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January 3rd 2005
Published: January 3rd 2005
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With that title I'm sure you're thinking this girl complains a lot for someone who just escaped -20 degree temperatures. True, however, the stickyness is not pleasant.

So to recap the last few days... New Years was spent at a british pub surrounded by genuine ex-patriots and terrible 80s music. You would think something better went on in LA but not on the 3rd street promenade unless you wanted to pay $30 cover for some sleazy bar.

The 18 hour flight was decent. There were advantages to being seated in the 2nd last row of the plane(row 62 to be precise) - great access to the bathrooms, first to get your food, etc. I find it funny that international flights are particular about first and economy class. If you're first class you get to board through the left entrance. If you're economy- well, you go through the right doorway. Don't even think bout going through the left because its clearly designated.

Kuala Lumpur has been good so far. My hostel is down the street from the JL Petaling Market... I'm in cheap shopping/knockoff heaven. The bargaining and car dodging has been good practice for India. Its funny to think vendors will try to sell me a (bad) louis vuitton knockoff change purse for $15 canadian when its worth about $2.


3rd January 2005

Hey, at least the drinks in economy are free, right? Wow! What a bit of nostalgia. Sachi and I liked KL-the markets, the food, the Starbucks. Okay, at that time in '99, it was pretty novel to find a Starbucks in Asia, especially after being away from it for 4.5 years. So, are you near Chinatown? - Albert Ngai

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