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January 20th 2010
Published: April 12th 2017
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Taman Negara Bako is prestine and one of the most beautiful Nationa Parks I have seen. It is easy to reach from Kuching which was where I stayed as I arrived on Borneo island.

I was in Sarawak province in the Malaysian part of Borneo. it was very exciting to be in one of the places that I have seen on TV in so many documentaries. I caught a motorboat to get to the Taman Negara Bako.

It took about thirty minutes to get to the HQ of the National Park.

Only arriving there was a great sight with huge limestone karsts and the abundant vegetation dominating the whole area.

I decided to stay a couple of days and I stayed in a chalet dormitory which was very basic and as I like a bit dirty with a fan.

As I dropped my backpack I went to book a night walking tour to try to spot some wildlife during the night.

There is a good range of walking trails to go exploring in the national Park and, especially, the area around the Taman Negara HQ called Telok Assam is a good spot to see some fauna.

I have seen, playing not far from where I was, the long-tailed macaques nearby the mangrove forest and I have also seen a wild boar with its cabs.

There is plenty of fauna to see here: the silvered leaf-monkeys,squirrels, and mouse deer can be spotted.

Definitely the naughtiest is the macaque that don not have fear of the people and come close to you and try to disturb and take something from you.

The Taman Negara service encourage you not to feed them and it is always better to watch out for those unpredictable animals.

I have been told that there are 150 rare proboscis monkeys, found only here on this island.

I have not seen them, unlackily, but the best places are Telok Delima and Telok Paku trails to spot the proboscis monkeys.

I have seen, but only for a moment, the otters. There are two varieties of them in the National Park.

The largest mammal at Bako is the Bornean Bearded Pig. It has got big bristles on either side of its snout.

I after started to explore the area near the little bridge, where the boats dock, and I have seen some lizard that looked like a Comodo Dragon and are pretty big.

I went back for a light dinner at the HQ and waited for the tourist guide to take us to explore the area for the night tour.

Within the HQ we could see different animals like: the Grass Green Whip snake that was perched on a lower branch of a plant and slowly slowly was making its way to hide behind the leaves. It was beautiful with its green colour and it has also some yellow spots allover the body.

It is a harmless snake but there is also the Pit Viper which we did not see it.

We spotted also a nice little bird with a long and thin beak and a yellow breast. I was really surprised how the animals do not fear the humans and leave youto admire them.

There was a big spider, a Centipede, Gecko and many ather insects moving around the bottom of the soil.

But we did see only a few of them but in Bako there are also: Lemurs, bats, slow loris, owls and more.

Certainly one of the most intersting experiences I had here in this National Park, really recommend it.

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12th April 2017

Bako NP
Looks like a great destination Marcos...teeming with life!
13th April 2017

Bako NP
That is right Dave!Borneo Island is a great world.
14th April 2017

Beautiful animals
So good that you saw so much wildlife - love that green whip snake. The landscape shots are lovely too.
14th April 2017

Beautiful animals
Hello, yeah I was very lucky that night. Borneo isone of the most beautiful islands I have ever seen.

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