Carols, Santa Hats, and Booze, and a Free Hairstyle--Chirstmas in KL

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December 25th 2006
Published: December 25th 2006
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Merry Christmas, everyone! Well, I guess it's still Christmas Eve for all of you, but it's Christmas here, now.

Christmas Eve was pretty fun, but definitely the strangest Christmas Eve I've ever experienced, what can you expect, though? I went something like this:

We checked in to our hostel in Kuala Lumpur without any real hitches. The place is incredibly dirty and seedy, but at least the location is good. It was the only cheap place that had beds available for 10, and beggers can't be choosers. It's only for two nights. After a bit of time to frantically hit the nearby market to get our last minute secret santa gifts, we met up again at this rooftop terrace thing at our place. The markets here are kind of intimidating because some of the sales people can be really pushy, so I was kind of just in-and-out. I did, however, manage to pick up some Santa hats for everyone, which turned out to be a great purchase! We walked around town in a big group of 10 Santa hats, and got tons of happy honks and yells from passers-by. It was really fun!! This bus passed us like 5 times, and the driver had a santa hat like ours so he was really excited to see us, and half hung out of the window (while driving) to yell at us every time. It was pretty funny.

After a tasty Christmas eve dinner of nan bread, root beer float, and A&W burger, we started looking for a club to party the night up at. However, when we went to our club of choice we discovered that they had a "no shorts" dress code, and most of the boys didn't have any pants in their bags so that club was cut. I did, however, manage to get a free hair style from the place!! It was really great, I just got to sit down and this girl braided my hair into a beautiful halo-esque style. Then I got a polaroid "photoshoot" taken--all for free! Sadly, no one really got to see my beautiful hair because in the end I decided I was too tired and didn't want to pay the outrageous club cover for a club I wasn't even interested in (since our first choices were out) so I stayed at that hostel and watched Shawshank Redemption with Mark W. Before the other guys went out, we went back to our hostel for some predrinking, which also turned in to rowdy carol singing! The place we're staying in is so gross and the whole area is so noisy that we could be as loud and dirty as we wanted, which was kind of good for once. The Santa hats really added to the atmosphere, as well. Fun!

The boys had a pretty decent night at the club, by the sounds of it. We still haven't found Warren... hopefully he shows up soon.

This morning Geoff and I went to a Christmas church service with Erich. The church was in a really nice location, at the edge of a big forest here in the city. We were actually planning on exploring the forest today but it's closed on account of Christmas. It seems to be the only thing that's closed, though. Everything else appears to be business as usual. The service was pretty good, although a bit long. We were all really tired from no sleep the night before, and the pastor's sermon dragged on about 3x longer than it needed to be. The rest of it was good, though. We got to sing a lot of Christmas carols with actual musical accompaniment, which was a highlight for me. Oh, and there was a great performance by two oboe players. The whole thing was in English, which was a relief. Then we got tea and cookies afterwards. Yeah!

Well, we're just about to do our secret santa exchange so I'm going to sign off. We're also going to go sneak back into our glorious past hotel, Renaissance, to go swimming. I figure the wost that can happen is we get asked to leave. Hopefully. Wish us luck!

Merry Christmas!


26th December 2006

Where the boys are!
Well, Jess, sounds like you are just a boy magnet! I think you need a break from being the dorm mom, though. Reminds me of a time during university when a girlfriend and I were in the Bahamas and we ended up sneaking seven guys (friends of hers who were vacationing in Florida) into our room for a couple of nights because they booked a flight from Florida but neglected to find a hotel. I guess they make up for it in entertainment value (the milk challenge notwithstanding). Hope you're having a great boxing day. It was such a treat talking to you today. You are a marvel of communication! Have lots of fun on the last leg of your adventure. Be careful. Love from all of us in the snow.

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