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January 14th 2006
Published: November 7th 2006
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At the jettyAt the jettyAt the jetty

It's a hot day!

Great day - great seafood!

When Fifi came to town, I managed to spend a good deal of 'quality' time with her 😊 Other than eating, eating and more eating, we actually planned a day-trip to Pulau Ketam. What begun with 8 ppl, ended up with only 3 of us, hahahaha : Anson, Fifi and I. Didn't matter though, coz we still had a blast of a time there.

We started our journey at 7am, had our breakfast near my house before proceeding to KL Sentral to meet Anson. We took the train to Port Klang as that's the cheapest and most convenient way for us 3.... and it took about an hr to reach. From Port Klang, we took a speedboat to Pulau Ketam. You don't have to queue for tickets here, just get into the boat, and troughout the journey, the 'boat conductor' would come around collecting money and that's when you pay her.

Upon reaching, the sun was scorchingly hot. Sigh 😞, another unwanted tan. We walked around the place on our own. It's relatively small, so no problem on that. The last time I went to Pulau Ketam was in 2003, with my ex-collegemates, we
Waiting for the speedboatWaiting for the speedboatWaiting for the speedboat

These folks were so busy minding their own business.
spent a night there at a local hotel, and rented bicycles to cycle around the island. Not really around actually, just a small part of it, coz you can't round the island from the main jetty where we got down... to get to the other side of the island, you have to take the speedboat to another jetty which is further down.

Bicycles are the main means of transport here. The houses here were unique, all sitted closely side by side. No worries of being robbed and all that, or of others prying into your privacy. Everyone knows everyone here. On sad thing though, it's kinda dirty and polluted - the land below these houses. You see, the houses here are built on the sand or rather swamp by the sea, so they need to be high rised on poles and wooden 'legs'. That gave the community here the freedom to discard their waste right below their houses or even into the sea. But you know too, whatever you chuck into the sea, it mostly comes back to you at the shore - hahaha 😊 so that's what they get i guess!

Most of the people here are
On the speedboatOn the speedboatOn the speedboat

We had nothing better to do, so killing time!
Buddhist as we can see a few temples here and there. Other than that the small shrines at their houses confirmed the fact that they are mostly Buddhist. On the small island, there's a primary and a secondary school as well - the one and only. I wonder how many students it caters. Anyway, it is really a small place, and we finished walking around by 2pm.

We took a rest at a small coffee shop and decided to try out it's oyster omelette. Wasn't bad, but I think it was too starchy. Next was our main aim for that day...to dig into a good meal of seafood. We decided to try the restaurant infront of the jetty. I went there before so I recommended the place. We had fish, crab, shellfish, squids and vege with rice. It was good and really reasonable - there were 3 of us, and we spent RM60 on everything. Another thing, Anson was paying for the meal, hahaha.... 😊 Thx Anson! Later, we took the 4pm boat back to Port Klang. It was a great day for me, and for the rest too. Looking forward to more such opportunities next time 😊

Additional photos below
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Unique toilet on the islandUnique toilet on the island
Unique toilet on the island

You can view the sea from the inside... there's a hole on the floor (the only hole)
Fifi so happy...Fifi so happy...
Fifi so happy...

Infront of a house there...
A view of the villageA view of the village
A view of the village

I love this photo
Pulau Ketam's police stationPulau Ketam's police station
Pulau Ketam's police station

The one and only. I bet they don't have much to do either, hahaha
What a view...What a view...
What a view...

...in the background
Fried oysterFried oyster
Fried oyster

They call it "o-chen' in the local dialect. Another type is 'la-la-chen'. The difference is another type of oyster.
This is what we hadThis is what we had
This is what we had

Clockwise from top right: "Zhuk Than" a type of shellfish that's like bamboo sticks, curry stingray, fried squid, and 'kam heong' crabs.
Seafood feastSeafood feast
Seafood feast

Enjoying ourselves! :)
The recommended restaurantThe recommended restaurant
The recommended restaurant

See that shop behind us? That was where we had our meal.

21st October 2007

Pulau Ketam
Found this blog on Google, I plan to take my family to Pulau Ketam in Nov by KTM Komuter. This article has been useful. Regards, tan

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