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May 23rd 2008
Published: June 15th 2008
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Well, from the jungle, we all headed for Oasis guesthouse in china town in kuala lumpur. my mate paul recommended it and its great place. pretty cheap and new so all clean and nice. we have a great lounge with big tv and dvd's to watch, kitchen and fridge and the guys who run it are rather good value! nice dorm too, big one!

First night - wandered about to find my way round, nothing too crazy unless you count the naked starbucks. ok, so it wasnt naked but that sounded a bit wilder than just starbucks.

When i got back to Oasis the others were playing drinking games at the table - i declined the alcohol on the grounds that the malarone were making me feel naff.

Thurs 15th May

Up at 11am, early start. Went to KL Tower and the Twin Towers with Mark and Becky, splashed out on a quicksilver dress cus i have no willpower, and a lunch at the twin towers, its amazing at night when its lit up. really stunning, great atmos in the evenings in KL, lots of lights and ambience. A really nice city, i dont usually like cities
my other koh phangan tattoomy other koh phangan tattoomy other koh phangan tattoo

the yellow stuff is not pus it's antiseptic - normally used on the dogs!
so its unusual for me to be impressed with one! much much nicer than bangkok (well i think so).

so we finished off with a beer at the 'shark' bar, they have an aquarium over the bar with small sharks in - same type as we snorkelled with. i thought it was a bit sad having them there personally but they look pretty stunning. Watched films in the lounge at oasis later on.

16 May
Met a girl called Natanya, she's staying at oasis, by coincidence she knows neil and kate from koh tao. we hooked up and spent the day at the big bird park in KL, it was a great day actually, and we checked out the hibiscus and orchid gardens which were pretty. i moved into the dorm room with natanya. there was only us there for one night but it soon filled up.

16th May, Neil came to KL, met him at the internet place, he had a nasty infected wound on his ankle from having his foot run over by a motorbike on koh tao. it was all manky and he's on antibiotics. watched dvd's at oasis.


Kate arrived - yeee har. staying at oasis in dorm with rest of us.


Tim arrived, met up in Reggae Bar at half 10pm and kate and neil came, we danced like loons to tunes and smoked an inordinate amount of sheesha, as they kept topping us up for free, it was like an all you can smoke buffet! neil is the only person i know that can give himself a headrush on sheesha bong, he's not all there.


up at the crack of noon as usual, kate and neil had gone and procured us free tickets to go up the KL twin towers - they are professional do-ers, always out seeing stuff while i'm lying in bed sleeping off the usual fog. so we went up to the 41st floor around 6pm, and it was pretty good views. neil made a strange 'aaaaaaaaah' noise for the whole 41 floors going down, he has huge lungs. people were indeed staring.


no alcohol, weird day.


Tim leaving for singapore at 7am. Watched Man U/Chelsea champ league game, but didnt start til 4am so went to bed at 7am, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

22nd - up at 1pm, quiet day - went to Orchid Gardens to read book, did internet and back to Oasis at 11pm.

23rd - migraine, bummer. had a sleep then got 7.30pm bus to Singapore with kate and neil. the 7.30 bus turned out to 8, then turned into 8.30 and finally left at 9pm. bloody asian timetables. so anyway, didnt get to sling a paw til 2am!

24th - Went to Orchard, big shopping area, bought billabong stuff, Tim cooked for me and his parents in the evening.
25th - Neil flew to Kinabaloo. Went to Botanical Gardens, sat under tree in storm and watched turtles in the lake! Went to night safari at Singapore Zoo with Tim, really nice zoo.

26th, went for breakfast with the orang utans at Sing Zoo with Tim and Judy (Tim's mum)! walked round the zoo and saw a couple of shows, then went back to Tim's parents place, used the gym and swimming pool.

27th, Went to hostel in Little India called The Inn Crowd for a night, booked into the dorm, meeting Neil and Kate tomorrow at Prince of Wales. Met some americans at the Inn Crowd - bar outside on the street, they were being picked up at 6am for their flight so were pulling an all nighter, joined them in the all nighter! went to bed at 6am when they were picked up. Walked into bunk and wall, seemed to have woken up the dorm. Slept till 11am when had to check out.

