothered and chose to ignore the intrusion. After this a very fast and hairy trip between the islands brought us to a lagoon full ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » George Town February 1st 2016

Our second visit to Penang was better than our first, we found a nicer guesthouse called just inn which was kept super clean and was quiet :) we got the free Cat bus there :) It's so handy as you can get it right near the boat pier :) We took the bus out to Penang hill and rode the funicular to the top. We were rewarded with a stunning view over Penang :) We decided to walk back down to the gardens, on our way down we met several monkeys, one of whom decided to run at me,thinking he didn't like the paparazzi or that my phone was food but I escaped unharmed lol! We reached the bottom after a time and were too tired to explore the gardens! We took the bus back to ... read more
Ferry ride from langkawi

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Tanah Rata February 1st 2016

Nous arrivons à Tanah Rata en début d’après-midi, sans solution d’hébergement arrêtée. A la sortie du bus, un rabatteur nous remet des tracts de la « 8 Mentigi Guesthouse » pour laquelle il travaille et nous propose de nous y conduire ; il doit nous ramener à l’arrêt de bus si nous ne trouvons pas satisfaction. La proposition nous intéresse, tout comme un couple canadien qui se trouve à proximité. Sur place, seules deux chambres doubles avec douche privative sont disponibles ; et Jocelyne et Jacques ont le coup de cœur pour la même que nous. Ils décident de nous la laisser (merci à eux !), et Jacques parcourt les environs à la recherche d’un autre logement pendant que nous faisons connaissance avec Jocelyne. Il revient quelques instants plus tard chercher Jocelyne, et nous prenons possession ... read more
Jim Thompson & C.H.
chemins de trek, Cameron Highlands

Asia » Malaysia » Selangor » Shah Alam January 31st 2016

The dream and planning to visit some interesting destination both locally and perhaps cross border have long been playing in my mind. To jump start on a rather challenging trip, I chose Krabi, Thailand. However, as a warm up, I made a day trip to Frasers Hill recently. Thus in January 2016 alone, I have covered two road trips. On 26 January 2016, @9.30am on a cloudy morning, the engine revved up to embark on a long road journey between Kuala Lumpur and Krabi. Considering there will be toll charges along the NS Highway, I have topped up my T&G card to RM200. With a full tank filled to RM60 in KL, I only topped up another full tank at Sg. Perak R&R for RM50 to reach Alor Setar at 3pm and stayed for a night. ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Langkawi January 30th 2016

Saturday 30 January Went out for an Indian fish meal last night cooked Tandoori style, it was a bad choice. The various fish and shell fish were coated in a Tandoori type of paste with no attempt at marinading , first poor standard meal we have had.Today Paula dragged us off to the Sky Bridge on the other side of the Island.The bridge is situated on one of the highest points on the Island and is accessed via a cable car reckoned to be the steepest in the World.As we are both petrified of heights Leo thought this somewhat over ambitious, but Paula reminded him that you have to celebrate life by doing something terrifying, once in a while. So we drove to the ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Wilayah Persekutuan » Kuala Lumpur January 30th 2016

Arrivés à Kuala Lumpur (KL), difficile de nous repérer : la puce singapourienne ne capte pas le réseau local, la géolocalisation ne semble pas fonctionner sur nos téléphones et nous ne disposons pas de carte. Nous trouvons un taxi près d’un hôtel des environs et lui communiquons l’adresse d’une guesthouse que nous avons sous la main. Le chauffeur nous indique le montant de la course en ringits (Rm), la monnaie locale. Nous ne disposons que de dollars singapouriens, qu’il veut bien accepter. En moins de 10 minutes nous sommes à destination ; il n’y a plus de chambre double disponible dans l’auberge de jeunesse souhaitée, mais le quartier Chinatown où nous nous trouvons en regorge et nous trouvons notre bonheur quelques mètres plus loin chez Agosto Inn. La chambre est petite mais dispose d’une fenêtre. Les ... read more
mosquée nationale de Masjid Negera 1
mosquée nationale de Masjid Negera 2

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » George Town January 30th 2016

1.5 years in Kuala Lumpur and I still hadnt been to Penang. Most people found this offensive, so I finally found a nice long weekend that would allow me to visit this historic island. 5o minutes on a plane and we touched down on the unexpectadly rugged island of Penang. There a few accommodation options, depending on what you’re after. Most people opt to stay in the oldest corner of the island; Georgetown. As did we. Famous for it’s maze of streets and alley ways, the place has more recently attracted attention for its street art and I was excited to wonder. And wonder we did! The place is made for this pasttime and it is what you will see most of the tourists doing around town. A lot of the action is centred around the ... read more
Love lane
Big Art
Great coffee

Asia » Malaysia » Penang January 29th 2016

Tuesday 26 January We decided to visit the much vaunted beaches at Batu Ferengghi, described as wonderful forrested bays and views of the Islands. A MYR 5.20 bus fare and 35 minutes later we arrived at the beach which is lined with Hotels and Beach Bars, the views are very good and the sand although coarse looked very inviting. The Sea however was very murky and smelt of sewage, so after doing the beach strolling thing we decided Beach Bar over swimming. We ordered snacks and beer and sat in the shade of a Coconut Tree, until Leo noticed we were directly under it's ripe Nuts! Enquiring with the Waitress as to the advisability of placing tables under such hazards, she replied," Oh they rarely fall on people and if they do you are thought to ... read more

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