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October 25th 2009
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Just a quick update. Yesterday we queued for a couple of hours to get tickets to the Petronas Towers trip and skybridge. It's a bit nuts and really noisy. I took a book and lots of people take cameras. I don't see the point in taking photos of tourists queueing. We get tickets for the last tour of the day at 6.30pm and head back to the hotel for breakfast.
We then venture to Bukit Bitang. It's more shopping, more malls, more insanity. We get lost and in a good way find the Pavillion. Yet another huge mall with gigantic food court and shops, shops and more shops.

We find a skybridge link back to the convention centre and our hotel, so that's another easy way to get around and have a rest before heading out tonight. As ours is the last tour there are only about 12 people along for the ride. We take the elevator 44 floors, ears popping and get out to a breath taking view of KL.
The Australians aren't impressed 'Is this it?' on asks the tour guide, he says to come back next year when they've built the third tower....

Tomorow, which is now today brings the Batu Caves.
Along with the caves comes a trip to the Royal Selagor Pewter Factory and a trip to a Batik factory. I really hate that any tour you book seems to come with some 'craft' thing attached, which is basically just a disguise to make you part with your cash. This time it wasn't as bad. The pewter factory is actually ok and the stuff they sell is beautiful. It's a shame we're going on to Penang and Chiang Mai as I'm really tempted to buy stuff. I give in at the Batik factory. They have the most amazing hand painted silk and I'm now the proud owner of a beautiful sarong.
Now for the caves. The tour guide warns us that there are monkeys at the caves and that anything you put down on the floor they're likely to take. I really don't like monkeys and plan not to get too close.
We climb the 272 steps up to the caves, they're steep and slippery and it's ridiculously hot. Inside isn't any better, as they're burning coconut husks and the smell is horrific. There are assorted temples inside but I'm not going in, I
Skybridge againSkybridge againSkybridge again

"This it then??"
can just imagine taking off my shoes and losing them to an inquisitive monkey. Speaking of which they're everywhere. There's a woman with a bag of peanuts and she's got a monkey hanging off her skirt, he won't leave her alone until the nuts are gone and his monkey friends are climbing down the walls to join him. There are now far too many monkeys for me so I'm off. Back down the 272 steps and into the baking sun.

We make it back to the hotel and it's lunchtime. Sushi today as I'm missing it. Just a snack you understand, 12 plates and £10 later and my craving's gone.

Hop on hop off bus tour around the city tomorrow, expect lots of photos.

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Petronas TowersPetronas Towers
Petronas Towers

Made out of Pewter Tankards.
Planet of the Apelettes..Planet of the Apelettes..
Planet of the Apelettes..

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