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March 13th 2013
Published: March 13th 2013
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People tend to romanticise foreign countries by saying the people there appreciate the important things in life, or are happier with what they have, or generally lead simpler lives that aren’t based on rushing around, checking your email 20 times a day and being so career oriented.

What do I think?

At the start of this adventure I was larger than life. Everything became more intense and less commonplace. Life was vibrant, I was constantly learning.

There is this feeling, like being in a magic bubble and watching the iridescent sides of that confine shimmer before it implodes; that would have been on my return home.

Back in the UK, I would wake up every day feeling pushed for time. Rushing to get to work, rushing home from work. I lived to work. In travel though, there is so much to see and experience. I live to travel. Never do I experience the globe more intensely, no longer through the eyes of the media. I appreciate all of its beauty; see it in a greater context.

You know what…I’m not insane, you are! You work long days, miss out on your life, buy into the consumerism hamster wheel that keeps you imprisoned, and sell your soul to the media. I’m not wrong, I’m not irresponsible, I’m awakened.

Most travel initially to lose themselves; then to simply find themselves. Travel opened my heart and eyes. I learnt more about the world than the newspapers would ever accommodate.

We all travel to bring what little we can, in our ignorance and knowledge, to those parts of the globe whose riches are differently dispersed.

We travel, in essence, to become young fools again – to slow time down and be taken in.

I hope you will all be too at some point in your life.

One day we will no longer exist on this earth. We will be just a memory to a select few. We should make sure those memories are good... how we touched them, how we made them feel. This will be what we leave behind, this will be our legacy...that we made a difference in someone's life, our gift to the ones we Love and to the world


13th March 2013

The journey is the destination
Uplifting introspection, and to read this when I am now in KL too...lovely.
15th March 2013

Thanks for the comment Mike. I hope you continue to read the blogs
13th March 2013

What a gorgeous blog!
Just read your blog and thought I'd write to say how beautiful the words are especially when you wrote about travel 'opening your heart and eyes' . Travel is where your heart is!!!!
15th March 2013

Little Boris
Thanks for that Tania. Congratulations on the arrival of little Boris. Hope all is well. Take care.

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