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Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Kapit May 21st 2013

Taking the boat ride up the Batang Rejang, it was indeed 3h in a "cramped space shuttle", as described by LP, before I arrived in the small riverside town of Kapit. Even the "business class" seat that I took that costs 5 ringgit more barely had enough space for my backpack, which I had to lay along the narrow aisle. The boat really did seem narrower and lower than usual, but that seemed to be the generic type used to navigate the river system here. I'd made the trip here, even though it's a detour, because I'd half-thought I might pay a visit to a nearby traditional Iban longhouse. Kapit is supposed one of the better places from which to organise such a tour. But I say "half-thought" because I'd read that it could be quite ... read more
Small, small Town of Kapit
Fort Sylvia
Harmony Mall

Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Kapit October 21st 2011

Hello everyone, I had an amazing week, so let’s catch up where we left. After Sibu I took a rapid boat to Kapit, which is a little town on the river Batang Rajang. The town in itself doesn’t have a lot to offer, but from there, you can visit some Iban longhouse. Let me tell you a bit more about the Iban people. The Iban were the original inhabitants of the Borneo Island and were farmers and hunters. The Ibans became pioneers of headhunting which, among the Ibans, is believed to have started when their lands became over-populated. In those days, before the arrival of western civilization, intruding on lands belonging to other tribes resulted in death. Confrontation was the only way of survival. In those days, the way of war was the only way that ... read more
2- Welcome
3- The Longhouse
4- Men coming back from hunting - Les homme revenant de la chasse

Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Kapit October 17th 2011

Hello, This post will be a small one about Sibu, which is the second biggest city of Sarawak (after Kutching). History first: the development of this town started in the beginning of the 20th century with the arrival of a group of Methodist (part of the protestant religion) Chinese trying to escape persecution in China. The town was destroyed twice: once in 1928 by a fire and the second time during the WW2, but each time the inhabitants rebuild the town and began everything all over again. Now the town continue to grow thanks to the strategic importance of the major port on the Rejang River. The town is a really nice place to be due mainly by the atmosphere of its markets. In the central market open during the day, you can find anything you ... read more
2-Chines pagoda- Pagode chinoise
3- Sibu's market
4- Pick your dinner!- Choisissez le diner!

Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Kapit October 17th 2011

Hello everyone, So last time I left you when I was coming back from my cruise on the river. After that, I decided to go back to Sandakan to have some time to write a bit on my blog, take some rest and visit a bit the town , because I didn’t really had the time to do it until now. So I spent 2 days there. I had some nice walks on the sea front, visit the Chinese cemetery which is quite impressive, eat some good food, walk in the water village. Some nice quiet days! Then after 2 days, I left Sandakan without knowing really where to go and what to do after. That was not a good idea! I headed to the south because I've already been to the north. I took a ... read more
2- Water village in Sandakan
3- Water village in sandakan
4-Kid in the water village

Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Kapit June 1st 2011

As I arrived at the longhouse that would be my home for the next four days after taking a half hour drive, trying not to fall down a steep not very well formed path with my backpack and day pack, a half hour trip down the river then a trek up a very steep slippery dirt path, it was like stepping back a thousand years to very basic living. The toilet was the only room in the house with three walls and a door which was a wooded room in the kitchen consisting of a hole in the floor, a tap and a bucket to flush. The bathroom was a larger room with a fish pond, tree branches as washing lines, a tap and a bucket with a scoop ie a sponge bath. Upstairs was the ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Kapit May 28th 2011

What an awesome day! Having realised it was the end of harvest festival a festival similar to New Year in the Iban community I was glad I was visiting Kapit with a chance to visit the Iban longhouses. So after speaking with the information centre yesterday I arrived at the boat terminal an hour before the boat departed along with thousands more! All going back to their villages via Kapit. So looking rather lost a security guy/police officer helped me out by taking me out of the queue and finding me a seat on a full boat, 1st a seat on the roof then a seat in economy, whoo, so after showing me what I needed to do and where I needed to go I got my rice and chicken with cucumber for breakfast and found ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Kapit December 17th 2010

Apparently to experiance the "real Borneo" you need to go and stay in a longhouse. With this in mind we headed up the Batang Rejang river in search of the Iban people whose hospitality is legendary. Unfortunately no one had informed our hosts of their legendary hospitality and we ended up getting stuck for two very uncomfortable nights as unwelcome guests in a traditional longhouse. A longhouse is essentially a high rise but instead of housing 50 families vertically they house them horizontally - space is not a premium here. While our hosts ate rice, buttered bread and drank coffee, Tom and I were left to eat on the floor with dry crackers. We got the message loud and clear but with no public transport and no phone signal we were stuck where we were until ... read more
Longhouse chief

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