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August 7th 2007
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Hello Kitty car!Hello Kitty car!Hello Kitty car!

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So after our time in Taman Negara doing our trek we decided to head to The Perhentian Islands, a few islands which basically look like paradise, golden sand, blue clear sea and the hot sun beating down on it, sounded like heaven so thats where we headed. We had to get bus out of Taman Negara, and to the pier for our boat to the islands-which there are a few to choose from, we had decided on the bigger one called Pular Besar as it was quite a busy time when we were heading and the smaller islands Guesthouses would be full. We got the boat over, such a lovely 45mins out in the water watching the sun set, coming down from the cloudless sky to behind the distant mountains, listening to the water swooshing and looking ahead to a beautiful island we would sson be arriving at, it was picturesque! So we arrived at Pulau Besar, and checked in to the Flora Bay hotel, a nice large resort type hotel with shalleys-it was not the sort of place we had stayed at previously but nice, although a bit too resort like for me. We got a double room with a lovely balcony and fan which we dumped our stuff in before heading out to have a look around. We had planned to chill that night as now getting late on and the following day to get up and spend a day in the sun, something we had not really done at any time since being away, it sounded magic. So with that in mind we headed for dinner, Emily and Naomi joined us, 2 girls we had previously met in The Cameron Highlands and also Taman Negara. It was a nice night chatting with them over dinner and taking it easy. The following day however our day in the sun was unfortunately not to be, we got up the next day and seen-RAIN! We had now started to think we were taking it with us everywhere we went, it was typical! But we did not let it stop our nice day, instead we got our books and chilled out on the balcony practically all day as the rain was not hard so it was ok to sit out on as we had a wee roof above the balcony to protect us plus it was still very warm so all was good. We had a great day just relaxing, listening to music, chilling out. That night we again went to dinner with Emily and Naomi, we had planned to go for a few beers but again we found that our hotel did not sell beer as this area was again a dry area like a lot of Malaysia so instead we had ice cream, not exactly the same but hey it was something. About midnight when everything was closing we headed to bed to get some sleep before getting up the next day to head back to the mainland. We had liked Pulau Besar although it was definately more expensive than the other places we had been, and it rained, but we were glad we had went, it was very beautiful and we spent a nice couple of nights there and had a very chilled out day there too!!!
The following day we got ready and got a boat to the mainland called Kuala Besut, it was like a speed boat-so fast! I would like to say we had a lovely windswept looked to us but that we did not, our hair was like frizz bombs and we were white and wet when we got off it, it was cool though! We sorted ourselves out and headed to find a Guesthouse, which we did called 'Nan's Guesthouse' a nice wee hotel which we thought we had to ourselves as super quiet! It was a pokey wee room with a toilet which you couldnt fully open the door to get it because it was so tiny, it was hilarious, but it was cheap so it would do us perfectly! We again dumped our stuff and headed for a look around, it was a lovely wee town with friendly people, many resturants/cafe's, little shops and a harbour which gave us a gorgous veiw of the sea. We sat down at the river front watching the hundreds of crabs all dashing about, grabbed something to eat, wandered around the town looking in the wee shops before heading back to the Guesthouse for the night. We got in to bed to watch a film on my ipod as the nightlife was non-existant in Kuala Besut only to sit on the bed and get the fright of our lifes when it collapsed from under us, or at least the botom half did, we both shrieked in surprise before bursting in to laughter! What a place, a loo that u can just about get in to if you climb and a bed which we had to sleep on with half on the ground and half in the air, jeeso! But we got on with it, who knew that sleeping slanted could be so comfortable! We had a good night laughing at just about anything, thats one thing me and Laura definately have in common-we both hit the giggles for absolutely no reason, and both get the other one in hysterics. After we eventually got ourselves in to some sort of normal state we headed to the land of ZZZZ's.
