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August 15th 2007
Published: August 15th 2007
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Well.... here we are back in Malaysia for a couple of nights before heading back up to Hong Kong. Time is now flying by as we can feel that the end is just around the corner... what a shame. Tordes and I both agreed that we really could have used a couple more days in Cambodia. Basically the oppressive heat in the afternoon made it difficult to do much sightseeing... so could have used more time to see and do more. But, I always figure it is better to leave a place wanting for more time than to have too many days somewhere and just end up killing time.

Yesterday was a hot one, with the usual 3-4 hours at the Angkor Temples and enjoying out tuk tuk ride... then lunch / pool / dinner / night market. Really a great day... and we even squeezed in an elephant ride for the kids. They loved it. Well, Luca more than Riel as she was a bit freaked. Tordes and I fed them first... then those 3 had a ride. Luca really just wanted to touch one of them. It was great watching the expression on his face... he wanted to bring one home. He wants to bring all of the creatures we see home. Dinner in a Khmer restaurant and then some late night shopping followed. Power kept going out whilst we were at the night market, which made for quite the experience. Tordes appears to be the only one of the 4 of us that the mosquitoes have taken a shine to. Lucky for the rest of us!!

After a nice poolside breakfast this morn we grabbed a couple of tuk tuks for ourselves and our now heavy luggage and headed to the airport. Gotta be the cheapest transfer to an airport that I have ever had... but also the breeziest. Basically the day was a travel day.... with airport time and flying / travel time. Air Asia are great... but even better is the portable dvd player that entertains the kids... otherwise some days would be a struggle. Bought a bunch of dvd's for a buck each so the kids have a new stock. It is the one sure way to keep them quiet at night as well. Got to our hotel here by about 6pm... and went out until about 9pm. I feel a wee bit guilty leaving Tordes with the kids as they were not asleep and getting them down can be a challenge. But, these moments away also help me retain my sanity!!! :-)

KL is so far from the airport it is crazy. I think that Athens in the only other city that can compare. It takes well over an hour to get to the city.... and a lot of that is on the highway. Crazy how far away it is.

Tomorrow we are just gonna chill in the city... seeing the sights. Will try to get up the Petronas Towers in the morning... but tix are limited. Rest of the day we will play by ear. hope to send one more blog from H.K. before heading home.

more pix to come... this place does not allow me to upload (as i just found out)... will try tomorrow.


15th August 2007

Coming to an end
Hard to believe your great trip is coming to an end. I am sure you are just getting into the swing of things and ready to keep going. Knowing you two, you are probably already planning your next adventure! See you soon.

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