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June 20th 2010
Published: June 23rd 2010
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So nice not to have to jump out of bed this morning 😊 Sauntered down to breakfast at about 11ish. I had museli and milk (it had been too long :P) and Rob had banana pancake which Rob said was the best one he'd had so far. We spoke to Lan the owner who said we could get a bus directly from Kuala Besut to KL for 45RM from his travel company which is good news.

We walked to the village (30 min walk) passing through another private beach where a Malaysian guy asked us if we'd pose with the two Muslim women he was taking a picture of!? Odd but we agreed, maybe our last chance to be celebs! Though the walk was on a proper pathway through the jungle we still struggled as it was mighty hot and humid. Sweat was dripping from every pore! The village was on the beach and was full of little wooden chalets. They had a big school (which I'm always pleased to see). Only bad point was that it smelled quite a bit prob due to the piles of rubbish lying about. A few kids said hello and one of the cheeky buggers shouted money. We saw yet more squirrels and lizards.

Back at the GH our plans were a bit spoilt as we'd wanted to go snorkelling but there was only one snorkel left. I took this and Rob said he'd try and manage with just the mask. So we waded out but Rob's mask leaked and he kept choking. The water here is extremely salty which made it even worse though it is stunningly beautiful and as warm as a bath. I didn't want to go out on my own due to the sharks even though Lan had told me he'd tell them all to stay on the opposite side of the bay while I was in the water :p So we decided to try again tomorrow. I did in my short time see lots of little fishies and a one about 3ft with a big pointy head. We spent the rest of the afternoon split between relaxing in the sea/the restaurant/on beach.

We have new dorm mates (Lan cleared it with us first to make sure we were happy enough), a couple from UK, the guy is from Tynemouth and it's really nice to hear an accent from home. Had sarnies with wedges for tea and they were yummy. There are some big spiders in a web just above Rob's usual seat in the restaurant and I kept having to glance up to make sure they were still there and not on the move! We watched a lightening storm over the sea and Rob got a couple of good pics. Spoke to Lan for quite a while, turns out he used to be a deep sea diver for oil companies and he's really well travelled. Originally he was from a little local fishing village but I get the picture he made a small fortune from his job (he said he could make up to 1k a day! and he now owns this place and a travel agency.

Went up to bed at about 10.30pm, the other couple were already asleep with all the lights out so we had to creep about. When we went to the toilet outside there was a scorpian sitting on the wall behind the squat toilet! The electricity had gone off so I made Rob hold my torch light on it while I went to the loo! 😉

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