The following morning we were up bright and early all by ourselves as alarm clock had decided the week previously to give up on us, and on the 9.15 bus to Kota Bharu which only took about a hour and 20mins! Once there we went to a guesthouse which Charlie had recommened to us called 'The Ideal Guesthouse', where we checked in to a double room with fan for 4 nights, we would be staying here until our flight to Kuala Lumpur. The next four days however were possibly the most boring days of our whole trip, there was literally nothing to do here. We thought there was many tourists things to do but in fact there wasnt and the day we decided to do them we had got up to go and were back before lunchtime! So as you can imagine the four days there were spent reading a lot, watching films on my ipod, and basically doing nothing, i am unsure how many times we actually walked up the main road but it was definatley more times than i could count on my fingers and toes! However, it was a nice place so it wasnt all too bad, we chilled out and had fun, again laughing at everything. Thankfully the 28th came and we got packed to head to the airport, Kuala Lumpur was calling us!!!! The airport was very nice, we sat in the viewing lounge so we could see the planes coming and going, then once at the gate we decided to go on massaging chairs which cost under a quid, it was hilarious yet slightly painful! Its basically big chairs which have sticky out bits that vibrate to massage ur back, they were great! 20minutes of slight pain but later on you could feel how they helped, magic!

Kuala Lumpur was definately one of my favourite places in Malaysia, it was amazing! Our flight there felt super quick (55 mins)and once there we instantly knew we loved it. It seemed huge, skyscrapers everywhere, the twin towers were huge as was the Kuala Lumpur tower plus we had arrived at night so everything was lit up, it looked fantastic, and definatley the opposite of Kota Bharu!! We were overwhelmed at the sights we seen, it was bustling; buses and cars everywhere, people rushing about, fellow tourists looking around in amazement too, market stalls all over, taxi drivers shouting to ask you where you wanted to go, food being cooked in stalls everywhere you looked, buildings lit up, skyscrapers, we were definaltely in the big city, and it looked brilliant! We decided to stay at Chinatown as this is where all the good backpackers hostels were and were the action was taking place, and we stayed right in the centre of it in a place called 'Chinatown Inn 2', it was lovely. It looked like a really swishy place yet it was surprisingly cheap, we got a dorm for only 20ringit each which is about 3.60 in our money, which is brilliant for being in that area. The hotel was lovely, extremely clean, our dorms however were a surprise to us, normally its a basic room with 3 bunk beds or sumething but this time we had a set of bunk beds in a smallish block covered by curtains so it was private, a swish dorm! Plus the curtains were actually somewhat attractive, another surprise, you think you see some bad tastes at home, you really aint seen nothing lol! We again dumped our stuff and headed out to see what was out in the big city. We literally walked out of our building and were in the China Town market, where everything was being sold, you literally could get anything here, there was bags, purses, clothes, trainers, watches, perfumes, toiletries, alarm clocks, and hundreds more items all available, most genuine but a lot not, i mean since when were Gucci watches sold for a 3.50?! It was amazing to watch and even more fun to be in amongst it bartering which i would find myself doing a couple of nights later. However we didnt want to buy anything tonight, we headed for some food then decided we would go and see what was on at the cinema as they have a Imax cinema in KL and id had never been to one, Laura had told me there were amazing plus the new Happy Potter was out so she was in desperation at wanting to see that. We asked where we could find it and were told so off we headed to Times Square to see if we could see HP5! The walk was superb, we basically walked with our heads facing upwards in amazement staring at the skyscrapers everywhere at the gobsmacking twin towers twinkling away. We got to Times Square, the cinema was in a complex so we went inside and were blown away, it was massive! There was 10 floors filled with shops, a cinema which god knows how many screens as it was also on a few floors, resturants, cafes, beauty salons, hairdressers, a fun fair, arcades and who knows what else, it was superb!!! You oculd easily spend a few days just in that complex! We however we only interested in the cinema at that point as it was getting late and we feared we may miss the last showing so we went straight to the cinema and booked 2 tickets to go see the next showing of Harry Potter 5 (HP5), oh the excitement!!!! 