Vulnerable, guilty, exposed and dealing with it alone

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January 12th 2012
Published: January 24th 2012
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I have had a wonderful Christmas, a fantastic new year and Malaysia has truly been a joy to experience and is my most favourite of all the countries I have seen so far due to the dynamic inhabitants and mysterious traditions intermingled with other cultures and religions. But, I have only a few days left which means only a few days with Carl. I have been travelling alone for five months but when I... Read Full Entry

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24th January 2012

It all gets overwhelming sometimes....
This was really well written and it sums up perfectly how down you can sometimes get while travelling. Even travelling with someone you can feel like this, vulnerable and exposed....we just wanted to say a big well done for getting back out and sitting having a pain aux raisin and coffee. We hope you are feeling a little less alone now, we assume you made it back to Vietnam? Amazing pictures as usual, oh and we completely agree with you about the mixed dorms...grrr! Those Petronas Towers are sometimes buggers to walk to, they always seem so close don't they? We did the same thing as you once and spent about 2 hours in a roundabout way getting to them!
24th January 2012

quite agree
thanks for the message - yes those pesky towers tricked us twice!! Im not in Vietnam anymore - I collected my bag from the hostel and flew to bangkok and leave tomorrow for burma. Im both excited and terrified by the prospect since I will be alone and without contact to the outside world I so depend on when alone. Im sure Ill be fine - i have heard wonderful things about burma and the people.
24th January 2012

being human
when I travel it seems like I am entranced equally by the things that connect us between cultures and those that make us unique. I don't know about everyone else but reading about your emptiness and angst when Carl left taps into a feeling (that you have written so well) that must connect us ALL as humans, the need to share the joy and challenge of a situation. I've been there and know where you're coming from. For years I thrived quite nicely on my own and hadn't yet become bewitched by the need of companionship but now sharing an experience has become almost as important as the experience itself. It's hard to fill that hole when it opens up. Great writing, great blog. :)
24th January 2012

Yes, you say it well - I suddenly feel the need to share experiences. I sit in Bangkok as I write this and feel strange that Carl is not here to share it with as we were here three years ago together. Thank you for your message

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