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September 20th 2008
Published: September 24th 2008
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We were up early this morning because we needed to get across town to the Petronas Twin towers to join the queue for tickets to the walkway between them. The quickest route across town was the sky train (a train system raised up above the roads) and Rachael had already planned a route to the nearest station. You pay for tickets as you would on the London Underground, except they are alot cheaper, perhaps 20p a journey. The trains themselves are well maintained because everybody uses them to get off the chaotic KL road system. They are also an excellent way to view the city from above street level.

A few stops down the line and we arrived at KLCC (KL City Centre) and entered the huge shopping plaza that engulfs the bottom of the towers. This 4 level centre had so many shops, many names we knew and many we didn't but they were all excellent. I had purchased a new bag for swimming and a Nike Cap to keep the sun off by the end of the day, but could have bought more! Anyway we headed outside where we were able to really take in the sheer size and spectacle of the towers, absolutely massive!
When we did find the entrance we were told people had already been queuing for hours for the tickets and so had none remaining....oh dear! We still got to enter their musuem and knowledge centre for free but were a little dissapointed we were not going to be looking down on KL from 184m up!
From here we moved onto KL Sentral, again on the sky train, so we could see the Lake Gardens. Not realising how large these gardens were we were in awe as we spent hours walking through the lush greenery in the middle of a city comparable to London. There was a huge lake with fountains, many walkways and lovely bridges, boats for hire, a deer park, a butterfly farm and oh so much more! The later we visited in order ending up at the butterfly farm both thoroughly dehydrated from the seering heat. There were some amazing species of butterfly, ranging in size and colour and we also saw turtles, snakes and tens of herons peering in from trees outside the farm. Attached was also an insect and bug room full of the usual creatures that make your skin crawl!

Now it was getting late again and we really wanted to see Central Market (Rachael more than a heavily sluggish Dom) and so we took another taxi back into Chinatown. Central market was also large and full of amazing little stores all decorated to entice the foreigner. Although we didn't buy anything we were tempted by one stand that had large tanks of small goldfish sized fish that was advertised microscopic massage. We each paid 1 pound for 15 minutes and sat, dangling our feet into the tanks. Immediately swarms of fish were pecking our feet and we were in fits of laughter and giggles (including Dom) much to the amusement of the locals. Evidently the fish eat the dead skin from your feet and ours definitly were buzzing for hours afterwards.

Just before another Nando's dinner we booked our places on the excursion to Taman Negara National park and then before heading back to the hostel we paid the Twin Towers one last visit to see them lit up at night. The moment I first saw them will stay in my memory forever. Although 400m in height they were lit up so brightly they appeared to be covered in moonlight. The tops of both towers were sparkling and the park surrounding them was filled with spectators. Taking up our spaces on the ground next to the large water feature we watched as jets of water were fired into the air rhythmically infront of the towers finishing with a fountain probably 40ft high!

After an unbelievable day the last thing we wanted to do was pack and sleep but it was getting late and the last train back to China town was approaching. We headed back to the hostel and packed ready for Taman Negara!


24th September 2008

Sounds magical. an experience to stay with you. love Mum
24th September 2008

You certainly know how to pack it all in! Disappointing about the towersl but it sounds like you made up for it on other things. Keep having fun. Dad
24th September 2008

still amazing
Every day brings something new - what wonderful memories you are creating! Love to both.x

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