😊 It was great, as it is getting further on it is definately becoming more grown up, but when will Hermione and Ron get together, come on!!!! Nways it was 2.30 in the morning when we were leaving the complex so we got a taxi back to our Guesthouse and headed to bed after of course discussing HP5. The following day we were woken by the guy next door to us listening to Queen, so we decided to get ready and head out. Tody we would go shopping then the following would be our tourist day out. So we headed back to the complex we had been in the previous night, the second time we had been there yet we were just as stunned again by it size. We done some shopping before deciding to get a manicure at a little stall in the centre of one of the floor, they were doing it for a special price of just 18 ringit which is about 3.20 our money, who could resist that bargain! So we got our nails done and it felt great to have clean and polished nails! After this we carried on shoppiung for another hour before heading once again to the cinema only this time we would go to the Imax as we never got to last night and we both wanted to. It however was only showing either Harry potter 5 or Transformers, we didnt mind seeing any but the next one was HP5 so we decided just to go see it again, it was brilliant on the big screen, you actually felt like it was happening right in front of you-just amazing! Anyway, we were loving being back at the movies, something that we loved doing at home so we decided to have a film fest day and go and see another one on the normal screens that night as not much else to do unless you want to go out partying which is expensive in Kl, so we went and seen The Invisable, it was also brilliant, Laura was bit freaked out which was even better to watch, she kept jumping-hilarious! Anyway after this we headed back to Guesthouse to listen to ipods and head to bed! The following day we got up and ready for our tourist day, we walked to the Twin towers, the were huuuggggeee!!!! We went inside one of them which was yet again another shopping mall, this time though it was filled with designer shops, the real mcCoy! There was Gucci, Armani, Prada, Louis Vitton, Channel, MaxMara, and lots more! Thankfully there was also a Topshop and M&S which were more up our street and little more inexpensive lol! We had wander around them, before heading once again to cineam, yes we were becoming addicts! We went to see 'BorderTown' a film based on a very sad true story in Mexico, it was really good! After that we done some more walking about taking pics of the towers and the KL tower before heading back to China town to do some shopping which this time would include bartering-my favourite thing, who doesnt love a bargain!!!! So i ended up buying some socks (believe it or not i get cold during the night), a Billabong purse, a 'Chloe' bag, and some earrings for my new peircings, plkus a few more bits and bobs which shockingly enough i cant remember already! Our last night here had definately been great as was our whole time here. I loved Kuala Lumpur and hope that some day very soon i will return, hopefully though it will be on my way home so that i can pick up all the bargains to take home, i mean where else could you get Gucci watches for under 4quid, addidas, converse etc trainers for 8quid, chloe bags for a tenner and so on???
The following day we would be heading to another part of Malaysia, our last stop there called Malaka. The bus however wasnt until 1 oclock so we decided to go for a haircut before it, something that we desperately needed! So we went to a little salon just down beside us, where a guy worked wonders and got my hair to actually look healthy again, woohoo! And how much did it cost i hear you asking-again under 4quid, 3pounds 80p to be exactly, superb!!!!! After we got our hair done we went straight to bus stop and got the 2 hour bus to Malaka. It was a nice place but again there didnt look alot to do in it. We checked in to a place called 'The Travellers Lodge' we got a double room with balcony and fan which was really airy and nice, we dumped stuff yet again and went to look around, we found a shopping mall once again just down the road from us, Malaysians really love their shopping! We got some food then guess, yip thats right we once again went to the cinema, this would be our last time we promised, for a couple of weeks at least lol! We went to see a film called 'Vacancy' a scary! It was great and yet again i laughed at Laura who was yet again freaking out, it was so funny! After that we headed back to the Guesthouse via a shop to get a bottle of beer each, our first touch of alcohol in over 2 weeks!!!! We sat on our balcony and enjoyed it, it was magic!!! The following day we again never done very much, it had became really tiring travelling, it was now 3months in to our SouthEast Asia travels and we were starting to feel it, you cant believe how tiriung it can actually be travelling on buses etc. So we decided to chill out and sleep for however long we needed, it was brilliant! That day was kind of a write off, we never done much at all, the night was also very much like that too, we went a wander around before heading for dinner then coming back to Guesthouse to read our books. Since coming away we were also becoming addicted to reading, there is honestly nothing better to do when needing to chill out, so we spent the rest of the night chatting on balcony, listening to music on ipod speakers and reading, it was great! The following morning we would be getting the bus to go back to where our journey first began, in Singapore, and we were both looking forward to it.

