Travelblog's 10th Birthday: Party in KL

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TRAVELBLOG'S 10th BIRTHDAY: PARTY IN KL...7-9 APRIL 2012. As I had not received any response to my Oceania Recruitment Drive...I woke up on 1 March 2012 and said in OZ venacular to Denise... "Bugger it...lets go to KL for Easter." "Great idea...I was thinking last night we could go to Vietnam over Easter to meet Cockle." "Mmmm...He'll probably go to KL...let's surprise him there!" ... Read Full Entry

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Michael & Peter

15th April 2012

Love it :D
All hail Sir Watters :)
15th April 2012

Here's to the next one!
Hi Dave & Denise :-) I just arrived back to Auckland today, still thinking about what a fantastic time that weekend was. It was a real pleasure to meet you both - and what an amazing group at the TB party! Thank you for the laughs and your photos - particularly those of the people that made the event as special as it was..... I look forward to catching up with you both some day :-) (I'll even get a 'to scale map'!)
15th April 2012

Dave you are now officially, making me feel guilty.......
I was there in know I was......anyway, four of us in one bed would not have been very comfortable, even if it had been king sized. Waking up with my toe in your ear would not have been a pleasurable experience, trust me! :P
15th April 2012

That first picture is seriously creepy...makes me think you're about to commit collective suicide or something.
15th April 2012

What possessed me to send you that photo?
As a result, I've found myself (well, an image of me) in all sorts of compromising situations, but at least they are creatively constructed compromising situations.
15th April 2012

I am spurned!
Ali, there shall be no more Moderating duties from me until you kiss and make up [;)]
15th April 2012

I currently have no intentions of starting a cult...
"That first picture is seriously creepy..." ... and seriously embarrassing!
15th April 2012

Amazing blog!
Dave, we all knew the pics would end up amazing, and this is exactly what they are. I've been so happy to meet Denise and you, but also Jo, Faye, Michael....their kids, Rosetta, Affandy...and Ali...for the third time! I'm just wondering...had you been to the bird park the day before TB party, would you have brought the ostrich with you!!! What a great blog, and amazing pictures! Thanks Dave!
15th April 2012

So where is the shot of Ali in a bikini?
However, the panorama picture of everyone bowing down to the TB god is the new classic shot. And I love your close ups of everyone. And the shots with Shane are great too. Your write up certainly caught the excitement and camraderie, making the rest of us who were not there feel like we missed the best party ever. Thanks.
15th April 2012

That first photo is truely the worst photo I have ever seen on TravelBlog. ;)
Ali is starting to scare me, but I will give the photo a 5 star rating out of support for TravelBlog and Dancing Dave. ;)
15th April 2012

We wish we could have been there.
We bow to Ali! Thanks for the friends. Our SF gathering was small but we had a wonderful time. It was a busy restaurant so not conducive to calling in. Hopefully, we can make the next one! Let's start on a plan now so we all have time to figure out a way to make it.
15th April 2012

In such a brief period of time, you and Denise have manged to leave a big hole in KL! Your anecdotes are greatly missed, so I suppose that means I'll be dutifully (and happily) reading your future entries. Groove on~~
17th April 2012

Happy birthday TravelBlog!
A great read Dave. It makes me wish I had some time off to attend the party, but I've had to live it vicariously through your entertaining blog. It's a great achievement celebrating 10 years for Ali and everyone involved, and my congratulations to the entire TravelBlog community!
19th April 2012

Great blog.... Captures the event perfectly! That photo doesn't show the reluctance on Ali's part at all!!! :)
23rd April 2012

So on the 10th anniversary you have 10 people trying to MOON the readers?
24th April 2012

Some things don't change as I get older - a party? - point me in the right direction I'll be there. I have been trawling the net for more overseas parties after TB's birthday bash - I can't seem to find one in Senegal but I'll keep on trying...'tho I should add I did crash a Senegalese Independence Day gig at Notes @ Newtown the other night which will satisfy me until i find myself on Senegalese soil - I do digress - great 10th birthday party & many thanks to our gracious hosts. I felt warmly welcomed & valued, thank you.
28th May 2012

That Jo Is NO Trouble at all! Miss you ladycakes X
28th May 2012
ALI...No. 1 Blogger

Ali a beautiful man & rare gift to this world. Dancing Dave, all your photos are stunning, a joy to see.

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