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April 30th 2006
Published: April 30th 2006
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First of all thanks for all the comments and messages from you guys back home - its really nice to hear from you and that you are finding the blogs entertaining! So, here goes the food journalism for today!

Left the skank hotel also known as 'The Shining' yesterday - thank the lord it was ming a ding ding! Got to the bus station for our transport to Singapore - bought more eye candy and a lipstick which you can eat! Very amused yet again waiting for the bus.

A strange guy was hanging around us asking people if they wanted a ticket to singapore, so we ignored him and acted tough, then he came over and asked if we have a ticket to singapre, and of course we did, so i stupidly showed him and he tried to take them off us! ahhhh! Scary! Eventually he managed to explain, via a Japanese man with a sore throat, that the bus we were booked onto was no longer going to singapore - and that the tickets he had were for another bus - dodgy, but it ended up that he was actually just trying to help us - got on the right bus and headed off. On the way we had crisps and chocolate - oh dear god the diet has gone to pot. was busting for a pee all the way there, and when we stopped at the services, i had to go, but the holes were sooo dirty i soon decided i didnt have to go! Arrived in Singapore and tried to hail a taxi to the hotel, but the one we stopped said he wouldnt take us as there was too much traffic - bloody narna! He said that it woudl cost us too much - porbably true. Ended up getting the bus which was fine, and for the record, there was no traffic! Hahahah, the hotel is cool, i think we have got the wrong room, as it is massive, like a suite with a lounge area, kitchen and massive king size bed - scared they are going to ask us to move!!!!

Considering we are off to aus tomorrow, i think this is going to be the last night of luxury - i checked the reservation for birsbane and it is a room only - WITH NO BATHROOM!!!! Ahhhh terror! Well, will have to deal with sharing my toilet, might make a cubicle all for myselF!

Was knackered yesterday so we headed out to the shops and bought some food to COOK For tea - this involved buying somehting to heat up in the microwave - ahhh culinary skills have vanished! Had noodles which had a whole egg in it - ming, and a curry which was full of bones 😞 Chris enjoyed two meals as ususal! plus we had the most expensive beer ever - like 3 quid for a small can!

Watched tv and i got an early night - chris coudlnt tear himself away from 007, hmmmm.

this morning woke up early, and then had breakfast - i had toast again! poooooooo! had my first cup of tea though - wooohooo! Headed off to the shops again to use internet, and accidentlaly came accross this really nice diamond place, and sort of nearly bought an emerald and diamond necklace for the wedding - however when sensibily thinking about it, a 24 year old should not have a massive emerald and diamond hanging around her neck whilst backpacking and staying in hostels - murder may be on the cards! It was a bargain at 900 pounds, down from like 1800, and it was amazing, had to tear myself (and chris) away, and cryed slightly. Well, just doing this now and then going to plan travel in australia a bit, and try and find some places with private bogs.

No photos today, as we havent really been anywhere exciting, apart from Singapore!!!! the weather is rainy so might not explore today - depends on time etc.

Hope all is well...... if anyone wants to volunteer to buy us an emerald - donations will be accepted- we know a nice little shop!!!! heheheheheh


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