Up In The Air...SIN to KUL and Back


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Halal in KL!
Had a fab time though it went quick I was able to see and do lots.

Back to the usual haunts in Singy and added a new place to the list with KL.
Though different...both are very welcoming cosmopolitan cities displaying a wonderful blend of cultures.
Shopping, sights and food are great...so great I opted out of the F1 to do more!
Petrona Towers were pretty cool. An icon in the city which you can see from most anywhere.
Also visited the palace, national mosque, independence square, KL tower (omg...gibbons!) and so on.
I stayed in the 'Golden Triangle' which is definitely the most happening part of town and the place to be.

I found an excellent restaurant serving whole organic vegan food which I think I sampled most everything from le menu...I think it was called Woods.

It is hot hot hot and when it rains...it RAINS. The loudest thunder I have EVER heard!
I find it bizarre that all the stores and sidewalks are marble though.
I know marble is cool but it becomes like an ice rink after the rain! Be careful!

Anyway...on the slow haul back. KLIA is pretty big.

In other words 'Petrol National'...ahhh...I can't believe I never put that together...duh
I am in terminal C which you have to take a train to get to (which goes right under the tarmac!). Right now I'm in KLIA Thai lounge. It has a nice view of the planes at the gates. Has lots of comfortable seats. Computers and good selection of snacks and drinks. A bit on the small side and no reading material...I give it 7.5.
My flight is full of F1 people...well really only men. Some from Bridgestone, others from Redbull (they won) and others with what looked like an Indian/Irish flag but I'm not sure.

Am at Changi for several hours and opted for a night in the fabulous transit hotel. I do love this airport! Lots to see and do. Oh...forgot to mention I had another go at the A380 from HK to SIN. Wow...it's like being in a giant bumblebee...you just can't believe it can fly...but it does! I flew 'executive first' (AC's first class) and I was sure glad as the flight was over 13 hours! Thank you Arash, for the 'Up In The Air' recommendation. Oh could I relate to a lot of that (miles miles miles and status too)!

Selamat petang and
KL ChinatownKL ChinatownKL Chinatown

This is actually me taking a photo of the monks taking a photo. I love looking at the faces in the crowd. The man smiling at the monks, also I see two looking at me!

Additional photos below
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It was HOTIt was HOT
It was HOT

Like the king of sofas it was that hot!
Call to PrayerCall to Prayer
Call to Prayer

Shot of my TV, the show I was watching was abruptly interrupted for it...
Street SignsStreet Signs
Street Signs

OK...I'm confused...

ahhh...so aloha...

Yay Veg!Yay Veg!
Yay Veg!

Now I know 'vegetarian' in written Chinese!
Stripy WormStripy Worm
Stripy Worm

If someone could tell me what this is?! Note the two orange paddles on the front of it's head. This just in...it's a 'Bipalium Simrothi' or flathead worm indigenous to Singy.
Palace GuardsPalace Guards
Palace Guards

I swear I saw one of them cracking up!
Twin TowersTwin Towers
Twin Towers

Corn cobs. So big it's tough to get the whole thing in one shot.
Lamp PostLamp Post
Lamp Post

and the top was an hibiscus.

my hood...note the monorail
KL TowerKL Tower
KL Tower

There be gibbons there

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