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March 18th 1982
Published: October 1st 2017
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Before I went to school today, I got my gamuglobulin shot and returned my books to the library. I went to American Studies, and "Good-bye, Ardice" was written across teh board. I tried to pay attention in class, but it was impossible. Ann came for me about 1:15pm and took me home. It was fun -- waving good-bye, hugging my good friends, hearing about going away parties in my honor happening later at the weekend (very funny).

We had lunch on the way to the Hacienda. I was the last to arrive at orientation. After we transferred all of my stuff into my hotel room, I said a clam good-bye (so they tell me) to my family, and we went to Marion's room for orientation. Joyce, Kathy, and Stacy are my roommates. We are all going to Malaysia, as is Graham. There were also five people going to Thailand.

We were oriented until 5pm, then returned to our room, where we watched cartoons, then Apocolypse Now. The latter was less violent than the former. We had a small banquet dinner. "The Squirrels" (those going to Ecuador) put on a brief skit for us. Ken then told us stories/lectures. We went to Marion's room later, and Ken came up again. He's Berkeley's expert on Asian studies -- esp. India. And he has some great stories.

I talked with Marilyn Wilkinson for a few minutes then returned to the room. We discussed families for a bit, then went to bed. The going-to-Thailand students were really loud until about 11pm. I slept very well; surprisingly, considering all the excitement.


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