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December 20th 2007
Published: December 21st 2007
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Upon arriving at Klang station we were greeted by Kevin (who is my cousin) and we did some catching up on the way back to the house where the brood had swelled since my last visit! We quickly got acquainted with the new arrivals in the family. It was a little bit of a surprise as I really was only aware that Pat and Kevin had two kids so the extra one was a little shock!

We have spent most of our time in KL and the surrounding areas as all of Malaysia and the Islands that we had hoped to see are experiencing the wet season so our plans to hit the beaches were put aside. We did take a trip to Malacca which is where my Mum and all her siblings are from. I last visited here in 1997 so expected things to be very different here. I was not wrong. The heart of the small town seemed to have gone as new shopping centers dominated the old historic town and day trippers arrive in swarms and leave after a short time. I guess places move on but it’s not something that I have seen often on such a scale. Even down to the rickshaws, which when I have visited here at age 10 were legitimate means of transport, now they seem to be a tourist attraction. None of them looking anything like the simple ones I have been on instead they are covered in flowers and paraphernalia and some even had sponsors and sound systems!

We spent a couple days here to look at the historic areas. There are Dutch, Portuguese and British influences and to be fair St Paul’s Hill and the Dutch Quarter are as popular and scenic as ever. There were areas in China Town also that we ventured to hoping to do some shopping but compared to Thailand souvenirs are very expensive and appear to be mass produced.

We returned to Klang for the weekend which meant more Christmas shopping in the massive shopping centres. The Christmas decorations in the shops are gorgeous and carols are playing everywhere as celebrating Christmas here is becoming more popular. This week we spent a few days traveling from Klang to the city. The commuter train system is efficient but is not a pleasant experience. To say it is busy is an understatement and people literally trample and push each other to get on the train even children are physically pushed to get that train and maybe that elusive seat! We managed to do some touristy things like going up the Petronas twin towers, the National Museum, Chinatown and admiring the many old buildings. It is just so hot and stuffy here (and rainy at the moment) that it is hard to enjoy walking around, especially when someone is whining that they have seen it all before!

I love coming here as I know what to expect from KL. I love seeing my family which is always the warmest of receptions and the best food by far! Kevin is somewhat of an expert of food in Malaysia (which includes Chinese, Indian and Malay)….if you want to eat something there is a 99% chance that Kevin will know not just a place that sells it but probably the best place to get it. A special mention has to go to durian, which is a fruit many people hate mainly due to it’s smell but I have found my love for it this trip after all these years of disliking it…..it is definitely an acquired taste. A friend of Kevin’s describes it as eating a banana whilst sitting on the toilet doing your business!! Mhairi has tried everything that has been put in front of her (except chickens’ bottoms!) and has fallen for roti chani as everyone does!

We are headed back to Thailand today and will arrive with Justin in Phuket on the 23rd where we are spending Christmas.

Hope you all have a Great Christmas and a Happy New Year

Bruce and Mhairi


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21st December 2007

The Paradox that is Durian!
That's a pretty accurate description of the Durian experience, but strangely enough there is something slightly more-ish about eating a fruit that smells of rotting flesh!!!!!
21st December 2007

Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas Bruce and Mhairi, wishing you a wonderful Christmas and a fabulous 2008. Mhairi - I miss you, please come home soon! Lots of love, from Kim x
21st December 2007

nice photos glad to see yous have had a nice time in kl and other places

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