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June 19th 2010
Published: June 23rd 2010
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Got on bus just before 8am - had tons of room and was full of westerners. Stopped at Jurantut so that the Han travel agency here could sell us our ferry tickets (70RM return). Had lunch at a restaurant in Gua Musang -roti with a curry dipping sauce (roti reminds me of sausage roll pastry and is totally delicious though prob has about 30,000cals in it). Changed onto a mini bus here (group split into those going to Cameron Highlands and those going to Perhentians). We had been on the road about 5 1/2hrs before stopping for dinner and we spent another 2 1/2hrs in the mini bus where some guy tried to freeze me to death by insisting the aircon be turned right up and pointed at him who unfortunately was sat right behind me! I just waited till he was asleep though then turned it back down heheh. I do love tour buses and the fact that they arrange everything, makes it all so stress free. We were dropped off at Kuala Besut jetty and boarded the speedboat just after 5.

I LOVE speedboats!! They're so fun. Even though they feel like an Indian bus ride on waves! 😊 Took about 30mins to get to our GH. It's called Mira Chalets and it's on its own private beach! Boat pulled in as close as it could to the shore and we just had to leap off the boat- Robby hit sand and I hit sea hahah and had very wet trouser legs. The place is beautiful, a lovely little restaurant, a few scattered wooden chalets and lots of hammocks. Really cool to be in your own little private bay.

We're in the dorm room (has 6 beds in) but there is no one else in the room so we have a huge wooden chalet to ourselves along with a big balcony with a table and hammock all for 25RM each a night. Bathroom is outside but really close and it is a squat toilet but as we can both aim it should be OK! We saw a few squirrels and a couple of monitor lizards dotting around the complex. We watched the sunset from the restaurant and it was a really pretty one.

Dinner is served from 7pm and I decided to splah out with a tuna salad, fruit salad and *gasp* a diet coke- grand expense of 21RM. Rob had chicken noodles and the chicken looked well up to my standard! Food is slightly more expensive here but we knew it would be. After tea we just sat in the restaurant for a bit. The staff brought in a telly and sat it on the bar and tried to tune in the World Cup using the big outside aerial- only after a good 10 mins did they realise that they hadn't plugged this into the back of the TV set, D'OH! I checked my emails on the sloooooowest connection ever.

luckily we have a mozzy net in this room though Rob is still uber paranoid about bed bugs and has been itching like a dog with fleas! He has a rash on his back but I think it's from sunburn...let's hope!

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6th July 2010

reading your blog
about your adventures all the way in indonesia and malaysia with a great eagerness and thought I should thank you for a lot of invaluable information. Your trip partly coincides with mine, especially as for Perenthians and Sumatra... may i wish you to stay safe and few bugs in beds

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