Being back in Singapore felt great, i had fogotten how much i liked it! We dicided this time to stay in a different place from before, in a different area of town so we stayed at 'The Prince of Wales' which was a guesthouse and also a pub! It was great!! We stayed in a mixed dorm room, 3 bunk beds in each which were near enough full all the time whilst we were there, they were clean and comfortable plus because we were staying there 3 nights we got a discount so all was good! We checked in and again dumped the nags before heading out for a ice cold Milo, Singapore was definately just as hot as i had remembered before, it was boiling! This time we were staying right next to Little India so we headed up that way for some Samosa's, where better to get them. We had some for dinner before heading back to GH to get ourselves organised and head down to another part of town called 'Bugis', we walked down whilst looking at all the buildings we had remembered and loved, we went to the shopping mall to see what was on at the flicks, i know we had promised not to go for a while but a film which we both really wanted to see had just been released, it was called 'The Perfect Stranger' with Bruce willis who i love so we went to see if it had came out here, it had! So obviously we had to go and see it, it was brilliant! Afterwards we walked back to guesthouse, we got a little lost, something that we had done every night the last time we had been here, god knows how we done it but we did! Once eventually arriving back at Guesthouse we decided to have a wee drink, we had what they called a 'JamJar', a drink with a spirit, pineapple juice, lemonade and grenadine, it was yummy!!!! After sitting listening to the amazing music being played we headed up satirs to our room for a good nights sleep. The following day we got ready, organised and headed out to Bugis to the shops, we had done all the touristy things in our previous trip so we didnt need to worry about doing them again apart from orchard Road which we never got chance to do before so would do later on this time. We done some shopping and got some nice cheap tops and earrings, plus a badly needed pedicure-i had nice pink sparkly toes-yey!!!! That night we decided we would go to little India for some dinner, then go for drinks, we were trying to keep our Singapore trip cheap so we bypassed the 7Eleven to get some juice and a sly bottle of voddie which we would put in to our juice, it was great walking along whilst having a wee vodka and coke! 😊 We went for some dinner then back to The Prince of Wales, we listened to the girl singer who was performingm, she was really good. We had thought the whole day that it was Thursday but in between one of her songs she had mentioned about it being Friday, we asked the barman just to be sure, and sure enough it was Friday, the day we had planned to have a night out in Clarke Quay, so we raced upstairs, threw on some nice clothes and make up and headed out, via once again the 7Eleven for another cheeky bottle of voddie, we wanted the night to be cheap lol! We got to Clarke Quay (the place to be for pubs and clubs) at about 12ish, we went to a pub called The Highlander, it was cool-the staff all wore tartan skirts or kilts and a black tops with antler ears on them-very scottish and looked smart!!! We stayed there and had a Scottish beer before heading to another pub, at about 3ish we decided to head back to the GH, so we jumped in a taxi and headed back before falling in to bed, a good night had been had! I however had obviously had more than thought and felt rather queezy throughout the night, this then progressed on to feeling sick which then progressed on to me actually being sick, god knows how many times, u never realise how far away the loo is from you until you need to run to it! So once the morning came and i felt a little better i headed back to sleep as i felt as if i hadnt at all since coming back from Clarke Quay, so i went for a little snooze. Once awake again and feeling much better we sat reading etc, Laura this time was feeling dodgy, it must have been something we ate haha! It took a good while beofre we were feeling up to going out but once we did we just headed to the end of the street for something cold to drink and toast, it cured us! That night we just chilled out, went for a wander around, and to our fav place-Pizza Hut, that would def cure us! It was magic, after that we went on net for few hours before heading back to GH to get our stuff organised as we would be checking out the next morning. Our flight to Perth, Australia was booked for the Monday at 9am so we decided we would just stay that night in airport to save having to get up early and spending money on a hostel, every penny counts lol! Our last day in Singapore was sad, it wasnt only our last day in Singapore but our last in our trip in SOuthEast Asia, it was gutting. We decided to go to Orchard Road, so we got ready, organised, packed, dumped our stuff in the baggage room at the GH and headed there on the MRT (train). It was great, definately something to see. The road is huge and had lots on it, restaurants, shops, hotels etc! The shops were fancy ones-Armani, Gucci, MaxMara etc so we kept on walking lol! Once we got lots of pics etc and wandered around we headed back to our bit. We went on net again for few hours to pass the time and get us out of the heat-it was boiling! After net we got our stuff and headed to Bugis for the last time, we had some dinner, and went to see a movie (to pass the time obviously, it wasnt a obsession lol) we went to see 'Disturbia' then we headed by MRT to The Airport where we would spend the night getting super excited then trying to calm down, listening to ipod, reading and having a laugh. We were counting down the hours until our flight was called, the day had finally arrived-we were heading to Australia!!!!!!!


7th August 2007

sucha wonderful journal..have a save journey havin fun of your have a wonderful journey ahead...keep in touch...shanker

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