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February 20th 2008
Published: February 20th 2008
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So we could not have better luck! Turns out we have a family friend (Rob G) who's old neighbour in Canada lives here in KL. We emailed him (Mike U) and he replied the same day so we gave him a call. He was only too happy to give us direction to a train station and pick us up. We are spending a few days at his condo (with great pools) in a residential area. We were invited to join him and his friends for one heck of a happy hour(s)... We could not empty our beer glasses no matter how hard we tried and we tried hard! We met Barry a Canadian xpat who lives here and works for Bombardier who build the skytrain here. We also met Lim and Chinese gentleman who kept Sindy talking all night (they really hit it off). We went to a few pubs and then to a favorite kareoke place he likes to go to. Every one there was soooo nice and friendly, we met a few more friends Angela and her husband who run the place and and architect friend (can't remember his name but he looked like Che Guevara and smoked Nicarguan cigars). Sindy was brave (& drunk) enough to sing but me...not so much. Mike took some pictures and will email them to us so we can add them to the blog. We are off tomorrow to Penang island for a few days (4 hours by bus) then on to Langkawi island (a short ferry ride) where we will live on the beach for a few weeks now we know all the places to go and who to talk to. Let the tan competition begin!!! ( I am gonna kick but!) Sindy keeps trying to make me wear sun block and sweaters. We sure can drink a lot of Tiger beer and the locals seem rather impressed. Time for a quick nap and it's off to happy hour again...We will bring our camera this time.


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