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January 1st 2011
Published: January 1st 2011
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Bako national park feels like you are centre stage in a wildlife on one season special.

Half an hour after getting off the boat and dumping bags in the ramshackle lodges I had come face to face with a troop of proboscis monkeys. They have evolved to have what are perhaps the most impressive noses in the animal kingdom and they are definitely a blue print for a Sesame Street character.

While the proboscis monkeys are the star of the show, the bearded pigs which spend there time following the grounds man digging up any flat piece of grass also attempt to "hog" the limelight. (Sorry I haven't had my share of this seasons cracker jokes!)

The Macaques are the comedians of the show and have a tendency to help themselves to anything that's not tied down, including a piece of cake that Tom was really looking forward to eating.

If I was to cast a villain, it would have to be the monitor lizards which i'm told get pretty aggressive when riled.

Finally and perhaps one of the strangest creatures that I have ever seen would be the one clawed crabs - the very antithesis of aerodynamic they look like something Hollywood has dreamt up for a low budget horror.

In terms of cast Bako should definitely be in the running for an Oscar.

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3rd January 2011

Hello you guys! I would be so scared to open my window and find a pig outside! I hope you are having a fab time, you are missing nothing here in England. Just depressing talk of cuts and the coldest weather for years. Love to you both x x x x x
6th January 2011

Thanks for the blogs
I've now received all your pre and Christmas blogs for which many thanks! I hope you enjoyed a wonderful time over the holidays and I wish you and Tom a Happy, Healthy and Very Safe 2011.

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