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November 5th 2007
Published: November 7th 2007
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Woke up pretty early today, still not got my head around time zones so still feeling as bit fuzzy. took advante of free brekfast at hostel, toast tea and fruit, all good except the teas a bit weak, had to bust into my own personal stash. went with sarah into town she showed me around a bit, went into the local shopping centre cus she had to post some stuff back home. went for a walk around town after where we decided to get a taxi out to the batu caves, some kind of hindu shrine up 272 steps, big huge caves at the top, not all that impressive but pretty good views over KL from the top, the troop of monkeys running up and down the steps were more fun to be honest. Went back to the hostel where i met kjell, a norweigan lad who had an absolue nightmare coming from oz, long story short his fist night in KL was spent on the floor of a taxi drivers house as he had locked his bank account by putting the wrong pin in. Started drinking with him about 6pm, graduallly joined by more and more people as the night went on, 2 polish lads from miami, an oz and the two bikers jeff and charlie, there riding from london to oz on there bikes, been all through europe middle east india pakistan china and then down through thailand, sounds like there having an amazin time, proper sound blokes aswell. Ended up trying all the different lagers we could from the shop over the road, i think the winner was the 7.9% danish lager in the end, needless to say we were all pretty wasted by the end of the night, good laugh though, starting to see the benefits of staying in dorms now, meeting lots of cool people already.


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