Beautiful Kl - especially if you love heights!

Published: March 6th 2014
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Up at 6 for a buffet breakfast. Quite excited at the prospect of choice, and gamely embarked on dhal and noodles. Yuk! Couldn't even look at the porridge with its enticing garnishes of what to Sam looked like toenails (fried onions) and crunchy little fish. Then walked past the brothels (still open but business looked a little slow at 7am) and up to the main concourse of Sentral Station. That is not a spelling mistake! We found the queue for the LRT line ticket machines and they were easypeasy. Touch screen in English and nearly completely idiot-proof. Someone stepped forward to help with one bit, and there was no impatience from people behind. Once on the platform there were lots of lines, not an almighty crush, very orderly - see photo. Inside it was Baltic from the aircon but very clean and serene, although when Sam sat down no-one would sit next to her. Eyed her up and thought better of it!

We were at the queue for tickets to go up the Petronas Towers by 8.05, 30mins before opening, so easily in time for 2 of the 900 tickets issued daily. As usual in Malaysia, everyone was very smiley and friendly, wanting to know where we are from, how much we earn and how much a house costs! No problem asking these personal questions, or answering them! I love Malaysis - it is one of my favourite countries ever! We got tickets for 9.15, all super-organised, a bit of a pre-show with a hologram we then walked through, then up to the 41st floor sky bridge. A bit hazy but wow views, and even better from the 86th, which made our legs feel funny and like something was pressing down on our heads. Some really good displays and well worth the 80 ringgit fee, very glad we did it. Night time would also be spectacular, but rain probably not! You get a carefully-controlled 45min visit - long enough. We then escaped into Suria Mall for a coffee and look round the shops. Very swankypants!

Back to the LRT, got off at Masjid Something stop and ended up accidentally in China Town at the market - so we know where to go tonight now. May as well do some prices research while we're at it - rude not to - made a few purchases and earned some derisory comments (eg You stupid!)equally when we offered apparently insulting prices. No probs - plenty of the samesame round the corner! Then managed to find the lovely pale blue building housing the Central Market, where we'd been heading originally. Prices higher than in China Town, and less room for haggling, but not as pushy either. The food court upstairs is a great place to get lunch for about £1 - no farang prices here, unlike at the Chinese place last night. Airconditioned relief from the heat outside. Found the LRT station and back to the hotel (quiet at the brothels still) for a rest and to pack for leaving tomorrow and one overnight with hand luggage in Guangzhou, as our bags will be checked through from Saigon.

More shopping later, and hopefully some non-controversial food to fortify us for travelling.

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