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March 17th 2017
Published: March 17th 2017
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On the 2nd of December, I flew from Sydney to Kuala Lumpur to meet my parents half way... Not so much half way as my flight was 8.5hours and my parents had a 18 hour flight (I think I got the better deal)!
  So I arrived and found that I was at KLIA2 and the parents went to meet me at KLIA... Whoops! Anyway after what felt like forever, I finally saw mum and dad and after hugs we journeyed to our hotel, Aloft which is adjacent to the main gravel portal (it already sounds futuristic)!! We checked in to a wonderful room which we shared, I had a king size bed to myself and it was amazing!
My parents lost their luggage on the way over but luckily it arrived at about 10pm the same night, we were already planning on how to fit dad in my pyjamas!!
  It was heaving when we left the hotel and wondered around, I was fairly jet-lagged so we thought we would just get some food and then  chill. Tell you what... I had some chicken rice and it was so so spicy. My stomach got upset and that was the beginning of my two week holiday of tummy upsets, I should have been warned from the first meal!
  The following day we got up and had some breakfast at Aloft! We decided to go on a Hop On Hop Off bus around Kuala Lumpur and we stopped off at the main attractions including the KL Tower, Petronas Towers, Butterfly Farm, Bird Land, Hibiscous and Orchid garden.
 In the evening, we chilled by the rooftop pool, swim and just chilled!

Next day, I embarked on my 24th flight of the year. We flew to Langkawi, we were dropped off at our 'hotel' called The Village. We didn't even unpack our things.. Mum and dads room had mould growing just behind where their heads would sleep and my room 100% had bedbugs. I felt dirty smelling the air.
It's a shame because the lady on reception was sweet but I think if we stayed we would have ended up very ill. We didn't mention this to her before we scoped out other hotels around the area.
We found one called AB Motel which was very central down the main street so location was perfect, we moved here straight away, but there was a mad party going on so none of us had any sleep. We also had to share a room, which was fine with, I'm used to sharing rooms with people now. But honestly our room was teensy!
SO, the next day, we searched again for a hotel as well as trying to see the sights around Langkawi.
  We slept for one more night at AB and then we moved to a stunning place called Sunset Beach, they give you a frangipani on arrival and they put it above your ear. I had my own beautiful room which was so close to the beach! We decided to have a beach day when a tropical storm rolled in. We could see it coming over the islands, dad was like 'oh nah it'll be fine, we don't have to move yet' just as the wind picked up and flew everything around! Never listening to him again, us girls know best!!
 That evening, the weather had cleared up and we were booked in for a jungle trek, we basically had to walk through the jungle AT NIGHT with only 4 torches between 12 of us, it was honestly such a hilarious evening. I smile just remembering it. We also saw a couple of flying lemurs and geckos. Our tour guide Shoot was great and so informative!
  The following day we went for a kayak mangrove tour, I was put with mum... That's all I need to say 😂. 3 hours of butt numbing pain. We also walked through a smelly bat cave and there inside were about 800 little fruit bats. Pretty damn cute.
  After that day, we went Island hopping for a few hours. We saw a load of monkeys, they tried to get in our bags! We found a huge lake to swim in, it actually used to be a cave but the roof caved in so now is a humongous lake. God knows how deep it was. Mum, dad and I rented two floaty jackets (had to wear these as noone knows what's underneath) so all three of us could take it in turns to jump into the cool water and get away from the humidity. In fact, it wasn't even cool water, it was warm! The boat ride was so quick, we got to witness 'The Pregnant Maiden' which is a big mountain top in the shape of a woman lying down with a big baby bump! Such an original name..!
We stopped off at a gorgeous beach, but on the way we discovered hundreds, if not thousands of dead fish, not small fish, big ones about 1m long.
The only word we got out of the tour guide was 'poison'. Not very nice!

Our last full day in Langkawi was spent in a taxi for 5 hours and the taxi driver acted as a tour guide for us, taking us places we wouldn't have seen otherwise!
  First stop was some waterfalls, we swum here. Next stop a cable car which went extremely high up. Mum was freaking out. I was shaking and dad kept rocking the bloody car! We went to a beach and chilled for a bit and swum, the beach overlooked islands and the sun started to get lower so thought we had better go.
We had dinner at a lovely place called Mumbai with mum dad and I, and also Amir. Also met up with two of Nathan's friends called Yusif and Arif who own bars on the beach!
  We went to Ah Chong which is a beach bar with our new found friend Amir. We met this guy when collecting our bags at the airport, he was sat in front of me on the plane and we kept bumping into him the whole time we were there. So we had an evening over drinks watching the sun set.

We flew to Penang the next morning. It was very hot and humid! We literally dumped our things in our hotel, which was situated in Georgetown. We headed to Kek Lok Si temple which is situated in Air Itam. The walk up to the top was extremely warm. There were too many souvenir shops and seemed to be very commercialised which was a shame because the actual temple was beautiful. It was very colourful and when they built it, the architectural styles used were Buddhism, Chinese, Thai and Burmese. It was built between 1890-1930, such a long time to build a temple!
  The next day was just spent wondering around, I had a Thai haircut... Very odd the way they do it! They wash your hair in your seat that you're sat in, it's all very odd..
  Next day we spent walking around the markets and searching out the different Street arts dotted around the town.
  One of the days we headed up to the top of Penang to a place called Batu Ferringhi and we did a bush walk to Monkey Beach! We joined forces with a family from Perth and was so much fun! There weren't as many monkeys as I thought there would be, but all the same we had a great time. Taking our shoes off on the beach was a beautiful moment after hiking!

We did one of those Penang free walking tours and learned a lot about different cultures, religions and living areas like Little India, China Town etc!
  The next day we flew back to Kuala Lumpur! We spent the afternoon swapping hotels (again). Honestly, I have never spent so long looking and searching for a new hotel to stay in! We then looked around the hotels to see if there were any gifts to take back!
The following day, we were up early to head to an elephant sanctuary with a tour guide called Zali. We had to chop up watermelons with a machete. We had to feed the elephants, train the youngest eles to eat with their trunks, we cleaned out their pens, we washed them with a jet wash, it was all so much fun!
  That evening was spent packing up bags as I was leaving the next day :-( .
Our last day together was spent wondering the shops and hanging by the pool. Just before we headed to the pool, dad told me the news about grandma that she had stage 4 cancer and she may not have long to go.
  It was all very emotional, and it is very hard being away from home when things like this happens. We headed up to the pool and something inside me changed, I was thinking, do I really want to stay in Australia for another year, should I just go home with my parents the following day... My head was a mess!

We had some food and headed to KL airport, I didn't want to say see ya to my parents.
The airport was emotional, I was trying not to cry and none of us wanted to look each other in the eye, it was too difficult.
  In the end we all just ended up crying our eyes out in the middle of the airport, we didn't care, better out than in!
I was still crying as I walked through security, people looked sorry for me but really noone knew what I was going through, or about to go through.

The trip to Malaysia is one of my favourite memories, I learned so much about different cultures, religions and different lives that I know I've changed as a person and I have kept learning about these areas since I've been back in Australia!

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