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February 4th 2018
Published: February 7th 2018
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Petronas TowersPetronas TowersPetronas Towers

Tallest Twin Towers in the world
Enroute from the airport, my driver gave me the shortened history of Kuala Lumpur, while I was taking in an amazing, sprawling, modern city with the Petronas Twin Towers, prominently, in the distance. The British became interested in Malay for East India Company plying the India-China maritime route.They established their first base in 1786. During the British rule, they built roads, schools, buildings and cities. They also brought rubber & palm trees from India along with Indians to plant plantations. They also discovered ore & tin & opened up many mines, hiring Chinese to operate the mines. Malaria was a huge threat to the workers & many perished. In 1957, the British gave Malay it's independence & the country of Malaysia was created. Over the years, Kuala Lumpur, the capital, has grown into a major business hub in Asia. Many major companies are located here & I've met several who are here on business. The buildings are ultra modern, with the Petronas Towers being the tallest towers in the world. They were opened in 1998 & for six years, were the tallest structure in the world. The design for the 88 story tower is based on an eight sided star that echoes arabesque patterns. Islamic influences are also evident in each tower's five tiers - representing the five pillars of Islam. There is a premier concert hall & today a ballet was scheduled which I was tempted to see. However, after just arriving yesterday afternoon from the States, I knew my energy level would begin to diminish & so I walked the grounds & enjoyed watching kids wading in a pool with water jets. There are several floors of every store imaginable inside the Towers, from Dior, Prada, Zara & the list goes on & on. After walking several hours & shopping, I found the train station & made my way back to KL Sentral where my hotel is located. Taking the train was quite an experience, I must say! The people here speak English & were eager to help me buy my ticket & direct me to the train. One young gal said she was going my way & almost took me by the hand to the train! We rode together & I learned she was a student at the University, she also told me when to get off the train & there I was, right where I had intended to be, by the Petronas Towers! Upon returning, I grabbed my swim suit & went up to the pool for a swim & relaxing a few hours in a lounge. Thus ended my first day in KL!

My friend, Charm, who I met several years ago in Ubud, Bali, flew in from Sydney & the following day we got on the 'Hop-On, Hop-Off' bus, which went around the city & allowed me to see many prominent buildings. One, the Royal King's Palace, which is his official residence; Kuala Lumpur Railroad Station; Sultan Abdul Samad Building & the list goes on & on! I was even more impressed, after seeing so many ultra modern buildings which I thought were similar to Hong Kong & Singapore!

All Malays, Muslim's by birth, are suppose to follow Islam but many also adhere to other spiritual beliefs. There is quite an ethic mix between Malaysia's three main ethnic communities. Malays, Chinese & Indians plus Indonesians, Thais, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Nepalis & Burma! People from the Middle East have also settled here! It is truly a cultural blend of many cultures and seems to blend well...........

As I was riding the train to the airport, I felt sad to be leaving the energy of this city, it seemed to pulse day & night. I was also grateful to have come in contact with so many friendly Malaysians who helped me navigate from my hotel to the 'Towers' & back again..........& also the friendly staff at my hotel who went above & beyond to help..........

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7th February 2018

Wow Marilyn, thank you for sharing your Kuala Lumpur adventure! I'm looking forward to your next blog!
8th February 2018

Hey cookie, looks like another grand adventure! Good you aren’t 50 yet! Xo. Deborah

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