28th, checked into the Prince of Wales, Neil and Kate arrived later on. Went out to gig at Clark Quays. The POW is ran by some british guys, they are really good guys and play live music every night at the POW. One of them, Miles' sister sings also, and she was playing a gig at Clark Quays so we all went up in cabs and watched her gig. She was performing on a stage outside in front of a posh cocktail bar, kate and i were the only two dancing so we got 100 dollars worth of cocktail vouchers! we ended up dancing on the stage with them, oh lordy. We got very happy with all the free cocktails, cant remember tooo much but we had a great night, and then went back to Prince of Wales, and sat up til 6am, then crashed in dorm. Lorra lorra fun.

Various same same, found a great bar with wheelchairs, you sit in the chairs and get your drink in a drip which you wheel around with you and the alcohol drips into your mouth. very funny. the chairs are really good, really manouverable, it was like the para olympics - pulling wheelies all over the place and acting all Andy Pipkin.

29th, Back to Tims

31st Cooked lasagne for all, Tim has 2 friends arriving, Karin and Cliff, they are staying at the condo too, so got some wine in and did garlic bread and salad. Drank a bottle of lovely white jacobs creek, then everyone went to bed around 11.30 so i snuck off on the MRT (train link) and went to the Prince of Wales, found Kate, Neil and the boys, and we went out to Clark Quays again, went to nightclub called the Pump, also remember queuing for Ministry of Sound, but didnt actually get in. Got back around 11am next day.

30th, slept at Tims place while all at work, waited for Kate, were going to go to KL, Kate is leaving to fly to London on 3rd June, so I am going to KL with her for a couple of days to see her off. however, we didnt manage to get our act together and still in Singapore.

2nd June, Kate stayed over with me at Tims, We swam in the pool then got bus to KL later on, really cold bus! mad air con!

3rd, we arrived 1am - went to oasis, the guys there know us really well now! when we arrived at 1am, Vern - Kate's friend, picked us up and we went for some indian food, back to oasis at 3am! got some sleep.

4th, Up at 12, made some breakfast at oasis and went to starbucks for coffee. We took a taxi to KL Sentral Station for kate to get the train that takes her to the airport, we got upset saying goodbye. i have had some crazy adventures with kate, met in Phangan, went to Laos, Bangkok, Malaysia, Singapore, have had so many good times and met lots of people together and have always met up and had loads and loads of fun. Will be really crap not to have Kate in malaysia anymore, very sad to say goodbye (for now only! will get together again!!).

Rather teary and got on the wrong train, kate phoned 3 times from the departure lounge ha ha, and i eventually noticed the train was not going to the right place! had to get off, get one back to KL Sentral and then go the one stop in the opposite direction to get back to oasis. Durr.

So - was a nice evening at Oasis - the owner is a really good oil painter and was doing various canvasses, Matt - a german guy was still there from the time before, as his wallet was stolen and he was waiting for bank cards to arrive, and i got friendly with Vera, a german girl also staying in the dorm. There were loads of people staying at oasis and we had a great night, we all had a go at painting an outline of a face on a big blank canvas and then the owner made a brilliant big oil painting out of it. its abstract expressionism apparently. looks like a funky mess to me, really excellent paintings tho! had a fab night.

Next day, posted some stuff for Kate to Australia, and went to dinner with vera to brill veggie place. We gonna get train together early in the morning to go back to singapore.

5th - up early - got 8.15am train with vera, vera had already bought a ticket but lost it and had to buy another one. she found the original ticket after she got home, bless. We got to Singapore at 5pm, and went to a vegetarian restaurant, recommended to us by a dutch guy in the dorm at the oasis. was really good, we had pizza and wine.

6th - met up with vera at 8.30, so we could see the orang utans at breakfast time at the zoo again. we spent the day at the zoo and had a really great day. We then went shopping at Orchard, and had lunch, more shopping then a brill indian veggie meal at Little India in the evening, then i went back to Tims place to stay.

7th - Met Vera in the morning, more shopping, quick look at Raffles Hotel, it peed down with rain, went back to Tims place in the afternoon, cooking dinner for Tim
Singapore ZooSingapore ZooSingapore Zoo

just one of the scenic shots, lots more
and Judy and Peter. Karin and Cliff leaving today. Made a yummy shepherds pie and apple crumble for pudding for later. We all ate and drank some wine, then i went out to prince of wales late - stayed over at miles' and cats flat. Watched Blackadder all night - very funny.

8th stayed at miles til 2.30pm, then back to Tims place.

9th - fly out with tim to kuching 12.45!

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Vera - my german friendVera - my german friend
Vera - my german friend

we spent some days together, travelled from KL to singapore

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