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March 6th 2008
Published: March 6th 2008
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Pretty flower!Pretty flower!Pretty flower!

I wish you could get perfume that smells like this flower!
Conversation of the week:

Indian man loudly exclaims to Nick "HELLO SIRRR!! HOW ARE YOOO? I LOVE YOU!!!! BYE BYE." Haha.

Hello again guys, taking advantage of the fast internet again in KL to upload some more piccis!!

Also if you want to leave us a message could you please leave comment rather than send message?? Cus the messages go away after a while and we want to keep themmm!!! 😊

Lastnight we sat in the gardens by the fountains and Petronas towers and watched the sun go down and all the city lights come on. Was so amazing! Then we went to a vegitarian indian restaurant and it was honestly the best indian food we have ever tasted. It was totally authentic and run by indian people. We didnt know if they were saying yes or no because they bob their heads from side to side in answer to everything and we didnt understand any of the menu so we just like pointed at things haha... Turns out it was so nice we're probably going back tonight!

Today we got up early for brekkie and Nick had 'Nasi Lemak' for breakfast which was coconut
KL duskKL duskKL dusk

The towers at dusk (We cant get over how amazing this building is!)
rice, little dried fish, prawn curry, an egg and chicken curry all on one plate haha... A little heavy for my taste but he seemed to enjoy it 😉 I stuck with the toast. We then went to the Batu Caves about half an hours drive from our hotel and they are absolutely incredible. The most peaceful place possible. The photos totally dont do it justice it had such an amazing calm feeling to it. It's a big hindu temple in a mountain and there was lots of praying, incense burning and music going on. We didn't want to leave!

Tonight is our last night in Kuala Lumpur and we're gonna get something to eat and walk around the lake gardens which are apparently really pretty.

Tommorow we are getting a 2 hour bus to the town of Melaka for a couple of days so will update again from there!! Apparently its really quiet and pretty there so we're looking forward to that after the madness that is KL! (even though we have absolutely loved it) I've gotta get out of this internet cafe because im sweating like mad!! Haha. Having to dress modestly gets pretty hot in these places..

Lots of love to everyone and thank you for the messages 😊 made us both laugh lots! Keep them coming!

Hol & Nick xxx

Now for some more photos.......

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KL FountainsKL Fountains
KL Fountains

No Durians!No Durians!
No Durians!

The sign in our hotel haha. They really do stink!
Crotchy NickCrotchy Nick
Crotchy Nick

Crotchy and a massive beer!
KL SunriseKL Sunrise
KL Sunrise

Sunrise this morning from our hotel
KL Batu 2KL Batu 2
KL Batu 2

The Hindu deity Lord Muruga outside the Batu Caves
KL Batu 4KL Batu 4
KL Batu 4

Interesting Hindu Statue. It appears to have breast implants! Huzzah!
KL Batu 5KL Batu 5
KL Batu 5

cute little baby :)
KL Batu 6KL Batu 6
KL Batu 6

City vew from Batu Mountain
Kl Batu 7Kl Batu 7
Kl Batu 7

Cheeky Monkey stealing coconuts!
KL Batu 8KL Batu 8
KL Batu 8

The caves inside
KL Batu 10KL Batu 10
KL Batu 10

Looking pretty rough and makeupless :)
KL Batu 11KL Batu 11
KL Batu 11

Mini temple in the top bit of the caves
KL Batu 13KL Batu 13
KL Batu 13

Entrance silhouetted
KL Batu 14KL Batu 14
KL Batu 14

Another Hindu Deity Statue

6th March 2008

6th March 2008

Holly you look beautiful but NiiiiiiiiiiiiiCK come on mate a bit of foundation and blusher wouldn’t go amiss!! Lovin this blog thing guys feel like I am with you…. for the sight seeing stuff obviously…… not the hotel rumpy pumpy stuff!!?! Safe journey guys Love PX
6th March 2008

looks wicked, and glad ya havin a wicked time!!! DONT FORGET ME STICK OF ROCK LOL!!! steph xxx
6th March 2008

Boobie Implants
Now that made me laugh! I think all statues of cow's with human heads should have boobie implants! :) Hey, speaking of Indian food - have a Masala Dosa while you're there - it's my favourite all time Indian food and it's not available in the UK. Have one for mee, and send me a photo, so I can drool. :) Really glad you're having a good time. :) x
6th March 2008

That looks awesome. Im liking the photos of you that are still unadulterated MySpace poses. I might put some breasts on a cow if I see one
7th March 2008

Hey Guys :) Glad you made it there safe and sound. It all looks so amazing there and i'm tempted to come over just so i can get a job in that indian restaurant! I reckon i could do the head bobbing thing! haha. Bring back some durians!! Go on... i dare you! :-) Take care. Jit x
7th March 2008

Hey, i'm loving this travel blog malarky, its great being kept up to date with what you guys are doing! The pics are a.m.a.z.i.n.g, i wouldnt be surprised if you decided to stay out there forever!! haha. The caves look sooo peacefull, the kind of place you could let all your worries just slip away! Hats off to Nick for eating that breakfast!!! xx (PS, turns out that the house over the road was a cannabis factory!! It got raided by police last night, what drama lol!!)
10th March 2008

glad you are having a fab time
Hi Holly and Nick It sounds and looks amazing, everyone is sooo jealous here. The weather is awful in the UK. I had fab holiday and am starting my new job at Remploy today. Really enjoying your travel blog, carry on having a fab time lots of love Debbie (Blondie) xx
17th March 2008

Haha aww dont be jealous! Atleast you all have jobs!! lol. Really glad you had a great holiday and I really hope the job is going great!! See you when I get back :) say a massive hello to everyone for me!! xxx
17th March 2008

HAHA a Cannabis factory?? Grrreat! Jsut what you want on your doorstep!!! You should blatently come out and meet us!! And sam and dawn and ailie!!! Would be a BALL!! PS. Happy paddys day! Well gutted im not home for it :( xxx
17th March 2008

Hi Stephen!! Thank you for the messages :) and you will be glad to know I have tryed more adventurous stuff since!! Lol. Hope everything is great at Remploy xxx

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