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April 26th 2006
Published: April 26th 2006
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This morning we got up nice and relaxed, didnt have to set an alram for anything which was nice, and the music last night did stop at 11pm which was cool - not too tired this morning. Chris had a massive cocnut last night, so is feeling a little nutty today!

Breakfast was interesting, i had curry and rice with bbq sauce! hehehe, chris had cham and hot dogs again - strange boy! Set off on our exploration....

Booked bus ticked to go to melaka tomorrow - it was literally 5 minute walk and was really easy to book tickets. Then went back to tour agent and booked accommodation as we couldnt do it over the internet for some reason!

HEaded off to the underground to go and explore, went to KL city centre and arrived right outside the twin towers - they are mega mega massive! sat and admired them for a while and were offered dodgy watches! Scary, chris took some cool photos. we wanted to go accross the sky bridge, but it was booked up until like 4pm so didnt fancy waiting taht long. Explored the shops a bit inside - went in marks and spencers in search of pants - no luck - will jsut have to do some washing!!!!

Around the back of the towers are beautiful gardens, so we had a walk around a small section of them, but it was getting hot. Headed back to the hotel for a cool down, and got a drink.

Then, it started to rain and rain and rain and rain - i have never ever seen anything like it - BARK this beats South Africa!!! The thunder and lightening was amazing and we got totally soaked cos we went accross to 7-11 to get crisps! Got back to the hotel, and were soaked, chris went to take some photos and by this time the street had totrally flooded, car tyres were half submerged, and the water was started to come into the hotel!

We watched as the staff tried to sweep it away but everytime a car went past, the water came flooding back it - they ended up using a bucket to bail it all out! Scary. Eventually it dyed down a bit, but it is still rianing, looking snazzy in our matching macks. Jsut writing this quickly before we head off to see the KL tower, might not eat in the revelpving restuarant cos it sounds quite expensicve and not sure how cool chris would look wearing a skirt! hehehe.

should be high enough to keep away from the water!

Stumbled across a really cute pet shop on our explorations and they had loads of doggies for sale but they were all in cages - very sad! There was a little cocker spaniel - beck they are soooo cute - cant wait to see poppy! Might go back and buy them all.

Enjoy piccies again!

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