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September 27th 2007
Published: September 27th 2007
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View from the Kuala Lumpur Tower of the cityView from the Kuala Lumpur Tower of the cityView from the Kuala Lumpur Tower of the city

A little hazy before it rained.
Welcome to Kuala Lumpur, often referred to as KL. KL is the capital city of Peninsular Malaysia.

This city of 1.4 million residents is very cosmopolitan. There are many tall and beautifully-designed buildings that catch the eye. We’ll tell you more about the city a little later.

From what we have seen Malaysia is a beautiful country but we made a choice to stay in the city of Kuala Lumpur instead of going off to see the other sites. We needed to do some laundry, get caught up on e-mail and apply for a visa to Myanmar, so we needed to stay in the city for a couple of days.

The airport is over 70km ( 44 miles) from the city, and along the way we saw acre upon acre of palm trees that yield palm oil. Apparently Malaysia has deforested a lot of land to make way for these money producing palm trees.

A web site that we have found very helpful in our travels is www.asiarooms.com. This web site has assisted us in finding our hotel rooms. We have also learned that the rooms are discounted via this web site. If you walk into the
Kuala Lumpur TowerKuala Lumpur TowerKuala Lumpur Tower

4th tallest communication tower in the world
hotel to make a reservation you will pay 10 to 20% more. Keep that in mind when booking your trip to this part of the planet.

And remember if you need a tour guide you can always call us to go with you.

We truly became a believer in this web site while here in Kuala Lumpur. We had reserved a room at the Pacific Regency Hotel for $76 with a full breakfast included. When we arrived we were shocked to discover that we had a suite with about 700 square feet. The room is amazing!! You can check out the website at www.pacific-regency.com. In the United States this would go for $350+ Rooms in this part of the world are much cheaper than in the US. The normal price for this room if we had not gone through asiarooms.com would have only been $95 a night. It is amazing what you can get over here in contrast to what we are used to paying in the US.

We have enjoyed our decision. Our hotel is in the center of the business district so we are in walking distance to everything. We have toured the famous KL
Petronas Twin TowersPetronas Twin TowersPetronas Twin Towers

Twin business tower over a quarter mile high
Tower which is the 4th tallest Telecommunications tower in the world. It provides a great view of the city. We toured the famous Petronas Twin Towers, a magnificent office building and the Sultan Abdul Samad building. Malaysia is known for its cutting edge architecture.
We decided that since we accidentially ended up in a luxury hotel that we would take some time to enjoy it. We have spent some time relaxing by the roof top pool on the 33rd floor. It is huge and great for swimming laps. We enjoyed the exercise.

The restaurants are wonderful. We are beginning to believe that great food can be found in all of Asia.

From our perspective Kuala Lumpur seems to focus on the financial and business world more than the tourists focus and that has some appeal for us. There is plenty here to see and to keep you busy. Just like in Singapore there is more shopping than you have time to do. They have a mall every few feet and it is another city that stays up very late. A tourist can stay busy with Chinatown, Little India and touring all of the magnificent buildings.

It pays
Pacific Regency HotelPacific Regency HotelPacific Regency Hotel

Located in the Pan Global Buillding
to stay alert when walking in this city as the sidewalks are not all even and some are in need of repair. The streets are crowded with cars and numerous motorcycles. Most people jay walk so you need to be cautious.

In general we have found that the people in this city are not quite as friendly as the ones in Singapore. We think that may have to do with not catering to the travelers as much, just personal opinion. They are kind and helpful just not as much as in Singapore.

Malaysia Background Information:

You’ll find Malaysia located south of Thailand and North of Singapore. Kuala Lumpur(known as KL) is the capital and largest city. West Malaysia or Peninsular Malaysia has 11 states and East Malaysia is Borneo and has 2 states. Again, check the atlas and you will see that Peninsular Malaysia is surrounded by the South China Sea, the Straits of Malacca and the Andaman Sea. Borneo is surrounded by the South China Sea, Celebes Sea and the Sulu Sea. Since it is located near the equator, Malaysia has a tropical rainy climate. Over two thirds of the land is forested.

Malaysia is

Entering the Pacific Regency Hotel. A weary traveler.
a mix of cultural influences due to centuries of immigration and trade with the outside world- Malays make up about 60%, along with a mix of Chinese, Indian and Pakistani. Most Malays are Muslins, and Islam is the national religion. The majority of Chinese are Buddhist and for the most part Indians are Hindu.

Malay is the official language, although English is used in the legal system. Chinese, mainly Mandarin, Tamil and regional ethnic languages and dialect are spoken. Malaysia has the highest standard of living in SE Asia. Malaysia is a large producer of rubber and tin; along with palm-oil, crude petroleum, petroleum products, logging and textiles. Agriculture provides the livelihood for about 20% of Malaysians. Rice is the staple food, while fish supply most of the protein. The main trading partners are Japan, the United States and Singapore.

Malaysia is a federal constitutional monarchy with parliamentary democracy. The prime minister is the head of the government.
Malaysia’s currency is the Malaysian ringgit. $1 = 3.5 ringgits.

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MJ swimming in the hotel poolMJ swimming in the hotel pool
MJ swimming in the hotel pool

Located on the roof top (33rd floor)
Hotel PoolHotel Pool
Hotel Pool

View from the Kuala Lumpur Tower
Sultan Abdul Samad BuildingSultan Abdul Samad Building
Sultan Abdul Samad Building

Houses the High Court of Malaya and Administrative Offices

This one goes more than one mile and has more than one stop.......unlike the famous one in Seattle!

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